WSO2 API Manager Installation Can not Run Java

I am brand new to WSO2 API manager and I am trying to install the API Manager for the first time on a Linux VM machine. Java-8 has been installed. JAVA_HOME is defined and points to /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle. It has been verified by running: echo $J

How to access Windows directories in ubuntu bash

How to access a file, say test.c, from the Windows 10 Desktop on the Ubuntu Bash shell. Answer to this question: I can't comment (less than 50 reputation), and I can

What is the problem with this apache2 configuration?

I want to set up apache2 so that the wordpress website is served via port 80 and some other php website served via port 8080. This is on my local machine running Ubuntu 15.10. The sites-available/000-default.conf contains: Listen 80 Listen 8080 NameV

Laravel 5 Installation in Ubuntu: laravel command not found

This question already has an answer here: Laravel installation: How to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory in your PATH? 15 answers When I try to install laravel 5 in ubuntu, I am getting error like this, laravel: command not found I followed

Install mscorefonts on ec2

I am attempting to install mscorefonts on ec2, however I can't seem to find the magic combination of terminal commands to make it happen. I am using an m1.medium instance and uname -a returns Linux worker 3.11.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 9 16

Undefined function call mysql_connect () Apache + Mysql error

I have a Ubuntu server which runs the Dokuwiki and projects system for our LAN When users access the Dokuwiki they get the dreaded No ACL setup yet! Denying access to everyone. and on the projects system appears with the login but once logged in this

php insert to sql does not work

I'm on ubuntu running on apache2. <?php $con = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "password", "loops"); if (!mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo "Error to connect: ".mysqli_connect_error(); } $firstName = $

Ubuntu - too many open files?

I have a websocket service. it's strage that have error:"too many open files", but i have set the system configure: /etc/security/limits.conf * soft nofile 65000 * hard nofile 65000 /etc/sysctl.conf net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 65000 ulim

Using MongoDB

I am just getting familiar with MongoDB and its my first time to use it. I am using Ubuntu enviornment for the development. I installed the MongoDB as per the instructions mentioned in the tutorial available on the MongoDb website. They said that the

Start services automatically in the Docker container

I'm doing some initial tests with docker. At moment i have my images and I can put some containers running, with: docker ps I do docker attach container_id and start apache2 service. Then from the main console I commit the container to the image. Aft

Memory leaks when using libssh

I am trying to use libssh in my application, but I keep getting memory leaks. The most simplistic code, I am trying, is: #include <libssh/libssh.h> #define SSH_NO_CPP_EXCEPTIONS assert(0 == ssh_init()); ssh_session m_session; assert(m_session = ssh_

Smarty templates are not refreshed on Ubuntu

At work a use Smarty templates (on WAMP) in a Windows environment. All just works fine. Just when I want this to make it work at home with LAMP on Ubuntu something strange happens: I see my Smarty templates work in the browser just as normal, but whe

Why my core file is not overwritten?

On Ubuntu 12.04, open a new text file and write: #include <stdlib.h> int main() { abort(); return 0; } Now run: g++ yourfile.cpp Then run the executable, which will core dump: ./a.out Now check the mtime of the file: -rw-r----- 1 xxxxx xxxxx 228K 20

AVR ISP MKII, avrdude, Ubuntu 11.10

So, I have had this working on Ubuntu before. But then I upgraded to 11.10. Now, no such luck. Note: if you are still messing with getting this to work on eclipse, you might want to try this command line stuff... if it doesnt work here, its not going

How to set the path of the Java environment in Ubuntu

I just installed JDK in Ubuntu with sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk command, after the installation where's the Java bin directory located? And how can I set the environment path for that directory? I have little experience with Ubuntu, can anyone

Python 2.7 on Ubuntu

I am new to Python and am working on a Linux machine (Ubuntu 10.10). It is running python 2.6, but I'd like to run 2.7 as it has features I want to use. I have been urged to not install 2.7 and set that as my default python. My question is, how can I

Eclipse 3.5 with HTML 5

I am using eclipse 3.5 on Ubuntu 10.10. I am developing a web application with includes HTML 5 tags, but my eclipse is annoying me with the warning messages. Eclipse 3.5 doesn't support HTML 5 tags. How do I update my Eclipse 3.5 to support HTML 5 ta

Ubuntu Installation - No LAMP Option

I am planning to install LAMP on ubuntu in Vmware but when I isntall Ubuntu I dont see the 'Install LAMP' option as shown in tutorials? I tried installing a few times both server and desktop versions but nothing shows. It just directly installs ubunt

set up a speed chart plotter with ubuntu 9

I am having a small issue in setting up speed tracer with ubuntu. any help (document/hints...) will be appreciated.There's a handy tutorial the Google Developers put up at: And some examples on how to use it