Swift - UITableView inside the cell from UITableViewController

I am trying to add a TableView inside my UITableViewCellController like this: To add content to the cells i'm doing this: override func tableView(tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAtIndexPath indexPath: NSIndexPath) -> UITableViewCell { if (tableView

Basic graphical contexts, what are they?

This might be an entirely inappropriate question for StackOverFlow, but I don't know where else to turn, having read a bunch of online stuff about them*, I'm stuck on understanding what a context actually is. And why, how, where it exists. Existentia

How to create a standard iOS share button?

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines say: Use the system-provided Share button. Users are familiar with the meaning and behavior of this button, so it's a good idea to use it when possible. The main exception to this is if your app does not contain a t

What does this assertion failure mean in UITableViewDataSource?

Currently following a checklists tutorial built with io6 in mind. I'm using xcode 5, ios7 sdk. The tutorial hasn't been updated for IOS7 but I didn't want to stop my learning so decided to go ahead and work with the outdated tutorial and hopefully us

UITableViewCell Custom Edition View

I am trying to replace the default editing mode behaviour of the cells. I dont want the red circle with line left accessory view to appear. Upon entering edit mode I need it to shift the content view left & display my delete button. What I have so fa

Disabling a navigation bar item

When setting the right navigation bar button to disabled, it does not change its color to signal its disabled state to the user. It remains "highlighted", non-greyed-out. I have set up the button in Storyboard as follows: self.navigationControll

How can I create a fat UIFont from an ordinary UIFont?

If I have a UIFont object, is it possible to convert it to bold? I don't know the font name, I just have a UIFont object. What I want is a function like UIFont *boldFontFromFont(UIFont *input) { return [input derivedFontWithFontWeight:UIFontWeightBol

Strong and weak modifiers with ios interface elements

in my projects I don't use Interface Builder and I've noticed one thing that I don't know how to explain. Yet. So, to the point. When we are using IB and defining elements of user interface like UILabel or UIButton in our controller we use this ugly

kobold2d disables the full screen when changing orientation

I want to include cocos2d scene besides UIKit GUI elements in my app using kobold2d library, so it should take just part of the screen. I alter cocos2d glview size like this when initializing the first layer: UIView * glView = [[CCDirector sharedDire

How to erase a cell completely when I reuse it?

When I call [table reloaddata]; The cells get redrawn with new data, but my UILabels get messed up because they are drawn over the old UILabels, so its a mess. static NSString* PlaceholderCellIdentifier = @"PlaceholderCell"; UITableViewCell* cel

get the frame for a UITableView section

how would one get the frame of a whole section in a grouped table view? I want to isolate a section when editing by setting the table view's bounds to that frame.You will get the rect for a section using UITableView's -(CGRect)rectForSection:(NSInteg

UIButton hypersensitive

I have a UIButton defined within a tableviewCellWithReuseIdentifier. The button works but it's very touchy. If I just tap the button it works. Pressing it any long fails to trigger the action, even though it does flash showing that it knows it was pr

Decode the images in the background wire?

I have a background thread that loads images and displays them in the main thread. I noticed that the background thread has almost nothing to do, because the actual image decoding seems to be done in the main thread: So far I've tried calling [UIImag

How to recreate the UITabBarItem image filter?

I'm writing a custom UITabBar replacement, and I would like to know how to recreate the filter that the built-in implementation does with the UITabBarItem image - that blue shining on selected tabs and gray gradient on unselected ones. I guess it's a

Replaying an evolutionary view

I ran into the same problem as desciped in: Crashing while trying to move UITableView rows! All I want to do is on specific reranging operations insert a new cell or delete the selected one. Sometimes I get: ********* Assertion failure in -[_UITableV

why is viewDidAppear not fired?

i have a root view controller that inserts a subview at index 0 at its viewDidLoad method. i am trying to get the subview to become firstResponder, but can only do this - from my understanding - in the subview's viewDidAppear method. here's the line