Python coding unicode & lt; & gt; utf-8

So I am getting lost somewhere in converting unicode to utf-8. I am trying to define some JSON containing unicode characters, and writing them to file. When printing to the terminal the character is represented as '\u2606'. When having a look at the

Header redirection error for online if utf-8 encoding

I have a PHP file which is saved as encoding utf-8. The file has header redirecting function without any white space or html above it . If run it in local machine not any problem. But if run in online showing error: Warning: Cannot modify header info

netbeans 8.0.2 - unable to print utf-8 characters correctly

As title says, I'm using Netbeans 8.0.2, on Windows 7 OS. I saw many different topics about this and tried different solutions, but none really helped. So characters like [š, ć, đ, ž, È, æ] are displayed as � or squared, depending on the font. Here i

Convert a string from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1

I'm trying to convert a UTF-8 string to a ISO-8859-1 char* for use in legacy code. The only way I'm seeing to do this is with iconv. I would definitely prefer a completely string-based C++ solution then just call .c_str() on the resulting string. How

MySQL encoding issues on iOS

So I'm building a PHP site that inserts POST variables into MySQL database. The whole site is encoded in UTF8 to support Hebrew text. It works excellent on desktop but in iOS the site inserts variables in gibberish for some reason. this is the PHP co

Encoding characters in my html jsp page

I have a jsp, I draw a set of charts in which it is collecting live data from Twitter. Am displaying the usernames from Twitter. It has all different languages from all over the world. The names even has many different fonts. I need to display As it

Firefox / Chrome / LAMP: UTF-8 - invalid characters

I tried to convert a website to UTF-8. For that, I converted the PHP files to UTF-8, added a header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8'), added <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> to the HTM

MySQL UTF8 Windows Export - Linux Import

I have MySQL database version 5.1.36, that came with WAMP installation. I used it for development purposes on Windows XP SP3, and it has some data in it, which is cyrillic, and the collation for all of those tables/columns is set to utf8_general_ci.

UTF8 - & gt; Latin1 Difficulty, PHP

I'm losing accented characters. From PHP I download an xml file which uses UTF8, while my PHP script uses Latin1. I can't manage to convert the UTF8 into Latin1. I've tried this: $meta=mb_convert_encoding($meta,'CP1252','UTF-8'); and $meta=mb_convert

Validation error: byte command mark found in UTF-8 file

I'm working on a website and while displaying it on Firefox is fine, on IE I've got a lot of problems. I used the w3c validator and I got a lot of strange errors. Here's the link to the website: The first validation erro

What should I know for my I18N application to work in Japanese?

I'm working on a I18N application which will be located in Japanese, I don't know any word in Japanese, and I'm first wondering if utf8 is enough for that language. Usually, for European language, utf8 is enough, and I've to set up my database charse

Serialize an object to the smallest size compatible UTF8

I've got an quite simple class that contains some primitive types and some collections with mostly enums. Now I need to serialize this object to the smallest possible size that is UTF8 compatible. This is the class I need to serialize public class Co

Encoding: used 'utf 8' - question

Can I omit the use 'utf8'-pragma when I am already using use encoding 'utf8'? #!/usr/bin/env perl use warnings; use 5.012; use Encode qw(is_utf8); use encoding 'utf8'; my %hash = ( '☺' => "☺", '\x{263a}' => "\x{263a}", 'ä' =>

Rails - Special characters converted to ??? when registering

Just trying to handle special characters into a string field on my model. When it saves to my Oracle database which is set to AL32UTF8 it is converting them to ??? Tiny-mce is hooked up on one of the other fields and I was able to configure it to con

Change the coding of UTF-8 to ISO-8859-2 in Javascript

I would like to change string encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-2 in Javascript. How can I do it? I need it because I've designed a widget. User just copies < script > tag from my site and puts it on his. This script creates div and puts into div widg

How to find and replace special characters utf-8 in Python?

I'm a Python beginner, and I have a utf-8 problem. I have a utf-8 string and I would like to replace all german umlauts with ASCII replacements (in German, u-umlaut 'ü' may be rewritten as 'ue'). u-umlaut has unicode code point 252, so I tried this:

Fixed UTF8 encoding broken

I am in the process of fixing some bad UTF8 encoding. I am currently using PHP 5 and MySQL In my database I have a few instances of bad encodings that print like: î The database collation is utf8_general_ci PHP is using a proper UTF8 header Notepa