javascript does then hangs and makes the browser out of memory

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, haven't really used do while in JS but I would like to check every 5 seconds if row exists in a db with ajax call while a condition is not met. This is my call: var checkForDoc = false; var i = 0; do { $time

Wakanda server side timeout?

Wakanda 1.0.3 OS X. Question: I have a long running process on the server side, which is called on the server side. It could run as long as 4-5 minutes. What are the limits for Wakanda Server in terms of how long a SSJS will wait before it times out

LWP :: UserAgent obtains a callback with timeout

Is the chunk lost with this code if the time is out (2 seconds), or does get retry to download the missed chunk? use LWP::UserAgent; my $url = '...'; my $file_name = '...'; my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(); open my $fh, '>>:raw', $file_name or die

How to increase the ColdFusion timeout

I have a CFM Page where I call a Stored Procedure. The page seems to be timing out due to the query taking too long to execute. We have tried optimizing/tuning the SQL query, made Clustered and Non-Clustered Indices , but the query is still taking ar

Update variable every x seconds with jquery

I want to update a variable on a given time interval with a function. Here's my code: var heroVel1 = game.currentHero.GetLinearVelocity().x; var heroVel2 = ''; setInterval(function() { var heroVel2 = heroVel1; }, 2000); console.log(heroVel2); I've tr

C # MongoDB driver ignores timeout options

We are using the C# driver (1.9.1) for Mongo DB. We have some fallback logic which needs to run if the DB is not accessible, however the default timeout is too long. We tried to change it but the values we put are getting ignored. For the tests we we

How to do a timeout using python 2.7.6?

This has probably been asked but I cannot find anything regarding a timeout when using python 2.7A simple way I've always done timeouts with 2.7 is utilizing subprocess.poll() alongside time.sleep() with a delay. Here's a very basic e

Websphere: Connection Pool Timeout Ignored

My EJB Application lately started frequently throwing at Error Message states for example "Connection not available, Timed

Identify web elements that do not have an obvious identifier

I have written a Webdriver test that when ran, sometimes completes and sometimes doesn't. I can't see why, my guess is that the way I verify that the page has loaded is not robust. I verify that the website is in the correct place by waiting for a el

The PHP script stops running after a while by the browser

I have made a PHP script which probably would take about 3 hours to complete. I run it from browser and after about 45minutes it stops doing anything. I know this since its polling certain web addresses and then saves some data to database. So it bas

How can i leave the hover state for a while with jQuery

I have this situation: my menu li have some hidden elements, after i hover it this elements is showing. Eveything is fine, i have some timeouts etc. but when i leave hovered element my submenu hides to. I'v set this timeouts becouse i don't want to t

TempData + Windows Authentication = No delay. It's possible?

My MVC application is running under Windows Authentication. I have used TempData at various places in my application. The problem is that, they get clear with session timeout. however, the Windows login is still running. How can I set them to remain

.Net client timeout

In my Windows application I try to connect to SQL Server 2008 with following code: SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(Properties.Settings.Default.KargarBandarConnectionString); SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("Select IsAdmin from Users

Download the timeout when the connection is stopped

Possible Duplicate: Timeout when connection is gone. HELP ME PLEASE I'd like to put in my code a time-out. When the file is being downloaded and i stay without internet, it count to 60 secs and if the connection don't back, gives a message. Here is t

How to change the content after loading the page (JS)?

I would like a javascript to run after a page is loaded , like on the example below with a delay of 6seconds. Right after the page loads the rest of JS is lost (obvious)... Got any ideea how change content after page is loaded without clicking a butt

LCDs vs default blazeds and flex timeouts for channels or apps

I am working on lcds application and am using secure-amf channel for remote object calls. Calling Websphere server(Java EE application). I want to know the timeouts associated with the channels or timeouts in application. Is there any documentation f

MySQL Amazon RDS: Lock Timeout Exceeded

On Mysql (Amazon RDS), when I try to run the following SQL query UPDATE table1 INNER JOIN table2 USING (CommonColumn) SET table1.col1 = table2.x, table1.col2 = table2.y I get this error after around 52 seconds consistently: Error Code: 1205. Lock wai

Running JBoss remotely in debug mode, boot problem

I am trying to run remote jboss in debug mode to debug my application and i have set set JAVA_OPTS=-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8787,server=y,suspend=y %JAVA_OPTS% in run.bat file, and am trying to start the jboss server using ant jb

Why can timeout occur in SqlConnection.Open ()?

What are the cases when timeout occurs in SqlConnection.Open()? On one of our IIS boxes 10 seconds after AppProcess was recycled the following exception appeared: Type : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException, System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutra

Setting the Curl delay in PHP

I'm running a curl request on an eXist database through php. The dataset is very large, and as a result, the database consistently takes a long amount of time to return an XML response. To fix that, we set up a curl request, with what is supposed to

How to stop / replace a Jquery TimeOut function?

I have a small jquery snippet that displays notification message at the top of the screen in response to user actions on a page. The notification is often displayed after Ajax actions with dynamic content inside it. For example: $("#mini-txt").h

Java RMI - Client Timeout

I'm building a Distributed System using Java RMI and it must support a server loss. If my client is connected to a Server using RMI, if this server goes down (cable problems for example), my client should get an exception so it can connect to other s

Android Error: Can not install * .apk on device *: timeout

I'm getting this error from time to time and don't know what causing this: When trying to run/debug an Android app on a real device (Galaxy Samsung S in my case) I'm getting the following error in the Console: Failed to install *.apk on device *: tim