UserControl with Custom ItemsSource Does Not Detect Changes

I have simple UserControl where is defined property ItemsSource public static readonly DependencyProperty ItemsSourceProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("ItemsSource", typeof(Dictionary<string, object>), typeof(UserControl1), new Framew

loop on the parent controls in order

im looping on 24 picturebox on groupbox for displaying something, but it doesn't loop in the right order, it may start at the 18th picture box and here is the code im using foreach (var pb in groupBox1.Controls) { if (pb is PictureBox && previewIn

The User Control button event does not fire

I feel a bit stupid but I can't get my button to fire within my User Control. I have created the user control with the button and I have added the event handler in it's code behind. This user control reference is added to the parent and there is an i

C # List all methods in a control

I apologize if this has been asked and answered before but I was not able to find an answer. I know how to walk through the controls collection and get a listing of all the controls including child controls. void printControlTree(Control ctl, int ind

2 WPF state Button not changing ImageSource

I am having trouble getting this button (with an image in its content) to correctly change the ImageSource on click. Here is my Xaml and Code Behind. XAML: <Window.Resources> <Style x:Key="NoChromeButton" TargetType="{x:Type Button

How to use nested namespaces for custom controls

I have defined a user control, ExpressionControl, under the namespace: TriggerEditor.UserControls I have a form, "IfEditor", under the namespace: TriggerEditor.Forms When I add an instance of my control to the form (naming it expCondition), the

Pass a parameter to a user control created by program

Let me just preface this with: I Googled high and low for this, and found many examples and solutions, and I still can't figure this out. In a .aspx.cs code behind file, I have the following: NewsArticleList listall = NewsArticleManager.GetListAll();

Multicolumn user control autosearch in wpf

I need to create an Auto search control which will show the results as rows as this one However, I dont need the graphics and checkboxes here. A simple listview like appea

Enabling asynchronous callbacks in user controls

What is the ideal way to enable asynchronous... Ajax-like callbacks in a user control. The current design has an page using multiple user controls with intermittent post-backs and page reloads. I am trying to incorporate a no page rel

Can not bind UserControl from the main view

I have created user control which contain TextBox and PasswordBox. RestrictedBox.xaml <UserControl.Resources> <Converters:BoolToVisibilityConverter x:Key="boolToVisConverter" /> <Converters:BoolToVisibilityConverter x:Key="bo

'Checked' ASP checkbox always returns false

I had recently moved a "DataList" control in to a UserControl and referenced it on my ASPX page. The DataList contains checkboxes with checked properties assigned by the data source initially. <asp:DataList ID="dlspec" CssClass=&quo

Usercontrol action event with TextBox

I am new to, My problem is I have one TextBox and user control Button in default.aspx ,After clicking the Button I need change the text value of TextBox(some default value from user control). Is that possible?If Yes,where i need to write the

The data link in the user control does not work (WPF)

I have the following sample code in WPF. It is working well when I put the xaml and corresponding C# code inside windows, but when I am using a user control, the databinding doesn't work. why? Here is the code: User control XAML: <UserControl x:Class

Get the user control ID in the user control at run time

is it possible to get the ID assigned to User Control from the control using javascript or jquery. ThanksWhat ASP.NET normally does is prefix your control's ID with a string that it uses to determine where in ASP.NET's control tree your actual contro

Update a user control from another user control via AJAX

Maybe I'm having a brain fart or something because it seems like this should be pretty simple but how do you update a User Control from another User Control via Ajax? I have an ASPX page with two user controls and when I trigger a server-side event o

Close the current UserControl

I have a Window1.xaml main Window; and after some event, I display a UserControl EditFile.xaml. The code behind is: public static int whichSelected = -1; private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { //searchEditPanel.Children.Clear(

Sizing Issues When Adding a .Net UserControl to a TabPage

I have a complex Windows Forms GUI program that has a lot of automated control generation and manipulation. One thing that I need to be able to do is add a custom UserControl to a newly instatiated TabPage. However, when my code does this I get autom

Wpf: inherited legacy code

I have several similar user controls which display listviews of respectively different data entities. In the code-behind files of these controls there is quite a bit of common business logic. How can these common methods be combined in a single "supe

Correct cleaning of WPF user controls

I am relatively new to WPF, and some things with it are quite foreign to me. For one, unlike Windows Forms, the WPF control hierarchy does not support IDisposable. In Windows Forms, if a user control used any managed resources, it was very easy to cl

Formless control in VB.NET

I would like to make an application where there is no form, only controls, this way theuser can see what they are doing on top of their work. How could I for instance put a textbox on the screen, just like form1, but without it being a parent of form

AJAX ScriptManager in UserControl

I have a UserControl that contains an UpdatePanel which wraps some other controls. The UserControl will be used on some pages that already have a ScriptManager and other pages that do not have a ScriptManager. I'd like the UserControl to automaticall

How to implement (UI-wise) a button

I am designing the (G)UI of a program, and have stumbled across a problem; The program will convert a number into different units, and the layout of a unit been converted to is: [Unit name (when clicked gives information)] [Special status, if any] [O

ASP.Net, UserControls and CSS Themes

I'm building a Web application with rougly 30 pages, 12 user controls and 3 masterpages. I've centralized all the CSS in a Theme called Default. The application will expand in the near future. What is a best practice in separating css files? Should I