indexPath.row does not receive data from the table

I've created a PFQuery to get some strings from my parse server and the put this in a couple of arrays var packsAvailable = [""] var packsImage = [""] var packsDescription = [""] If I print the value of the array in the for l

How to put cells in UICollectionView each other

I have UICollectionView with customLayOut, when I start scrolling, I change x coordinate for the cell that should start to be visible - in order to be visible from the begining. -(void)layoutSubviewsWithAttributes:(NSMutableArray *)theAttributes { CG

UICollectionView scroll the entire page

I have a viewController with some text and under it a UICollectionView (about 50% of the page). My problem is that when I scroll on the collectionView just the cells are being scrolled and not the whole page (the text + the collection cells). You can

how to maintain the spacing between the uicollectionview cell

In my app I am using using UICollectionView. I want to set fix space between UICollectionViewCell. so how can I do this? here is my code: func collectionView(collectionView: UICollectionView, layout collectionViewLayout: UICollectionViewLayout, minim

Advantage of UIScrollView on UITableView and UICollectionView

I'm working on a MAC tool where you can see the current viewcontroller UIElements hierarchy of an iOS app. I use to test it with so many third party apps. As per my knowledge to list something in horizontal or vertical most of the time developer use

How to determine the index z & ldquo; a shadow & rdquo;

I'm sorry for the title, can not synthesize differently the issue. Here's the problem: In my UICollectionView have some cells that want to put a shadow, they are arranged very close to each other which makes the shadow of each one reach the neighbor

Collection view recycling images while scrolling in swift 2

I'm simply desperate, searched for 6 hours now and can't seem to find an answer. I have a collection view with images loaded from a remote server and while scrolling the cells are being refreshed with previous images for a few seconds before settling

How to return numberOfItemsInSection for two collectionView?

My issues is that I am using the below code to return an images in collection view. ImageArray should return different number of images and claimImageArray should return different number of Images.But it does not work properly .Because it only displa

UICollectionView headers overlap

I have a collectionView with the following relevant methods: - (UICollectionReusableView *)collectionView:(UICollectionView *)collectionView viewForSupplementaryElementOfKind:(NSString *)kind atIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath { if (kind == UIColle

iOS: reload a single UICollectionView cell

I am trying to follow the following post on reload a cell in a UICollectionView: UICollectionView update a single cell I know that I ultimately want something that looks like this: [self.collectionView reloadItemsAtIndexPaths:??]; But I don't know ho

iOS - Join Segues to my CollectionView Cells

I am creating an app where I have a UICollectionView with 8 different items plugged in programmatically in my viewDidLoad method, like so: - (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; navItems = [[NSMutableArray alloc]init]; [navItems addObject:@"perso

UICollectionView vertically Centered

I have a UICollectionView object of size (320,500). I need a to create the UICollectionView in such a way that contents are vertically centred. Means if total size of the content is (100,100) then the cells should drawing itself in a rect (0,200):(32

Access the database using sections in UICollection

I am developing small application in iOS (I am complete beginner). I have made a menu Core Data entity where I have categoryName and imageNamed saved. I want my UICollectionView in sections. But I am stuck in defining different indexPaths for differe

UICollectionView container padding

I am trying to add padding to the container of a UICollectionView. I would like it to appear as such that there is a 10pt padding all around. So in the example screen, there is a 10pt padding on the bottom from: layout.minimumInteritemSpacing = layou

Get indexPath from UICollectionViewCell

I have a custom CollectionViewCell class, I have then generated an amount of these inside of a CollectionView. I have then also added a modal segue when the ViewCells are touched. How would I get the id (or index path) of which cell was pressed when

whole UICollectionView zoom

I have an iPad App where I'm using a UICollectionView and each UICollectionViewCell contains just a single UIImage. Currently I'm displaying per 9 UIImages (3 rows * 3 columns) per page, I have several pages. I would like to use Pinch Gesture to zoom

add an additional element in the Collection Collection View

I am having one array which is having 10 element. which I am able to set as item in Collection view. Now I want to add 11th element, which will be one button. How can I do that?The way I did this was to make collectionView:numberOfItemsInSection: ret

CellForItemAtIndexPath from UICollectionView is not called

Only my second time using UICollectionView's and perhaps I have bitten off more than I can chew but nevertheless: I am implementing a UICollectionView (myCollectionView) that uses custom UICollectionViewCell's that I have subclassed. The subclassed c

Trouble with Decorator Pattern, iOS / UICollectionViewCells

I am trying to 'decorate' UICollectionViewCells using the Decorator pattern. For example, if I have a BaseCell : UICollectionViewCell I would like to be able to do something like this: BaseCell *cell = [[BaseCell alloc] initWithFrame] cell = [[Glowin

Using a segue from a subview

I have view which contains a collection view. I have added this collection view programatically (in viewDidLoad) - so that is not on the storyboard. This collection view contains several cells. When a user clicks on one of the cells in the collection

A good way to manage reuse of cells with background threads?

I have a UICollectionView, but the same methods should apply to UITableViews. Each of my cells contains an image I load from disk, which is a slow operation. To mitigate this, I use an async dispatch queue. This works fine, but quickly scrolling resu