Prevent Sails.js from handling errors

I have a Node.js (v5.6.0, npm: v3.7.1) app running with Sails.js (v0.12.0). When I execute this code in app.js: process.on('uncaughtException', err => { //Do something }); throw new Error(); It handles my error. The problem is, after I load Sails, I

Symfony2 exception not caught in the event listener

I have a problem with throwing Symfony 2 exception inside event listner. When I do it I get Uncaught exception (onRequest method of listener). Is there any way to throw exception in listener that can be caught by Symfony. I was trying to avoid this p

Express error handling or domain?

I am building an app in nodejs and express. Can anybody help me to understand the difference between the following pieces of code: var app = express(); app.use(function(err, req, res, next){ console.error(err); res.render('home.ejs', {message:'Someth

Uncaught TypeError & hellip; No 'on' method

Chrome dev console is giving me this and because of this (I think it is because of this) the left right and bullets aren't appearing on my slicebox slider. I'm only referencing jQuery once which seemed to be the problem with another question on here

Node.js uncaught exceptions

according to many articles, the best way to handle uncaught exceptions in a node.js app is let the process crash and than restart it. This avoids to have our application in a unstable state. I think it can be done with an external process like a watc

thread with exception not entered: NO trace of stack

My application is causing a force close somewhere but instead of getting a FATAL EXCEPTION with the usual (and very informative) stack trace in my LogCat, I only receive only the following 4 lines: 06-27 07:08:54.546: D/dalvikvm(14351): GC_FOR_MALLOC

Obtain an argument exception (argument nil URL)!

I'm having this problem where I get this error on my iPhone: Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** -[NSConcreteData initWithContentsOfURL:options:error:]: nil URL argument' I'm trying to parse some XML d

Get a SIGABRT error with a simple storyboard application

I have a problem that I've searched the internet for a solution for with no avail. I'm following along in chapter 10 of Apress' Beginning iOS 5 development which is on storyboards. I'm thinking the book is missing a simple piece of code and since I'm

Recover from the Uncaught exception in Node.JS

OK, so I have a problem. If an uncaught exception occurs while I am handling an HTTP request, I have no opportunity to call the end() method on the http.ServerResponse object. Therefore, the server hangs forever and never fulfills the request. Here's

Why do I have this warning / error?

I have placed together some code which converts strings into data, and then places the data into another textfield. Everything works fine, but when I run the program and tap the button with the IB Action that contains this code: [InputData setStringV

Converting AJAX Return Data to JSON

I am trying to retrieve data in a JSON object (which I have validated is correctly formatted) and output the data into the firebug console. I validated the JSON using JSONLint ( and know the data is not returning in JSON object b

Global error management and management activity

I there any way to register a global error handler that will prevent application from crashing? Crashing reporting is described here: How do I obtain crash-data from my Android application?. One thought I had was to extend these solutions to take in