Spring's deployment deployed on Tomcat will not start

I have a working Spring application that contains a embedded Tomcat. As a executable war, it works fine. As I'm going to use AngularJ for the front end, it isn't very practical to have the Spring project in an executable jar, as I will do debugging i

Tomcat 8 log4j wicket 7 configuration

I'm having some trouble configuring tomcat 8 logging for my wicket 7 application. Based on mykong's example here I set up my application's pom and adde the log4.j properties file: http://www.mkyong.com/wicket/wicket-log4j-integration-example/ My log4

Slow Tomcat Webapp start when a lot of files in WEB-INF

I've got a Webapp with a lot of files under the WEB-INF folder (1000s). When it starts or restarts it takes a long time > 10s even with Jar and TLD scanning turned off. I even created a custom JarScanner class that does nothing which made no differen

Could not upload a large file to the server using Spring MVC?

This question already has an answer here: Uploading files in Spring with Tomcat related to the maximum size allowed 1 answer I've read the article "File upload using Spring MVC and annotation configuration" (http://www.raistudies.com/spring/spri

Second servlet in the project does not work

I am new to Servlets. I made a simple project with 2 jsp files. and two Servlers jsp1, jsp2, servlet1 and servlet2. When the code in both jsps' body tags is this (Both points to servlet1 ) <form method="post" action="servlet1"> &

Set Java / Tomcat (Xmx) heap size without modifying catalina.sh

Most people seem to suggest setting the Java/Tomcat heap memory size for Tomcat6 by editing the /usr/share/tomcat6/bin/catalina.sh file, and adding something like: # Set specific memory requirements for Tomcat6 (for server with ~512MB RAM). CATALINA_

CSS is not updated after the change

Here is my simple (I hope) problem: I 'm running a web app with eclipse through tomcat 7. I use the classic servlet-model-jsp pattern. My problem is when I change something in the stylesheet (CSS) and restart tomcat and reload the page on the chrome,

How to set content encoding in an HTML file

I want to use GZIP encoding to my site and how should . I set the content encoding of my html file to gzip. T tried like this <html lang="en" pageEncoding="gzip"> I am using Apache Tomcat web server.You have confused content enco

Tomcat will not stop or restart

I tried stopping tomcat. It failed with this message: Tomcat did not stop in time. PID file was not removed. I then tried again and got this: PID file (/opt/tomcat/work/catalina.pid) found but no matching process was found. Stop aborted. I then tried

How to use tomcat folder with .jar extension as jar files?

I have in Eclipse web application project that depends from other projects. When I run debug on embedded Tomcat in lib folder that Eclipse copied not jars, but folders with names like: dependent_lib1.jar dependent_lib2.jar dependent_lib3.jar ........

Tomcat 404 Page with spring shape

In my web.xml page I have the 404 error mapped to a jsp page as: <error-page> <error-code>404</error-code> <location>/WEB-INF/jsp/errorPages/error404.jsp</location> </error-page> The redirect on 404 works fine. I get to

Can not Rename File Using File # renameTo () Method

I want to move file from one folder to other. I am using File#renameTo() method, but file is not renamed. I am not getting what is going wrong. I am using Netbeans 7.0.1 and Apache Tomcat.I'm assuming that you are trying to move files around in a web

Tomcat deployment strategy

This is a somewhat different question about Tomcat deployment. It has been covered partially by earlier questions but I would like to here from those who have actually done Tomcat deployments. In my organization I see two types of deployment. WAR dep

How to manually deploy a web service on Tomcat 6?

I'm learning how to develop SOAP web services with Java. So far now I've been following this excellent tutorial http://web.archive.org/web/20120626005333/http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2SE/jax_ws_2/ It all goes well, I have my web s