How to set UserAgent electron

I need to set the UserAgent in electron to include the touch flag since I am writing the application for touch screens and it doesn't seem to auto detect that it is running on a touch screen. Any help would be nice, I already tried setting it in the

Tap Event Do not return touch data

Edit: "This can't be done in Angular UI Modals" is a valid answer, if that's actually the case. This is the return data I get from a touch event. Conspicuously missing are any useful touch X/Y coords (

Unity for Android - item not following touch entries

I've just started learning Unity (using C#) and I'm trying to create script which will make object that script is attached to follow my touch inputs (basically follow my finger when I'm moving it around). What I tried to do is: EDIT: this is refreshe

andEngine: Why the touch event does not work?

I'm learning how to use box2d and andEngine. I am trying to make my sprite with body move. I made it work before when I coded everything in onCreateScene, but now I want to make a separate class for my sprite. So right now my onCreateScene looks like

Ionic tap (delayed click)

i'm working on phonegap project with ionic framework. i create a simple project and add android platform, then add a button and run the project on real device. in result, tapping a button (click speed) on a button (running in samsung with android ver

IOS event for continuous contact

I'm writing an iOS app and I can't seem to figure out how to do a continuous touch event. I tried using the "touchesBegan" and "touchesEnd" functions but those aren't for continuous touching. So basically what I have right now is as fo

SDK Surface only for the surface

This might be a stupid question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Does the Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0 only work with Microsoft Surface products, or can I use it with other touchscreens? I really just like the way the SurfaceTextBox control wor

Cursor does not work with touch input

I have this Slider in WPF : <Slider x:Name="SizeSlider" IsManipulationEnabled="True" Width="100" Minimum="1" Maximum="10" Value="1" ValueChanged="SizeSlider_ValueChanged"></Sli

IOS: moving views on parent view

Im new at IOS. in my app, every time the user is drawing a circle i create a new subview of the circle. after the circle is created i would like the user to be able to drag the circle on the parent view. if the user create more then one circle, how c

How to click on a view behind a button under Android?

I want to create a shape or button but when it is clicked it will send the event to the view behind of it. I've used the onInterceptTouchEvent but still the event is taken by the button instead of the View. This is my code: <?xml version="1.0"

Switch to new elements during TouchMove

I'd like to make it so that as you drag your finger over a set of elements, the background of the one you've got your finger on changes. It seems like I want to use the touchmove event for this, but as far as I can tell the target element never chang

Mobile Photo Gallery App

I have to make a photo gallery for a mobile phone app, where I can swipe from one picture to another. Here is an example. unfortunately I can't use this library, because I need an inertial scrolling effect in fullscreen and you should be able to pinc

Touch screen suggestion

I am getting interested into touch screen programming and want to try something for fun. Searched for some time and looking for an infrared but still feel like found no hardware. Anybody could suggest an affordable and good touch screen also which ty

How to set the touch event for view only

I am using the android touch sample from android developers blog, but the touch is work for any location on the screen not only on the view that has the touch : The use code is : package pit.opensource.touch; import android.content.Context; import an

The view does not distribute the touch event to its parent

I have a framelayout which I make clickable (android:clickable="true") I add this framelayout to another view (lets call it "view2"). I set onClickListener to view2.. but, the listener isn't being triggered when i remove android:clicka

Testing the touch functionality in the emulator

I try to develop a App for android. I have the following code: public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.main); CardImage = (ImageView)findViewById(; CardImage.setOnTo

How can I check the actual touch support on a browser

Today (or very recently) Chrome Beta updated to 17 for me and with it i noticed some funkiness in my web app. I noticed it was because a class was being added to the body element that normally only gets put there if there is touch event support which

Timed events with Cocos2d

I'm looking for advice, and maybe a few examples. I'm trying to figure out how to create a CCSprite and have the player touch it as close to int aCertainAmountOfTime after it was created as possible. I want the player's score to be determined by how

Prevent scrolling on HTML5 & lt; video & gt; element on iOS

I am trying to prevent the default scrolling within a web app which contains an HTML5 video element on Mobile Safari. Handling document.ontouchmove and calling e.preventDefault() has been the standard way that I've found to achieve this. This seems t

Touch and drag the image in Android

I am working on some example in which i want to drag the image corresponding to touch in Android. Does anybody have an idea about how I can do it? public class TouchBall extends Activity { @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

How to configure an Android SeekBar to be irremovable / frozen?

In my XML, I've set the focusable, focusableInTouchMode, clickable, and longClickable variables to false, yet I can still click and move the SeekBar. Do I need to actually change the listener events to do this? That seems so unnecessary.mySeekBar.set

HTML API for touch devices?

What HTML APIs are available for touch screen devices (e.g. tablet PCs)? I notice that GMail's iPad interface (and other mobile interfaces) doesn't scroll down in a normal web browser (pretending to be an iPad via a user-agent hack). How can one acce

reliable way to get the touch input of the iPhone?

I started using the MoveMe sample to get touch input working. basically, I define these two callback functions to get my touch input: - (void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { for ( UITouch* touch in touches ) { printf("touch

OpenGL ES (iPhone) Key picking

Looking to do classic OpenGL mouse picking in ES. I'd prefer not to use third party libs, GLU ports and OpenGL name stacks, etc, are out. This pretty much leaves inverse view transformation and ray intersection, correct? I've gotten pretty far with t

Prevent touch from being manipulated by a parent table view

I have a custom table view cell that handles user gestures. However, even if I have exclusiveTouch set to YES, the moment the y value changes by any amount, scolling starts, even if I'm in the middle of handling the touch events. How do I prevent the