Appcelerator performing a manual search

I have a search bar, table and a keypad (not the real keyboard). The keypad is manually built as a bunch of buttons with numbers at the bottom of the screen (numbers 0-9). When they click on a number, it sets the searchBar.value += which ever number

imageDisplay not showing ACS photo #appcelerator

Once opening profile page, I ran a Cloud.Users.showMe function. In this function I put this in var upperppicview = Ti.UI.createImageView({ image:'', width: '70%', top: '10%', height: '80%', borderRadius: 5, left: '5%' }); uppe

Titanium textField stored in full

I'm trying to store references to several textfields in a array. When I try to access the elements of the array, I get some integers instead of the textfield objects ! I can't figure out why this happens- var textfields = []; function doClick(e) { va

Titanium - Json object Return of an empty board

My WEC webservice returning a JSON object and i want to use it in my Titanium app, but the problem is, there are array inside the JSON object, i can see them in the console but when i am trying to access by providing index, its not working. Example {

Titanium iOS - give transparent background selector

I'm trying to make the UI.Picker element have a transparent background in iOS7 but it always white. I've tried: backgroundColor:'Transparent' and translucent: true to no avail. Is it possible to do?Try using backgroundColor: 'transparent' (note the l

Can the Titanium code run in browsers?

I understand that not all the code and functionality are available. However, I am currently in the planing of a new project and there are no document to be found on this aspect. I want to know once I code in Titanium, is it possible to make a web ver

Titanium push notification How to display in a group?

I am facing a problem with development a application. I am using a Cloud Push Notification with Titanium Appcelerator. I have need display push Notification in Group. How display this is display in single particular particular tab? I am sharing 2 ima

pubnub push notification titanium android

I using pubnub chat for android using titanium appcelerator platform, I had just crossed about the push notification to android via pubnub , It provides its own development kit for the chat clients but i tried to use it for android, I couldn't there

Allow AWS with STS credentials - without a session token

I'm working on an iOS app using Titanium. Part of the app requires the direct upload of photos to S3. Now I don't want to put the main AWS credentials in here, so I'm using the Security Token Service to generate some temporary credentials. That part

web service call causing my app to crash

Hi all I am trying to integrate a webservice in Titanium but when I press the button to call it my log is terminated and my app freezes. I am getting no error messages. Below is my code: Post_array.push({ variable1:value1, variable2:value2 variable3:

how to use getBaseContext () in a class that does not expand

I am creating a module that extends from another class but i need to use getBaseContext(). how can I use it in my own module? If I have to run the activity then how to do that if not how to solve the problem thanks public class TelcoModule extends Kr

Inverse of a regular expression (JavaScript / Titanium)

I have the following code in Titanium to check if user input is non-numeric: textBox.addEventListener('change', function (e) { var patt = new RegExp('^\d+(\.\d{1,2})?$','gi'); if (e.value.match(patt) != null) { //insert action here } }); I personally

Titanium access a model from another controller

I learned that is this how to access a model from other controller, var book = Alloy.Models.instance('book'); And this is how to access a property of a model, var name = book.get('name'); However in the console,the name logs [INFO] : { } , meaning th

The titanium appcelerator fails on construction

I am trying to run my app in the iPad simulator, but I keep getting this error whenever I try to simulate. I've updated everything, some fellow help for an appcelerator noob would be much appreciated. Any thoughts would help. [ERROR] : ** BUILD FAILE

Secure app credentials in iOS and the Android mobile app?

What is the best way to store my application credentials in my mobile app? Is there a way I can do this without storing the application credentials in the mobile application itself? (I need these credentials to make service calls to my web service)In

How to create a hyperlink in Canvas

I am able to add given text into canvas using jcollage ( plugin but when user entered a text such as:, it should automatically be converted to a hyperlink. Some body please help

Titanium Mapview Click to get the Lat and Long

I am looking to create a simple mapview in Titanium (appcelerator), but what I want/need to do is have the user click, or longpress on the the map and get the latitude and longitude from that selection on the map. The mapview does have a mapview.addE

Titanium Appcelerator - How to extract data remotely

I'm using the following code to pull data and nothing happens. Here's my PHP CODE. $getall = "SELECT * FROM pages WHERE account_id=$id ORDER BY course_id"; $showall = @mysqli_query ($dbc, $getall); // Run the query. $json = array(); if (mysqli_n

Push a window when a line is selected

I am new to Titanium Studio. I am trying some samples in TableViews. How to push a new window when a row is selected in the tableView?Open a new window in table row's click event. some thing like this, row.addEventListener('click', function(){ var wi

Titanium Mobile - Create an iPad Popover in NavBar

I am currently playing around with Titanium Mobile and trying to create and populate a popover when a button in the NavBar (at the top) is clicked. Currently, the popover is created, but it's not populated with any data. (I'm trying to populate it wi

Appcelerator titanium, how can I create a modal window?

I am new to appcelerator titanium and have a question how can I create a modal window that blurs its parent, or have a semi transparent background?, I managed to create a modal window but the parent went black. thanks in advanceThis is the current wa