MYSQL - Whitespace issue Group by

I am performing UNION while getting the same type of information (company_name, vat, and email) from two different tables (adv and pub). The SQL query is below: SELECT TRIM(UPPER(company_name)), vat, company_owner_email FROM ( (SELECT company_name, v

Golang: string adjustment function

I used strings.Trim() in Golang to trim the first five characters. However, the last "a" is always gone. Why is that so? Example: sentence := "Kab. Kolaka Utara" result := strings.Trim(sentence,sentence[:4]) fmt.Println(result) Result:

how can i remove the word from a string in php

i am displaying the top 5 results from a sql query using the following code; <?php $query = "SELECT location, COUNT(location) AS qty FROM ecmt_memberlist GROUP BY location ORDER BY qty DESC LIMIT 0,5"; $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mys

Only requires a specific part of the SQL data results. Ideas?

I have run into an issue and have searched far and wide without much success. I have a SQL statement that pulls account numbers. The account numbers consist of four parts, but I need to separate one of the middle parts into its own column. I've seen

How to implement trim for Vec & lt; u8 & gt;

Rust provides a trim method for strings: str.trim() removing leading and trailing whitespace. I want to have a method that does the same for bytestrings. It should take a Vec<u8> and remove leading and trailing whitespace (space, 0x20 and htab, 0x09

String.TrimStart () does not work as expected, why?

I've got the command below: > "D:\abc\abcName".TrimStart("D:\abc") Name In fact I wish this to trim exactly "D:\abc" and return only "abcName" but seems that the 2nd "abc" is trimmed off as well. Why do

Adjust the value of the field or delete part of the value

I am trying to adjust path name so that it no longer has the time stamp attached to the end. I am input many different logs so it would be impractical to write a conditional filter for every possible log. If possible I would just like to trim the las

Edit PHP data

I am using a swipe card to capture id and use that to store attendance into the database. I have a form with jQuery that automatically submits the form when a user enter 8 character string into the input field. I want to use the data from the swipe c

JQUERY - Trim function does not work

The trim function does not work correctly <input class="input"></input> <div class="button">CLICK</div> $(".button").click(function() { var name = $( ".input" ).val(); name = $.trim(name); co

Cut all types of spaces, including tabs

In VB6, the Trim() function trims spaces off the front and back of a string. I am wondering if there is a function that will trim not just spaces, but all whitespace (tabs in this case) off of each end of a string.You'll have to combine the Trim func

Cut the numbers at the end of String

I want to trim the last occurring numeric characters from the String Eg: "abc123" => "abc" "abc12xyz34" => "abc12xyz" Written below snippet to extract it. Just want to explore if this can be done by regex priv

Shorten ordinary div text

I am using a service called 'embedly' which is showing my feeds. I'm trying to shorten the text of this feed, so I tried: $('.description').html( function(){ return $.trim($(this).html()) .substring(0, 100) .split(" ").slice(0, -1) .join("

Cut a string using a string of a variable in batch

I have a batch the would display usage if your parameter is invalid. For ex. Running "sample.bat update fuh" :usageactions set actions=%* set toremove=update set todisplay=%actions:%toremove% =% echo Error: Invalid Arguments - '%todisplay%'. ech

Cut all the strings of a table in C #

I used this code to get the contents of a directory: string[] savefile = Directory.GetFiles(mcsdir, "*.bin"); comboBox1.Items.AddRange(savefile); and it returns as C:\Users\Henry\MCS\save1.bin C:\Users\Henry\MCS\save2.bin How can I make it retur

Replace all spacing characters

I want to replace all occurrences of white space characters (space, tab, newline) in JavaScript. How to do so? I tried: str.replace(/ /gi, "X") You want \s Matches a single white space character, including space, tab, form feed, line feed. Equiv

Trimming text files from the command line (Windows)

I have a text file which contains several hundred lines e.g. test.bin:8948549854958 They are all styled like the above file ( Is there any way I could trim all lines e.g. take :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the line, so just to leave

Format the text to the left

I am creating a format tool that strips content from articles for print. The demo can be seen here. The full source is avaliable here. Right now the tool strips formating and can also keep paragraphs by using nl2br What I would like to do is to be ab

Sending ATA commands directly to the device under Windows?

I'm trying to send ATA commands to a physical disk in Windows, and get the response from the device. Note: In this case I want to send the IDENTIFY DEVICE (0xEC) command. The device will respond with a 512-byte block of data. (In particular I'm inter

operations on blob data in informix

How can we use substring, trim, length operations on some text of blob datatype. And how can we update a column of blob datatype using query? Thanks,With difficulty! First of all, which of the 4 various types of blob are you discussing: BYTE TEXT BLO

How to cut text using PHP

How to trim some word in php? Example like pid="5" OR pid="3" OR I want to remove the last ORI suggest using implode() to stick together SQL expressions like that. First build an array of simple expressions, then implode them with OR:

compare a string and cut in

I have this string that shall come in from another file. The string has maximum length of 102 digits. I need to compare the string with numbers in a pair and delete those from that string. e.g - 6125223659587412563265... till 102 numbers that compare

The string of the byte array is not truncated in C #?

I have a byte array similar to this (16 bytes): 71 77 65 72 74 79 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 I use this to convert it to a string and trim the ending spaces: ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetString(data).Trim(); I get the string fine, however it still has a