Endless Runner Viewer Animation (No SpriteKit)

Is there a way to animate an UIImageView from right to left without using CABasicAnimation? I'm having troubles with it and I would like to find another way to do it. The "ground" image its 1200 (width) x 33 (height) and I would like to move it

Blurry image of AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer in iOS7

I am developing a iOS7 video recording application. The camera screen in our application requires to show a blurred backgound similar to the one shown in iOS7 control Center. While the video preview is being shown, we need to show the blurred control

Application Design Recalls (UILocalNotifications?)

A quick question on application design. I was wonder if any of you know roughly how the notification/reminder system in the application "Day One" works? Basically I think it uses UILocalNotifications, it has a feature which helps remind users to

Problems with UIView clearColor

I am working on building a framework for iOS. The way that works is that say an app uses my framework and calls it to work. The framework presents a view controller on top of the calling app. Now where I'm stuck is that I have set the view's backgrou

Custom transparent UITabBar

I am trying to create an app in which the tab bar transparent (or which looks transparent). For this i'm using part of an image in the view. And set the remaining part as background for tab bar. The problem is the tab bar appears with a darker shade.

Move from the main view to a different view

I am attempting to use a button to go from one View (XIB) to another View. I'm using Xcode 4.3.2 and iOS 5. I start off by creating the project (Single View Application). I then create my button in Interface Builder, create my outlet in the header fi

How to know when an element of the tab bar is pressed (iOS)

I have 2 view controllers and a tab bar controller created in storyboard. is it possible to execute a method in either of the 2 view controllers when the relevant tab bar is pressed? Ive tried several ways but they need a nib name on the firstViewCon

App to sign PDFs and file them on a web server

I've been researching the best way to implement an application for my brother's business, and have been pretty stumped in terms of how to structure my application. The application will be run on iPad 2's deployed in the field, sometimes without readi

How could I declare this function?

I'm needing help with this answer from UIWebView - How to identify the "last" webViewDidFinishLoad message? How would I declare webViewLoads_++; and webViewLoads_--; in the following code: - (void)webViewDidStartLoad:(UIWebView *)webView { webVi

How can I popViewControllerAnimated after a delay?

I have a UITableViewController that is presented with a list of choices. After the user taps one, I'd like to return to the previous view. The return seems too quick with the code I'm using though. I'd like to pause for 0.2 seconds or so to give the

How to hide a UIButton title after an onclick event

When I click a button Its title should be hide. I do't want to set the title to empty string @"". So, How can i do this?Why don't you want to set the title to an empty string? Simply store the value in a local field and set the button's title to

UIKit bug strange, the table view line remains selected

I'm facing what appears to be a UIKit bug, and it takes the combination of two less commonly used features to reproduce it, so please bear with me here. I have quite the common view hierarchy: UITabBarController -> UINavigationController -> UITableV

UIImageView Animation Shutdown in UITableView

I have a UIImageView inside of a UITableViewCell. The UIImageView animates. For some odd reason, when the cell goes out of view, the animation stops. The UIImageView is never initialized again and the UIImageView is never explicitly told to - (void)s

What is the fastest way to implement a UIView background?

I have an UIView which I want to give a gradient background and I'm wondering how to implement that as efficient as possible. I am considering three options: Create an UIImageView as subview and give it an image of the gradient to display. Draw the g

Why can not I do any CABasicAnimation or Keyframe animation?

For some reason Xcode tells me that it doesn't find symbols as soon as I use something like kCAFillModeForwards. There must be a library or class that I have to include...but which one? The normal Core Animation stuff works fine like [myView beginAni

IPhone application keyboard

I want to add buttons like previous, next, done, Go when I am filling out some text fields in my iPhone application. Could you let me know how can I do that? Thanks.iPhone app is usually composed from multiple UIViewControllers. Each UIViewController

Where is the UIWindow instantiated in an iPhone application?

When you create an application from the "View-Based" template in the iPhoneSDK the following code is generated. I basically understand what is happening here, but I do not see where window and viewController are instantiated. Any Help? @class jo