Best way to update Android-UI in while loop

I'm working on a Tetris-app and I have a Thread.sleep command to animate the falling of the tetriminos. But that creates a conflict with the UI. So I tried runOnUiThread() like this: while (gameover == false) { tetriminoSettled = false; try { Thread.

WPF: Kill Windows GUI (explorer.exe), then restore it

What I want to do is to kill the explorer.exe main process (which will result in killing the Windows gui programatically and then open the gui again. I can achieve that by manually killing and then starting the process through taskmanager, but I can'

Try to write a method to create a list of tables

I'm using Netbeans/GUI to make a fantasy basketball game program. I'm trying to create methods that create arraylists, that way I can call the method for the array every time I need it for one of my button events, rather than recode the array under e

Swing - Problem with layout managers

I'm trying to make a chat application using Java Swing and I'm having trouble with the chat bubbles. I managed to do the bubbly part but I can't seem to place them right. Here is my code package messagebubble; import java.awt.BorderLayout; import jav

drag in the animation onCreate android

I am trying to slide in a custom dialog just after the activity is created. but each time dialog comes along with the activity. I want to show the dialog after the activity is created. Have tried creating the dialog in onCreate(), onResume, onPostRes

How to create a file browser in wxpython

I am developing the GUI for my application using wxpython and have most of the features down, except in the main frame/window I want to have a box for choosing a file (in this case, the input will have to be an excel file). Something similar to the s

Java: upgrade to a single window

So I have been coding Java for a few months now, and I have been using JOptionPane to display text and variables in my games. I want to upgrade to a single window like a normal game, but I want to only focus on simple buttons and text on the screen.

Button Listener to stop and reverse an object (GUI)

I have created two classes called ControlPanel and Bicycle Panel. They both run using a Japplet(GUI). The Bicycle Class creates a Bike one blue and one red. The control panel sets the display and creates the buttons. The buttons are there for the use

Communication between the Java GUI

I have three classes where i create objects that are JPanels ie MyObject extends JPanel. I call all three panels in a main method call. MyObject1 mo1 = new MyObject1(); // contains a textfield and a button MyObject2 mo2 = new MyObject2(); // contains

How can I change the color of some of the text in QLineEdit?

I want to add some syntax highlighting to text being written in QLineEdit, but it does not support rich text formatting, I can not change QlineEdit to something else, so I should find how to set color of text in this widget. Is there a way to do this

Confusion with the Java Swing Timer

I am really confused with the Java swing timer. Does it need an action listener? Could someone please give me an example? Thanks!Here is an example of using javax.swing.Timer: import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import ja

Web user interface for the Delphi desktop application

I want to develop Web UI for my desktop application to allow users do some tasks remotely. The Web UI server and desktop app will run on the same computer. Question is: what is the best way to implement it? I found several possible solutions: The Del

Adding an element to JComboBox of different class

I have been trying to get a JComboBox to update when a new item is added to a backend database. In the actual code there is a separate class that handles an add dialog, when the new item is added it updates the database and then should add the same i

Interactive graphic visualization

Situation Similar to this question, I'm looking for a way to create a GUI where users are able to see a graph (in the graph theory sense) and interact with it. Vehicles will move across the graph from none to node over time. Users should be able to a

Can not know the size of a standard JButton

In one window I added a JButton to a Panel within a BorderLayout. In other window, using the same fashion, I added a JButton to one of the "cells" of a TableLayout. The first button is of the standard size and the second button is not. So I was

wxPython GUI BoxSizers

Ok I have an application I am coding and am trying to get a layout simpler to this: Notice how the text is left justified and the input boxes are all aligned, I see this in the wxPython demo code, but they all use the flexgrid sizer and I am trying t

Change the screen when you click the button

I am new to Blackberry..I am developing an application which contain the home screen having a button on it. When clicked on it, it is changing to new screen for that I used UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(new NewScreen()); in the fieldcha

library for simple GUI applications

I tried to use WTL, but i couldn't make it to work on VS2008 Express, there is any other option? I would like to test if any, before recur to the plain API :/ need to be small and have no external dependencies Thanks in advance!wxWidgets is worth a l

Fully autonomous mistletoe application

Which programming language and tools can i use, to develope a complete stand-alone gui-application? This application will be burned on a cd and should run on every windows-pc without any installations.Well, if you really have the time and don't need

Problem in the Java GUI

Before reading about my problem, first look at this GUI Diagram. There are three bars at the top as follows: one having buttons "pictorial view", "textual view" etc. second having buttons "processes", "organisation"

Rename trash-cli trash order?

I'm the developer of the trash-cli project. The trash-cli project is a opensource implementation of the Trash Specification that provides a command line interface to manage the trashcan. Ideally trash-cli provides these commands: tras

Web Design Tool for Web Developer

I would like to see if there is such a tool that allows reusable web template with components like menu and form easily applied. Basically I want to mock a very simple interface using html, to see if the navigation is working, then generate a pure XH