The countdown NSTimer does not work properly

I am trying to do the difference between time and display the countdown timer to the user in a ui label declaration of NSTimer @property (strong, nonatomic)NSTimer *timer; this is my timer in view did load _timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInte

the loop timer does not invalid as shown

I have built a "metal detector" kind of app that runs the "calculateDistance" function every 2 seconds, which calculates the distance in meters between the user location and a set marker, sets that to var globalDistance. Depending on i

How to reactivate a button after a certain time?

I currently have a check-in button in my app which is currently working but I want to disable it after the first check-in and enable it again after 30 mins. I know I can just do: checkInButton.enabled = false and then re-enable it again, but how can

C # - Multiple timers in the Windows service

I just start develop a windows service. But I'm not sure if I can use multiple timers in Onstart() method? private System.Timers.Timer timer1; private System.Timers.Timer timer2; protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { this.timer1 = new Syst

Signal Handler in a separate pthread using timer_create

I am developing a small application where in I want to call a function every 1 second. This is how I implemented Timerspec.it_interval.tv_sec=1; Timerspec.it_interval.tv_nsec=0; Timerspec.it_value.tv_sec=1; Timerspec.it_value.tv_nsec=0; timer_t timer

How can I do a random event in Java?

So I'm making a game, and I want the user to be able to fight crimes. Only I don't want them to be able to fight crimes again for a period of time, a 10 second delay max. I know that I could use Math.Random() somehow, but I'm having trouble figuring

Planning task for future execution

I have looked at the Task and Timer class API's, but could not find information on how to schedule a Task for future execution. Using the Timer class, I can schedule threads for future execution, but I need to schedule Tasks. Task has .Delay(...) met

How can I do this JavaScript Timer function properly?

I am trying to make a timer using JavaScript. The problem is, I can't get the timer to stop when it reaches 0. I have tried using return and if statements, but nothing seems to be working. Am I on the right track, or is there a better way to do this?

Function running as a timer goes down?

I'm really new to programming and I'm trying to create a maths quiz for young children. They have to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. I have a timer and a question generator The problem is however, I cant get them to run at the sam function real time elapsed time

I already have created a real time clock that synchronizes with the computer time and is being displayed in a label. Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Timer1.Enabled = True End Sub Private Sub Timer1_Tick(By

Stop System.Timers.Timer when the program stops

I've been thoroughly researching this and haven't been able to find what I need. I am currently working in an website, code behind being, and using a timer from system.timers.timer. I have created a page with two buttons, one to start

The timer does not process

I create a windows service to run a piece of code and implemented timer in it to run it periodically. My timer class is : class TimerClass { private static System.Timers.Timer aTimer; public static void Main() { aTimer = new System.Timers.Timer(1000)

Confusion with the Java Swing Timer

I am really confused with the Java swing timer. Does it need an action listener? Could someone please give me an example? Thanks!Here is an example of using javax.swing.Timer: import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import ja

Cancel a call for C ++ user input

How would I effectively cancel a call for user input if there is no input within a certain time? (I'm programming a game for a terminal/cmd window with Mac OS X). I have tried turning off canonical buffering and using a timer thread that joins after

jQuery Show and hide timer

So, I have these 3 tabbed sections that show and hide onClick, but now I want them to also act like a slideshow if the user doesn't click anywhere. Here is what I have: $(document).ready(function() { function rClass() { $('.slide_1_link').removeClass

Is there a timer function in ASP.NET MVC3?

I'm looking for a way to call a function every N seconds in order to update data displayed on the page. Is there a built-in functionality to accomplish this task or do I have to do it by myself?There are the window.setTimeout and window.setInterval j

Android Sync video with timer

I'm using Android to construct a video player using the VideoView. I've managed to get a video player running and now I'm setting a counter using chronometer that starts ticking when I select the file. However, the video clip takes a few seconds to s

Timer not calling the repeat function in my Windows service

My code is as follows: protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { //Set the interval of timer to 5 minutes. timer1.Interval = 300000; //Enable the timer. timer1.Enabled = true; repeatFunction(); } And i called the repeat function inside my time

Flash AS3 Timer extremely off

I'm using Flash CS4 with AS3. I want a timer to call a function at 50 ms intervals for 100 times. however the timer takes much longer than it should, which adds up to 1677 ms (1.677 seconds!) too much after 100 repeats. Am I missing something here or

Time reduction in C # forms Function Control.set_Text (string)

Hoping for a quick answer (which SO seems to be pretty good for)... I just ran a performance analysis with VS2010 on my app, and it turns out that I'm spending about 20% of my time in the Control.set_Text(string) function, as I'm updating labels in q

How to know if a refresh comes from a timer (C #)

I have a ton of update panels and such on my webform (which are created dynamically at runtime) I am wanting to put a locking timer or something similar in my form also. My problem is this. When someone is typing into a text box, and the timer happen