Android Application: How to get the tilt of the screen?

I am coding an app for Android and I was wondering how to get the screen tilt? For example: If the user tilts the screen to the right, I want their character (in-game) to move to the right. If they tilt it to the left, I want the character in the gam

How to add a tilt effect to LongListSelector?

I'm developing a Windows Phone 8 application. In this, I want to add tilt-effect to all my controls (Button, LongListSelector, etc). Could you please tell me how to add tilt effect in Windows Phone 8 Application controls?Try putting TiltEffect.IsTilt

Tilt (Bundler dependency error)

I need to upgrade my apps to Rails 3.2.16, when I did bundle update rails it gives me the following error. Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "tilt": In Gemfile: sass-rails (= 3.2.6) ruby depends on tilt (~> 1.3) ruby slim (&g

text box to rotate at an angle in

We have been trying to rotate a textbook at an angle(45,90,270 etc) on an aspx webform. I read that html won't support such a property, so we would have to include a CSS class property to the textbox. Is there a property to include an angle in a CSS

Rails App will not push on Heroku - Tilt gem

This is what my Gemfile looks like: source '' ruby '1.9.3' gem 'rails', '3.2.12' # Bundle edge Rails instead: # gem 'rails', :git => 'git://' gem 'pg' # Gems used only for assets and not required # in pro

Vertical motion sensor

I am working on an android app that requires the detection of vertical motion. When moving the tablet upward, the Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Linear Acceleration sensors give a corresponding value indicating upward or downward motion. The problem I

Tilt android webview

I am using webview in my android app. It loads a webpage successfully.When I click on a link, it opens the new page in the webview and not in browser. Now my problem is that on tilting the screen the page gets refreshed and again the homepage is load

Sinatra renders and passes rendering options for Redcarpet

I'm using Sinatra, and Sinatra uses Tilt for template rendering. By default Redcarpet has many rendering extensions. How can I use some of these extensions via Sinatra's #render method? I need to render markdown files with :gh_codeblock extension.In

How to use & ldquo; Tilt & rdquo; Functionality on an iphone

I have been doing a lot if research into this, but I havent found an answer. Basically, I'm making a dice rolling application for the iPhone in Objective-C. I want to be able to use the "tilt" feature to roll the dice. For example, if the user h

tilt compensation of the iphone compass

has anybody already programmed a iphone compass heading tilt compensation? i have got some approaches, but some help or a better solution would be cool! FIRST i define a vector Ev, calculated out of the cross product of Gv and Hv. Gv is a gravity vec

Vectors of rotations tilting the 3D camera

Hopefully easy answer, but I cannot get it. I have a 3D render engine I have written. I have the camera position, the lookat position and the up vector. I want to be able to "tilt" the camera left, right, up and down. Like a camera on a fixed tr