Generate large files with Struts2 + Freemarker

I need to dump data into a big xml (50 ~ 500 Mb) using Struts2 and Freemarker: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <documents> <#list collection as document> <document> ... </document> <#if document_

Can not get the template in my Spring Boot app

The body of my index file looks like this: <div class="container" style="width: 100% !important;"> <!--Header--> <div th:replace="fragments/header :: header"></div> <!--Content--> <!--<div

Defining a simple servlet in the Liferay server

I've got a Liferay 6 server, in a Tomcat server. Thing is, I am editing one of my public pages (the welcome one), so the JavaScript is read from the admin console. It simply puts a script in the end of the page with whatever you want. This is working

Application slows down with time - Java + Python

This is a difficult one to explain, and not hopeful for a single, simple answer, but thought it's worth a shot. Interested in what might slow down a long Python job that interacts with a Java application. We have an instance of Tomcat running a fairl

Struggling with the spring MVV deployment with static pages

This is the first time i am trying to build a spring mvc app. This is how i have configured my spring app Project API Initializer public class ProjectApiInitializer extends AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer { @Override protected Cl

How to launch the spring start application in Eclipse tomcat?

I have a Spring boot application and want to run this as a server app within Eclipse. So the app will be recognized as a Tomcat web app and can be added I update the facet : When I run the web app my rest services are not being found. A spring boot a

How - Tomcat fill a list of singleton strings from context

At tomcat server, I need to populate singleton string list by reading value from Context.xml/Server.xml/Web.xml with jndi for spring application. I found no tags carry list param not Environment/Resource/Parameter. I found a solve <context-param> &l

Hello World 404 Simple Jersey Resource not found

This is my project folder here is the code: package ale; import; import; @Path("/hello") public class Hello { @GET public String hello(){ return "hello world&qu

OutOfMemoryError on OpenShift

I have a Tomcat Java application running on OpenShift (1 small gear) that consists of two main parts: A cron job that runs every minute, parses information from the web and saves it into a MongoDB database, and some servlets to access that data. Afte

Jersey: Differentiate Session Timeout and No Authorization

I'm using Jersey (1.18.1) with RolesAllowedResourceFilterFactory enabled. Suppose that I have the following resource: @RolesAllowed("SuperUser") @Path("/resource") class Resource{ //some code here } On access to this resource when the

Transfer-Encoding: chunked

I was trying to understand more on Transfer-Encoding:chunked. referred some articles: and "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header in PHP. I still didn't get very clear picture. I understand setting this enco

Java Servlet launch exception

We have developed a web based monitoring application for our Sybase servers and are having issues generating a graph using jfree in the production environment. We usually build and test our application in a QA machine and then ftp the built *.war fil

bootclasspath to Tomcat

I'm trying to provide a slightly different implementation of java.util.Date (for experimental purposes) . I rewrote it, packaged my java.util.Date in a jar and used -Xbootclasspath/p:fullpathto.jar as a VM parameter. When running a standalone, it pic

Should I run Tomcat alone or Apache + Tomcat?

I was wondering if it would be okay to run Tomcat as both the web server and container? On the other hand, it seems that the right way to go about scaling your webapp is to use Apache HTTP listening on port 80 and connecting that to Tomcat listening

Spring invokes an incorrect controller mapping

I'm building very basic mvc application with Spring. It has one controller that should invoke validation on request body. The problem is that if I define the mapping in web.xml it stops finding the right controller, but when I modify the servlet appl

Interception method of a tomcat application with aop

I have a problem which is hard to explain so lets get started: Context: I have a application running on a tomcat server Lets call it "admin". The admin have an import/export function. Our own application is an extension to that and we need to ga

How does closure work for executors?

I have a ScheduledExecutorService and I do a task every 15 mins (in a web application in Tomcat). In a ServletContextListener in contextDestroyed I have done: Runtime.getRuntime().addShutdownHook(new Thread(){ @Override public void run(){ scheduler.s

incorrect config.xml

This question already has an answer here: publishing failed with multiple errors eclipse 6 answers What is incorrect in my config.xml file for tomcat 7.0 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Context> <WatchedResource&

Unable to access Apache php solr XML URL

I am trying to use apache to access a XML from tomcat url like so: http://localhost:8081/solr-example/select/?q=blah&version=2.2&start=0&rows=10&indent=on However, I am getting a permission denied error. I have tried chown, chmod and chcon

Start / stop a web application of itself?

I've made a web application using Java, Struts and running over Apache Server and Tomcat. It would be very useful to be able to restart the application from the web. I don't want to restart Tomcat, only this webapp, the same way as Tomcat Manager doe

Why is the memory usage of my tomcat application still growing?

My application is running on Windows Server 2000. The memory usage keeps growing (from 145m). Is that normal? I am new to Java. The version is Tomcat5.5.If it only ever grows, then that's a memory leak. But if it grows up to your max heap, then drops