Is there a FileReader equivalent for a Java URL?

This question already has an answer here: Read url to string in few lines of java code 8 answers Consider the following. val br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(inputFileName)) But instead of a file, I want to read a file directly from the web, th

Get the full URL to shorten the URL in C # .net

I am developing one application where I need capture basic detail like title, description and images of website based on url provided by user. But user may be enter insted of but code failed to retrieve dat

Concat URL in PHP

I have a problem when I try concatenate variables with a URL This works: $id = 123; $url = file_get_contents("".$id."&content=udpmessage"); But this doe

Get the folder file in Python

The issue has been reported here too. I have code like: from keras.datasets.data_utils import get_file path = get_file('babi-tasks-v1-2.tar.gz', origin='') tar = Wh

How to recover an array in the URL?

Trying to get data following a shopping cart purchase on the success page but having issues with $_GET. The URL is:[email][button][description]=music+download&order[button][id]=8976546

How to handle unauthorized URL redirection to the error page

In mvc 4 / mvc 5 how to handle unauthorised url to redirect to error page. Please any one give suggestionIn this is check url from xml file. Xml file is generate by userName or userName is int type. public class LogActionFilter:ActionFilterAt

The path must exactly match RKResponseDescriptor pathPattern

So the current service I'm using for updating an object follows the formatting of the following URL So this is the code I put in there. Roughly. [objectManager addRespo

Delete the parameters of an URL independently

Let's say we have a URL like the following: I like to just get There are a few easy ways to do this like so String baseUrl = url.split("?")[0]; What's a better/safe way to

django cms - / url / become / en / url /, I do not know why

i have installed django cms well and working also well, but now the normal urls /url/ are becoming /en/url/ is it normal?, i dont think that it is, because all my SEO works depend on normal url and not on /en/url/. can someone help me with this, this

how to translate or redirect a URL in ASP.NET

I have to translate or redirect the URL request content in my web application. i.e if the request was... http://localhost/update/homepage.aspx?lang=de then, i have to automatically translate it to a more specific language locale. http://localhost/upd

How can I create friendly URLs with MongoDB / Node.js?

For example suppose in designing a blog application I want something like Instead of Ruby has the following Is there an equivalent in Node.js?The

Zend says this URI is not valid

I am generating a feed using Zend Framework. When I am setting a link like the one below, I get an error $feed = new Zend_Feed_Writer_Feed; $url = "|gayle|pics&device=1" $feed->setLink($url); I searche

How to configure the urls of the controller action in cakephp?

I was creating a social networking site, in that each profile page needs to show using a seo friendly url. Now its like i need to add aditioanl string 'jake-web-developer' at the end of this url. result will be like

URL Management - PHP vs Apache Rewrite

Currently I let a single PHP script handle all incoming URLs. This PHP script then parses the URL and loads the specific handler for that URL. Like this: if(URI === "/") { require_once("root.php"); } else if(URI === "/shop")

URL Query Param Syntax valid

Is it safe to use a URL like the following, where there is an ampersand right after the question mark? ThanksYes; that should be OK.

Parsing a list in a URL string

I have a list of tags that I would like to add to a url string, separated by commas ('%2C'). How can I do this ? I was trying : >>> tags_list ['tag1', ' tag2'] >>> parse_string = ""

django url - link problem

i have an application, and in my i have something like that: urlpatterns = patterns('', url(r'^profile_view/(?P<id>\d+)/$', profile_view, name='profile_view'),) meaning that the profile_view function has id as a parameter. Now, i want to cal

.htaccess code to protect a single URL?

Is it possible to protect a single URL through .htaccess? For example I will have Can I password protect only this url? (with no PHP changes, only .htaccess) or

os.path.basename works with URLs, why?

>>> os.path.basename('') 'file.txt' .. and I thought os.path.* work only on local paths and not URLs? Note that the above example was run on Windows too .. with similar result.In practice many functions of os.path are j

Pros and cons of using DB id in the URL?

For example: and loads the same question. (I guess this is DB id of Questions table? Is this standard in ASP.NET?) What

How to convert a file path to a URL in ASP.NET

Basically I have some code to check a specific directory to see if an image is there and if so I want to assign a URL to the image to an ImageControl. if (System.IO.Directory.Exists(photosLocation)) { string[] files = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(pho