go build events undefined

Environment: Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit. I want to build / install a go-project (twitterbeat as you can see). C:\apps\Go_workspace\src\github.com\buehler\twitterbeat>go build # github.com/buehler/twitterbeat/beater beater\twitterbeat.go:62: b.Eve

How to access twitter API ads?

after a lot of back and forth with the Twitter documentation I am now able to authenticate with OAuth 1.0 and make request behalf on the user who sign-ined and accepted my app to preform changes / retrieve data. Now, I'm trying to make requests to th

How to base64 encode an image for twitter in python?

So I have been trying, (without luck) to base64 encode a image to upload to twitter with the Twython library. Iv'e done it the way I know how but it don't seem to work. from twython import Twython import base64 #keys APP_KEY = '*************' APP_SEC

Printing Array PHP Elements

I have an Array of data returned from a Twitter API call in an Array. I'm iterating the "Top 10 Trending" however cannot print the individual elements, e.g. name. Below is the code I am using to get as far as I can: echo "<pre>";

check if the current user has favored the tweet or not

I need to check whether current user has favourited the tweet or not?!! I am using twitter api 1.1 and I am confused as which attribute to use from the following attributes from the twitter api response json favorite_count favourites_count favoritedI

Twitter getMentionTimeLine

how to use time/count in twitter getmentiontime line I am able to get time line of user but now I want to get mention time line of last 30 minutes. ConfigurationBuilder cb = new ConfigurationBuilder(); cb.setDebugEnabled(true).setOAuthConsumerKey(CON

Send a video on Twitter using ios5 + iphone sdk

Hiii, I have uploaded image and status message successfully using TWTweetComposeViewController .. but i am not able to find anything to upload video using same class .. Please suggest me to if you have any link or guideline . Thanks in advance .. abh

Tweet clickable links with twitteroauth?

I'm using twitteroauth from https://github.com/abraham/twitteroauth like this: $Twitter = new TwitterOAuth(...); $Twitter->post('statuses/update', array('status' => 'click <a href="http://google.com">here</a>')); Tweeted URLs a

how to update the Twitter status of my asp.net web page

I have created an asp.net web page and I am using twitterizer.framework.dll. Below is my c# code. protected void btnTwitt_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { //OAuthTokens tokens = new OAuthTokens(); //tokens.AccessToken = "--REDACTED--"; //toke

Tracking multiple search terms with Twitter streaming

I would like to build a web application that tracks some user defined search terms in real-time and provides a real-time visualization. http://www.monitter.com/ is an app I've found that is similar in its requirements. What is the appropriate API to

how can i limit the number of tweets to one using jquery

i am trying to display just the most recent tweet on my home page i see a working example however it is not limited to one how do i make this return just one tweet? example: http://jsfiddle.net/pborreli/pJgyu/ ThanksIf you change your code to - $(fun

mySQL, type and length recommendation for a Twitter message

I'm looking to store Tweets in mySQL. I would only need the message body and am looking for a recommendation as far as type and character length. Varchar or Text, if either of those.. how long? Tweets are limited to 140 characters, but I know there i

Good idea to connect with Twitter?

I'm a student working on a small website/project for practice using PHP and learning to use API's. It's essentially a digg or reddit-like website, where users submit an article and others can upvote and comment on it. So far, I've had no way of restr

How to post a tweet on twitter using Powershell?

Has anyone used the following code? How do I make it post a tweet? I know I have to use the "$req.Context.RawUri = [Uri]'http://api.twitter.com/version/statuses/update.xml" but I can't get the "$res = [xml][DevDefined.OAuth.Consumer.Consume

Better language for a lot of string comparisons

I am starting a website which will grab a lot of data from the Twitter API. I then want to look for certain phrases in the tweets that I get from the API. I'm wondering what the best language would be for this. Most of my knowledge is in PHP, but fro

Twitter - Tweet time zone

What is the time zone used for tweets in Twitter API?The timezone of each tweet is automatically converted to the local timezone. If you need UTC, you can use the .ToUniversalTime() method, for example: myTweet.CreatedDate.ToUniversalTime();

What is #! seen in Facebook and Twitter URL?

Possible Duplicate: What's the shebang (#!) in Facebook and new Twitter URLs for? I recently saw Facebook and Twitter's URL: http://www.facebook.com/#! http://twitter.com/#!/username What is #! ? Anyone?It has to do with Google's method of making AJA

Twitter statuses help timestamp

I'm trying to get twitter statuses displaying on my blog, however I cannot get the time each status is created at to display the way in which I desire. Here is how it is being printed now: Thu Aug 05 12:36:20 +0000 2010 However I would like it to be

why Twitter can not handle multiple requests in 1 hour?

I am developing a web-based (Business)application in Java (GWT 2.0.1) where number of users comes & make request to twiter. Approx 1000 of usres (more than that) make request to Twitter through my web-based application.for that I used twitter4j-2.0.9

android twitter oauth tutorial problem reminder

Trying the following tutorial http://www.androidsdkforum.com/android-sdk-development/3-oauth-twitter.html i am having trouble understanding callback URL my twitter app name is "faisal-android" and my call back url i defined in code is myapp://wo

Twitter followers in the bullet proof count with PHP?

I'm trying to display a number of Twitter followers using PHP given a username. My code looks like this: function tweet_count() { $name = get_option('ws_twit'); $twit = file_get_contents('http://twitter.com/users/show/'.$name.'.xml'); $begin = '<foll

Twitter client with JQuery does not work in Firefox

I've got a little script that fetches my latest tweets. I use JQuery's $.getJSON() method to fetch my tweets. The script works well with Chrome and Safari but when it comes to Firefox, nothing appears! Here's the code: var url = 'http://api.twitter.c

Twitter API with urllib2 in python

I want to use the Twitter API in Python to lookup user ids from name using the lookup method. I have done similar requests simply using response = urllib2.urlopen('http://search.twitter.com...') but for this one I need authentication. I don't think I

How to scroll the text on the Twitter homepage?

On the twitter home page (not logged in), there a scrolling text in the middle below the logo. How is this accomplished? It stops scrolling when mouseover and also has a popup dialog on relevant text. Thanks, MikeThere is a jQuery marquee plugin that

Twitter API account setting

I've got a feeling this is going to be something really simple, but anyway. I've got some code that pulls in my latest Twitter statuses - it's pretty much the standard code everyone is using. However, even though the URL I'm using has the count param