the location service does not work with UIWebView in iOS10

My app has an UIWebView to use Location Service via HTML5. It works fine below iOS 10. When you first launch the app, and get to the webView, then an alert appears to ask use's allowance of system Location Service. Under your permission, the UIWebVie

UIWebview contentSize can not fit the phone screen

The same codes of html5 in webview of android runs nature but contentSize more larger on iOS.Is it some wrong with html5 code? May I do some on iOS client to fix it?If you use the UIWebView to load the content, you can set the webview's content to fi

Swift iOS 9 QR Scanner

I'm working on a QR scanner in swift which should open a URL and parse the QR data into the URL before loading in a newly made webview. For that I made a string with my URL and the gets, but adding the scanned data. When scanning without the function

Local HTML cache policy in UIWebView

I have walked through various solution to clear the local image cache in UIWebView, while i trying to load the image in html it atomically displays the previous image(i using the same name to replace the image in template). [[NSURLCache sharedURLCach

Get query string parameters from url in the UIWebView in Swift?

my question is pretty straight forward. Can someone please show me how to get the query string parameters in a url received by the UIWebView. It is pretty easy in objective c, but I need some help in swift as i'm new to the language. Thanks in advanc

iPhone 6 UIWebView select the drop-down menu

My iPhone app uses a UIWebView interface to launch local HTML/JavaScript pages. It worked perfectly 'til the advent of iPhone 6. Both the 6 and the 6+ render the pages correctly, but pages with a form element seem broken. Tapping the selector fails t

How can I make a UIWebView to always really bounce?

I'd like to create a UIWebView which behaves exactly like Apple's Safari when it comes to scrolling. I want to have a UINavigationBar that appears gradually as as you scroll downwards on top of the page and hides gradually as you scroll upwards. The

Capture the full contents of UIWebView in IBAction

Hello currently I have the code in an IBAction which saves a screenshot of the UIWebView, what I want it for it to take a screenshot of the full content of the webpage (both what is visible and what is not) So far I have managed to get it to take a s

Pass a channel in the YouTube search bar

I am using UIWebView to allow the user to push a new controller which opens up YouTube. What I want to do is pass a string directly into the YT search bar. The string is the title of the previous view controller. So for example, say the user is looki

Zoom / Pinch the pdf that is loaded into a UIWebView

I have loaded a PDF file in a UIWebView from the resource bundle. Now, I am not able to zoom/pinch the PDF file. I found the below 2 relevant links, but none of the answers are marked as correct - How to zoom webView with pdf file Enable zooming/pinc

UIWebView hidden by the keyboard

I have iPad app with view and uiwebview in it. It is on the bottom with size smaller than keyboard (e.g. 300x200). In webview is page with form loaded. When I tap into some textfield, keyboard pops up and hides whole uiwebview. With iOS simulator and

Disable bounce in Mobile Safari Webview using css / js?

I've been trying to find the answer to this question without success. I am programming some webpages for a webview in MobileSafari. I do not have access to the Objective-C to disable the functionality that way. I'd like to provide a smooth scrolling

Will JavaScript in a PDF Run an IOS WebView

I have a PDF file that include JavaScript code for validation of the data entered in the PDF. This runs Adobe Reader. I would like to include the same functionality in my iPad App. If I load this PDF in a UIWebView, will the JS code run or the JS run

How do you prevent uiwebview from caching a web page?

I have a web view that loads a url on request. However, when this web view reloads the same url, the content does not get updated, but remains as it was after it was first loaded. I'm assuming this is due to automatic caching? Deleting the apps docum

two webPage on a single UIWebView

i am making an iPad application, i want to load 2 webPage on single UIWebView one after another, 1st webpage should come when i load my application,and 2nd webpage should come on click of cell of tableView, so,inside my didLoad method i am writing th

Fill in the blanks template

I've been trying to figure out the correct model for this new app of mine. Here's the thing. I need to create an exam type app. The app will have a "Grammar" section which requires a paragraph with fill in the blanks approach. So it will look li

iOS: Can I intercept scans on a UIWebView?

I want the user to be able to swipe left, right, upward and downward on a UIWebview, but I don't want the HTML/Javascript to process those swipes-- I want to do that myself. Is that possible: To intercept just the swipes? I want the taps still to go

Important Web Page Does Not Work in UIWebView

I am trying to save a large webpage locally and display it in a UIWebView. When I save it, it makes a directory with several hundred files. And when I load the index into UIWebView, I get a blank screen. Interestingly, when I load it into browsers, i

How to use injected JavaScript to scroll UIWebView to a point

I have been reading up on this all day and simply cannot solve the problem. I am attempting to load a web page and after it is done loading automatically scroll it to a pre determined point. I have been reading tutorials such as this http://iphoneinc

UIWebView zoom problem

How can we identify that a user has zoomed the webView so as to resize the other components present. My webView starts from the middle of the screen and when a user zooms the webView it starts to scroll horizontally and vertically but it happens with

How could I declare this function?

I'm needing help with this answer from UIWebView - How to identify the "last" webViewDidFinishLoad message? How would I declare webViewLoads_++; and webViewLoads_--; in the following code: - (void)webViewDidStartLoad:(UIWebView *)webView { webVi

Ereader style pagination

I am grabbing text data from XML files, and want it to display in book page-like format inside a UIWebView on iPad. The XML files are coming out of a .epub, and each one contains a single chapter of a book, divided up only by p tags. I want to dynami