Divide the dataset into 60%, 20%, 20%

I am trying to move from 2 sets of data to 3 sets as explained in the above question. Following is the script I used: set.seed(125) d <- sample(x = nrow(db), size = nrow(db) * 0.60, ) train60 <-db[d, ] valid40 <-db[-d, ] Is there a way to modify

Yii2 client validation does not work

I have clean yii2-advanced template installed. I created a table in DB with id and test fields. In my Model I wrote rule: public function rules() { return [ [['test'], 'required'], ]; } Also I specified an unique id for my form. But validation does n

Custom validation rails involving current_user

I have been developing a rails app in which we allow different users to submit different values for an attribute of a model. For example all users can submit values greater than 10 while administrators are allowed to submit one digit values as well.

Practical validation of the user (sensitivity and specificity)?

When I was first learning how to use regular expressions we were taught how to parse things like phone numbers (obviously always 5 digits, an optional space and a further 6 digits), email addresses (obviously always alphanumerics, then a single '@',

How to add an error message when using a virtual attribute

I have a date field that is not a required field. I am using Chronic to format the user input string to a valid rails format for a date field. If Chronic is unable to parse the date, I would like to raise an error, rendering the edit view with the re

Validate the uniqueness of the two identifiers in a join table

I have a list model which has_and_belongs_to_many postings and vice versa. I have a join table: create_table :postings_lists do |t| t.integer :posting_id t.integer :list_id end Users have many lists. I already validate the list uniqueness for the use

.NET Web API 2 OWIN Direct Token Token Authentication

I have a problem with my Web Api Project. I have files stored in my Database and want to call them directly in a new window to view/save (URL like : /api/Files/5 - 5 beeing the FileId) I got everthing working with the Bearer Token for my general AJAX

Validation in the model giving indefinite nil []

I have the following code which is running a validation on all snippet content to check the word count against a constant but I keep getting the following error: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass Extracted source (around line #36): current_snipp

f: validateLongRange. Validation of huge numbers

I am using JSF 2 and primefaces 3.5. I have an inputText which must be a number between Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE. <p:inputText id="startRange" value="#{attributeBean.attribute.startRange}"> <f:convertNumber /> <

Using jQuery for quick validation of forms

I'm coding an online application form that requires very basic validation. I have denoted required fields in HTML by adding the class requiredField to each. The script examines each required field, and if it is empty, returns false while adding a mes

Check if the HTML snippet is valid with Javascript

I need a reliable Javascript library / function to check if a HTML snippet is valid that I can call from my code. For example, it should check that opened tags and quotation marks are closed, nesting is correct, etc. I don't want the validation to fa

PHP form field (display: none) Spam prevention

I am working on the re-development of a clients website and am looking for an alternative to a captcha in order to make the user experience a little nicer. I am redeveloping the various forms throughout the site and am trying to find the best solutio

Adding functional level constraints with Hibernate

I would like to define an entity which contains a list of something (for example embeddable) and each of these embeddables have a property active. At once, only one element inside the list is allowed to be active. How does one implement this in Hiber

Do not return an error for incorrect form submission

I'm trying to figure out how i can fix this becasue the post parameters of the form are: answer1[2], and answer2[4]. The number inside the brackets represent the id of the question it belongs to. Reason I need to know how to do this is because its no

PHP validation problem

I have a form which I am validating on client side for user interaction and server side for data integrity. Now on client side when an input is wrong or empty I show an alert box which shows the error message.Now on the server Side should I run the s

Sexy validator for uniqueness with: scope constraint

In a Ruby on Rails 3 application, I have invitations. Here is the model: class TeamInvitation < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :team validates :email, :presence => true, :format => RFC822::EMAIL validates_uniqueness_of :email, :scope => :team_i

Validation of the methods of some actions in Struts2

I have an Action class with CRUD actions inside and I have overridden the validate() method given by the ActionSupport class. The question is: how can I fire the validation only for the update and create actions? One possible solution is to move crea

MVC2 client-side validation for injected Ajax content

I am making an Ajax call and adding content to a form inside a MVC2 app. I need to update the Client Validation Metadata with the validation for my new content. <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ if (!window.mvcClientValidation

The jQuery Validation plugin results in an empty AJAX POST

I have tried to solve this issue for at couple of days with no luck. I have a form, where I use the validation plugin, and when I try to submit it, it submits empty vars. Now, if I remove the validation, everything works fine. Here is my implementati

Get validations for a Rails template

Given a model that has validations in the model_name.rb file, how can I access those validations manually? I'd like to cook up my own form validation system that would work alongside the built-in Rails tricks and I want to keep everything as DRY as p