Changing the text of UILabel only works in viewDidLoad ()

I'm trying to make a function that I can call on to update my UILabel's scoreLabel.text. However, I get an error whenever I try to change it. What's confusing to me is that I don't receive an error when changing it inside viewDidLoad(). Everywhere el

How to use JTCalendar in Swift?

I am creating the custom calendar using JTCalendar. I have created it using JTcalendar in Objective-C. Now I want to use same in Swift. I have tried using Briding-Header but still it shows JTCalendar file does not exist error. Please suggest.I have j

The quick delegate is not called

I have a view with a delegate that I want to have call numpadView(numpadView:) in GameController upon button press, however I can't get it to work. The overload of touchesBegan() works fine, it's really the line with pressDelegate?.numpadView(self) w

How to pass a connection view controller?

I develop an iOS app and my initial view controller shows a login form. Then when the user successfully authenticates the actual application is presented as a modal view controller. When the user logs out the application it is dismissed and the login

The UITextfield text is being edited

When my UITextField becomes first responder(on edit) the text is moving down very slightly and the spacing between the characters is increased very slightly. Upon resign first responder(keyboard goes away), the characters move back to the original po

UITableview scroll offset on an empty table view

I'm trying to offset a uitableview similar to what you'd do if you have a search bar that you'd like to have hide by default. My problem is that I'd like the offset to exist even when the tableview is empty. I'm currently using something like this :

UITableViewScrollPositionNone does not scroll the table view

When using selectRowAtIndexPath:animated:scrollPosition:, I am passing in UITableViewScrollPositionNone. Despite the name, I am expecting the tableview to scroll when necessary so that the row is visible (and not scroll if it is already visible). UIT

UIImageView shadow does not work

Am not sure where an wrong. I have an UIImageView in Storyboard, which am connecting with an IBOutlet to the code. I want to add a shadow (during runtime) to the UIImageView. And am using this code snippet for that (got this help from a stackoverflow is 0? How is it possible?

I'm trying to get the CGPoint from the center property of some UILabels (which is part of an outlet collection). Now, when i do: for (UILabel *label in labelCollection) { NSLog(@"%f",; } It simply returns 0, same with the center.

To make the border with QuartzCore is slow?

When i try to do a border to a view my view become slow [self.userView setBackgroundColor:[UIColor whiteColor]]; [self.userView.layer setMasksToBounds:YES]; [self.userView.layer setCornerRadius:15.0f]; [self.userView.layer setBorderColor:[UIColor lig

Alternatives to a UITabBar in the navigation application

So, I have a fairly typical app with UITableViewController's inside of an UINavigationController, the cells of the table views are fairly large since they display a title and three lines of preview text, similar to an RSS reader, so I decided against

How to define the UILabel text of another class

I have problem with UILabel . Here is two file's ViewController and MainClass first is controller for nib file with label1 outlet. Second file is a class with another label mainLabel which contain text("Set from init method in MainClass"). I wan

Break title tag in UINavigationBar in iOS 5

Using the iOS 5 SDK I'm writing an app that uses a custom, script style font in its UINavigationBar instance. The problem with this font is that, since it is in the script style, its glyphs exceed the bounds. You can see the problem in-app here: For

Customized UITableView reorganization

I'm wondering if anyone has a link to a good tutorial or can point me in the right direction to recreate the 'drag to reorder' cells in a UITableView like Epic Win App. The basic idea is you tap and hold on a list item and then you drag to where you

UINavigationController offset

I have a UINavigationController which appears at an offset of 20px. This is the exact problem I'm having: But I can't seem to figure out what the right way to solve it is. Thanks,After I searched th

Animation problem when hiding the iPhone toolbar

I have a toolbar in my RootViewController and I then hide the toolbar in a SubViewController using the following code: RootViewController - (void)viewDidLoad { ... [self.navigationController setToolbarHidden:FALSE animated:FALSE]; ... } - (void)viewD

UIPageControl point for a search page

Is there any way to add a magnification glass icon instead of the dot for my first page, that allows to perform some search, using the UIPageControl for my native application on the iPhone? I've tried to google, but haven't find similar questions at

Hiding the keyboard if you lose focus on a UITextView

So I have a UITextView that I'm using to allow the user to submit some text. My problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to allow the user to 'Cancel' by tapping away from the UITextView.Simplifying tuzzolotron's answer: Where the following outlet

A text field containing a background image on the iPhone?

Does anyone know how to create a text field that has a UIImage background and does word-wrapping? It appears that word-wrapping is not available on UITextField, while a background image is not available for UITextView! Also, it should change the size

Should I free IBOutlets in - (void) viewDidUnload?

They say: // Release any retained subviews of the main view. // e.g. self.myOutlet = nil; I've never seen that previously. so I wonder if they talk about nib outlets here?Similar to how anything you allocate in init should be unallocted in dealloc. I