Problem in thread pooling

Note: Thread no 1 = Owner 1 -> perform 10 transactions Thread no 2 = Owner 2 -> perform 10 transactions Problem: in Output: Owner: 1 transaction: 2 Owner: 1 transaction: 1 credit: $46 credit: $30 balance: $146 balance: $130 After Transaction 2 the b

How to give a message when Threadpool Executor is finished?

I am trying to give a pop up alert message when my ThreadpoolExecutor is finished executing. It is searching email addresses from websites, once it is done I want a alert message as "Completed". Here is my Thread :- public class Constant { publi

Insufficient memory in a thread pool in C, Linux

I need to create infinite loop and with a thread pool create for example 200 threads to do the job from infinite loop. I'm using this thread pool - In the same time I'm monitoring the server resources (with h

1 thread = 1,000,000 bytes. Is it true?

So I was reading this thread on MSDN that says Concurrency of this sort introduces many well-known difficulties. First, threads are notoriously heavyweight; a thread by default consumes a million bytes of virtual memory for its stack and many other s

Can we have multiple thread pools programmed into Java?

So basically i'm very new to multithreading. i want to schedule 5 tasks at different intervals. So i found out about the executer services which provide scheduling. Starting five tasks at different interval. i'm not sure can be done. And it might be

Random Task.Factory.StartNew Tasks Never Ends

I am using Async await with Task.Factory method. public async Task<JobDto> ProcessJob(JobDto jobTask) { try { var T = Task.Factory.StartNew(() => { JobWorker jobWorker = new JobWorker(); jobWorker.Execute(jobTask); }); await T; } This method I am

Long-running thread job killed by PerformWaitCallback ()

I got service that "hosts" another assemblies and let them processing tasks. So here is code excerpt: public void Start() { Log.Instance.Info("Trying runtime to start"); // Loading all modules _workerLoader = new WorkerLoader(); Log.In

Types of thread pools in Java

What are the types of thread pools in java. I need to implement a robust multi-threaded application which uses heavy computation, which thread pool should I use?There are various thread pools in java: Single Thread Executor : A thread pool with only

How to run a number of threads all the time

Ok here my question. I want to start threads until a certain number. Lets say 100. So it will start starting threads and check continuously number of running threads. When the maximum number reached it will stop starting new threads. But with a prope

Out of Memory Threading - Perf Test Tool

I'm creating a tool to load test (sends http: GETs) and it runs fine but eventually dies because of an out of memory error. ASK: How can I reset the threads so this loop can continually run and not err? static void Main(string[] args) { System.Net.Se

Efficient way to move multiple vehicles in a simulation

So, I'm in doubt to which way is the most optimal in the situation given below: I have a simulation of vehicles moving along roads on a map. Moving them is no problem and they obey traffic lights etc. However my question is, what's the most efficient

Unexpected Second AppDomain on the ASP.NET Web Site

One of my classes have static constructor that assigns new GUID to static variable. Then I use that variable for folder name that I create to store cached information for the lifetime of my website. The goal is to have different folder names when web

communication between threads in the thread pool

Assume I have one threadpool and each thread is running following method: void runMe(HashMap myHash){ ... myHash.remove(keyToBeRemoved); ... } My question is; should not myHash be the same in all threads at the beginning? Because my second thread doe

w3wp.exe exceeds the max threads

we have requirement to handle 10000 concurrent user. Let me explain the system. Machine has two processors. ProcessModel in machine.config is set as autoconfig = true. so that makes maxWorkerThreads = 20. When I Load run my case with 30 users and wat

Java: Multithreading -Wait / notifyAll Question

I have a class which spawns a bunch of threads and have to wait till all the spawned threads are completed. ( I need to calculate the time for all threads to complete). The MainClass spawns all the threads and then it checks whether all the threads a

detachNewThreadSelector blocks application randomly

I am developing an iphone app in which I am extracting RSS feeds and then parsing them.My code is as bellow: - (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated { [super viewDidAppear:animated]; NSLog(@"in view did appear"); if ([stories count] == 0) { NSStrin

QNetworkAccessManager from ThreadPool

A very fundamental question. The documentation mentions that all methods in QNetworkAccessManager are reentrant. If so, is performing a get() method in a QRunnable without locks legal? My code would look something like this: class MyClass: public QRu

Looking for a .NET 4 ThreadPool

I am looking for a good ThreadPool implementation. I understand that the .NET ThreadPool has been rewritten/improved in .NET 4, but I doubt that it suits my needs. I have a varying number of tasks that have to be executed in parallel. I want to be ab

Multi-threaded worker thread status

I create my threads as for (int i = 0; i < threadCount; i++) { Searcher src = new Searcher(i, this); threads[i] = new Thread(new ThreadStart(src.getIpRange)); threads[i].Name = string.Format(i.ToString()); } foreach (Thread t in threads) { t.Start();

How to call an async method with some kind of priority?

I need to call a couple of methods asynchronously with different priorities. My first idea was to use the ThreadPool and change the priority of the Thread like this: static void Run() { ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(new WaitCallback(SomeMethod)); } st