realurl prevar language and get the parameter

I have a strange problem: TYPO3 7.6 with realul 2.2.1 I got a page with a form. One field of the form gets prefilled via get-parameter (sysid=xxxxx). The site is multilanguage: german->0, english->1, mapped via prevars '' and en. When I call the pag

Indexed search htmltags extbase output

I am using TYPO3 7.6.11 and indexed_search 7.6.0. I use the extbase plugin for indexed_search and in the output it escapes the HTML-Tags to mark the searchword. For example, when I search for "search" I get this output: Test text with<strong

TYPO3 Exception: No pages found on rootlevel

Unfortunately I couldn't find any help by googleing through the net. Here's my case: I'm trying to install TYPO3 locally on my Mac (OS 10.12.2) using Sequel Pro for the database and MAMP Pro for the host. For that I downloaded the .zip from

Filtering / deleting duplicate entries using a fluid

i'm trying to find a way to erase duplicate entries using fluid. The idea was to use f:alias and then counting the items with the same title. But my results are ridiculous. The counting is totally wrong. Is it possible overall to do something like th

Where does the jQuery come from in my header?

Somehow my jQuery include gets overwritten by an older version that makes my .on function cause an error (at least I think so). I can't find out where that include is coming from. I want to delete it and control my includes from my root-templates and

Typo3 - dd_googlesitemap multiple site map

I am using following two extension: dd_googlesitemap and dd_googlesitemap_dmf I have two Sitemaps: Default pages: index.php?Eid=dd_googlesitemap My extension: index.php?Eid=dd_googlesitemap&Sitemap=DMF&selector=myExtSelector I need only one sitema

Issue with realurl, redirection and caching in TYPO3

This error occures in TYPO3 7.6.10 with a piBase extension and realurl 2.0.15: In this extension, I'm checking for a GET parameter, e.g. a country. If this parameter is not provided, I redirect to the same page, with default country as parameter: if(

TYPO3 post news on facebook

I'm using TYPO3 7.6 and the extension news from Georg Ringer. I'm looking for a way to post news records on facebook. My idea was to create a category like "for facebook" and when i save the news record, that's related to the facebook category,

tx_news-Viewhelper: output in clear text

I need the teaser as pure plain text , without any links or text formatting in the Latest view, the possibility . Is it provided for a corresponding ViewHelper or a different approach ? HTML entities , it should not be served as & for & for exampl

Extbase Hooks - executes code when creating a record

I want to create a standard typo3 extension but when I create a record (or modify it) I want to calculate something (in my case I want to call the Google Map API to get coordinates from a given address). SO I search for a hook or something. Any idea?

OWL-Carousel - Width under 768px - Bootstrap

I have a big problem with OWL-Carousel and my Website. I kicked all CSS and JS files, now I load only jQuery JS, Bootstrap CSS, OWL CSS and JS. I resize the Window over 768px, the Slider works fine! 767px the Template and the OWL go in the 100% Boots

Compatibility of typo3 content between 6.1.5 and 7.6

we are going to upgrade our typo3-instance from version 6.1.5 to 7.6. Since we need to clone the instance and afterwards upgrade it in two steps (6.1.5 -> 6.2, 6.2 -> 7.6) we wonder if it was easier to setup a clean 7.6 instance and migrate the data

HTML5 custom data attributes in TYPO3 backend content elements

I am wondering if there is a way to add a HTML5 Custom Data Attribute to any Content Element like Text or Text w/ images. Anyone tried / did this before or is there a good reason not to do this?You can either add a new field (own extension) or use an

How to integrate the bootstrap template with typo3?

How to integrate Bootstrap template with typo3, since bootstrap depends on JQuery and JQuery is in conflict with scriptaculous? I'm not quite sure if typo3 is the one using scriptaculous or is someone of the extensions i'm using.You know that bootstr

Typo3 Powermail Prefill

Im using Typo3 and got 2 Powermail Forms on a Hotel Page. One small form on every Page where you can put the checkin and checkout date. After this you will be redirected to the main form. How can i prefill the daterecords from the small after the red

RealURL does not work on the migrated Typo3 site

I'm a long time user of Stack Overflow, but this is my first time posting. I recently helped a client move their Typo3 site to a new hosting provider. I did not design or build the site, nor have I any experience with Typo3 (I work with Wordpress as

View category and content in TYPO3

I am using TYPO3 6.2.9 CMS.I make category and assigned to page.But I don't know how to display the category when i am showing the page i want all the category assign to that page must display then after clicking that category the content which i hav

Configuration of the TYPO3 Ajax page

How can I remove the CSS Styled conted header output from a Ajax Page in TYPO3? This is my Typoscript: ajax = PAGE ajax { typeNum = 1234 # this solution is working, but then I don't have flexform values # 10 < tt_content.list.20.myextension_pi1 10 <

EXTBASE: Exception When Mapping Property to Property Path

When calling getter on AbstractValueObject object this error is shown: Exception while property mapping at property path "":Creation of objects not allowed. To enable this, you need to set the PropertyMappingConfiguration Value "CONFIGURATI

TYPO3 fe_user: Log in as two different users at the same time?

One of our clients wants to FE log in as two different users at the same time, using one browser. I think this is only possible when using two different browser. IS there any workaround? Background is this: We wrote a FE extension where user can logi

Problems updating the repository

I have problems updating the repository. After a fresh installation of Typo3 I clicked on "Extension Manager -> Import Extensions -> Retrieve/Update". After 30 seconds I received an exception, that the max. execution time has exceeded, onl

Typo3: using typoscript to modify the base URL

I am trying out TYPO3's introduction package. For that I am using Xampp on my computer. I have installed it in a subdirectory, but since it uses "real-url", I need to modify the generated links, so that instead of http://localhost/about-typo3/ I