Deploying the War File to the Tomcat Root Directory

After running apache tomcat http://localhost:8080/ the default Tomcat page shows up, with option App manager , host manager. I am able to deploy my war file in app manager. But the link shows as http://localhost:8080/example/. How can I load my war f

How to deploy a Grail War to Tomcat

I'm having issues with a WAR file I want to deploy to Tomcat server 8. The tomcat server is installed with the default values (only user and password changed). When I deploy the WAR file, I'm getting this output from the Catalina.out log: Configuring

Database-based ssl client authentication in Tomcat

I would like to know if it is possible to have a more dynamic way to handle with client certs than edit tomcat-users.xml ? and how to do it ? A database way would be much better in order add new certs or revoke since now i have to restart the server

What is the purpose of Tomcat-Maven-Plugin?

I'm having some difficulty understanding the purpose of this plugin. Is it to modify the settings in Tomcat during the build? I am deploying to tomcat using maven, without the plugin and it seems to work fine. Not sure if I am missing something Cheer

Problems deploying kie-wb-distribution-wars-6.0.1.Final-tomcat7

I have some problems deployng kie-wb-distribution-wars-6.0.1.Final-tomcat7. I followed Michael Anstis' guide (README) but the application give mi some problems. I attach the log. mag 13, 2014 9:46:31 AM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener i

Reloading undergraduate files in Tomcat with Intellij IDEA

So I'm developing a Java application which has a Primefaces front-end. When I used Spring Tool Suite and started the project in tomcat I was able to edit the front-end xhtml files and they got reloaded on the webserver. Now I've setup my Intellij IDE

Start a Java process as a different user from Tomcat

I need to start a process with the ProcessBuilder as a different user. The user logs in with the SPNEGO protocol under Tomcat 7. The Tomcat process runs under a server account on a Windows 7 machine. The user is a valid user from Active Directory. I

How do I monitor my connections?

I run some tomcat application, use jndi connection pool. In some time connection pool stops to give connections and application hangs. Seems because some code receives connection and doesn't return it back to the pool. How can I monitor - which code

Keep java site files after deployment / deployment

I learn how to develop Java web applications. I made a site where I can upload images and PDF-s. First, I deploy the war file on the tomcat server. I uploaded some image and PDF files , and , after I change something in the site code, after redeployi

HttpURLConnection receiving a 405 but service is completed

I have a servlet that extends HttpServlet in an Apache tomcat environment. It has a doPost override. I am trying to access via an HttpURLConnection with setDoOutput = true. The client gets a 405 however the work is still performed by the Tomcat serve

Spring MVC gives 404 for the root

I have a springmvc application which I am mostly using to serve up JSON data. All of the pages will be decided via Angular. I have a index.jsp that I need to be able to view which is at the root of the WEB-INF directory. Because I am sending everythi

Shiro and Tomcat AccessLogValve

I'm using Shiro (v1.2.1) as security framework, it works perfectly, but in access log for Tomcat (v7.0.32) you cannot get remote user in logging when authenticated user access any resource. for my sample web application I used default configuration p

Best Practices for Third-Party Libraries in Tomcat

I am using Tomcat for hosting my Java Web and Web Service applications for a long time now. Mostly for Spring and Grails applications at the moment. Lately in one project a discussion came up, about how deal with dependencies/libraries in Tomcat prod

How to organize my servlets?

I am looking at such previous questions as: How many actions should a servlet perform? There are answers in these threads that contradict each other; some people say us

Tomcat test and production environment

What is the best design to have many enviroments for one web-app? Is it better to have multiple tomcat instances or multiple web-app instances deployed on one Tomcat server?If one server can handle the load, I would said it's better to have just one

NullPointerException in multicore solr

I'm configuring my solr for two cores and have got most of it working, but I'm getting this cryptic error. First off, here's my solr.xml: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <solr persistent="true"> <cores adminPath="/admi

(Why) Does Tomcat / Java work better on Linux than on Windows?

I just read this (one) study in which Tomcat under Linux outperformed Windows. From your experience, is this generally true? Any deep reason that could explain the performance difference?I don't thing such benchmarks can be so informative, then this