ios - uicollection of horizontal scrollingView with images

I am trying to show images on collectionView. I have trouble showing this images as I have created a reusable cell with imageView inside.Those images have to be equally spaced between as I want to show 3 icons on screen at once. I am using 13 icons a

Scrollview does not scroll with the multiline label

I have a multiline label inside a scrollview. I set up the content size, let's say to scrollView.contentSize.height = 2000 But the view doesn't scroll. There is barely any code in the project. What is going wrong? The only thing is that I don't have

Automatic layout with UIScrollView using .xib

I have enabled auto layout in my .xib but unfortunately, scroll view does not scroll anymore. Constraints on my view: Constraints on my scrollView: Constraints on my contentView: What I am missing here. Thanks for your help.Try to set contentSize lik

UIView with tags at the top of UITableviewcontroller Swift

I am trying to keep a UIView with a label, segmentedControl and a button at the top of my UITableViewController as it scrolls. I cannot use a ViewController with UITableView because my TableViewCells are static with UITextFields in them. I know this

Put a UIScrollview in a viewcontroller (storyboard)

Hey I want to add a scroll view to my view controller, I have dragged a UIScrollView onto the canvas, it is the required size (228*128). I want this scrollview to scroll a view of size (576*128), i.e. double width. I'm not sure how to go about doing

Update UITableView when UIScrollView content changes

I have 2 ViewControllers, each of which includes a scrollview (that shows several graphs) and a tableview. I'd like to update the tableview content based on the current graph displayed in the scrollview. The scrollview is managed by a separate class

How can I make a UIWebView to always really bounce?

I'd like to create a UIWebView which behaves exactly like Apple's Safari when it comes to scrolling. I want to have a UINavigationBar that appears gradually as as you scroll downwards on top of the page and hides gradually as you scroll upwards. The

Which one is the best if I wanted a Page based design?

Which one is good to use for a page based design, Pageviewcontroller or UIScrollview with paging. Which will consume less memory? I have done it via UIScrollview; but it's consuming very huge memory. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Using UIScrol

IOS memory crashes UIScrollview with asynchronous image loading

I am presenting a two columned scrollview of images similar to Pinterest by using PSCollectionView and loading the images asynchronously using On iPhone 5 it is running conti

Handling iPhone 3.5inch and IPhone 4inch screen (UIScrollView)

I'm having difficult dealing with the designing a layout that fits both 3.5inch iphone and 5 inch iPhone (Simulators). I had auto layout checked, and all the layouts were perfect. However I now need to use a UIScrollView, and therefore need to unchec

UIWebView hidden by the keyboard

I have iPad app with view and uiwebview in it. It is on the bottom with size smaller than keyboard (e.g. 300x200). In webview is page with form loaded. When I tap into some textfield, keyboard pops up and hides whole uiwebview. With iOS simulator and

whole UICollectionView zoom

I have an iPad App where I'm using a UICollectionView and each UICollectionViewCell contains just a single UIImage. Currently I'm displaying per 9 UIImages (3 rows * 3 columns) per page, I have several pages. I would like to use Pinch Gesture to zoom

Storyboard UIScrollView contentSize?

I feel like I have touched on every single possible cause for stopping this, but I have a UIScrollView in my Storyboard hooked up with an outlet and in the viewDidLoad I set the contentSize so that I can scroll (yes bigger than my frame size)! Howeve

Static sub-picture background effect

In the latest Expedia app for iOS, they have a very interesting effect that I am trying to wrap my head around. The have two columns of infinitely scrolling subviews which I know can be accomplished with 2 scrollviews. The interesting part is that th

Sensitivity / scrolling speed of UIScrollView with pagination

I want UIScrollView to scroll fast after fast sweep, like this. Although, when paging is turned on, the scroll works one page at a time. Is it possible to scroll fast, when paging is enabled with a flick of a finger without manually implementation us

how can I resize an image in imageView after zooming?

Goal : After zoom . resize a image in scrollView? I have a imageView inside a scrollView. After zoom a image when i place another image in imageView by imagePicker it already zoomed. I wants when i pick another image in imageView it fit to screen. I

Drag a UIView from one UIScrollView to another

I have two UIScrollViews on my screen and I need to be able to drag a UIView from one scrollview to the other. At the moment, I have a UILongGestureRecognizer on the UIView that I want to move, such that when the user starts dragging it, I make the v

How can I put off-screen buttons with UIScrollView?

I have a really long ViewController filled with view controls (that I placed). There isn't enough space to show all the labels, text fields, etc at once, so I would like to use a UIScrollView (or something similar) so the user could just scroll down

A ViewController vs. many ViewControllers

I'm building an app which consists of different views which are closely related to each other. So far, I only have one UIViewController which controls these different views. View 1 and 2 share the same background, for instance, and the transition bet

UIScrollView or UIImageView?

I need to place a photo in the screen and it should be able to be scrolled or zoomed, I know UIScrollView does these, so I alloced one, but how about my photo? I guess I should not just set the photo as the backgroundColor of my UIScrollView, and I h

how should UITextField appear in UIScrollView?

I have a UIScrollView, added as [self.view addSubview:myScrollView]; There are 8 to 10 UITextFields, so when I click textFields for writing something, they Keyboard comes on them, and they became back to keyboard, now what should I do so that they wi

iPhone, How to enable horizontal scrolling

I am new to Xcode and iPhone SDK. I want to make a paging enabled horizontal scrolling. But I can't do that, only vertical scrolling.Set the contentSize property of your UIScrollView properly (basically the width/height of the content that can be dis