what to use if i have a long update of ui thread in Android

I have a project which a activity have more than 1000 buttons. i am updating the background color of these buttons after taking the color information from the database. This whole process is a very big process and took 8 seconds to load my activity.

Stop processes in ThreadPool in Python

I've been trying to write an interactive wrapper (for use in ipython) for a library that controls some hardware. Some calls are heavy on the IO so it makes sense to carry out the tasks in parallel. Using a ThreadPool (almost) works nicely: from multi

The parallelism of push stops random on heroku

I want to send a push campaign to all my users (around 500k), but the heroku dyno stop randomly during the execution (I'm using a one-off dyno and no exceptions are raised). I am using the gem Parallel : User.where(some_stuff).find_in_batches(batch_s

How to limit the number of simultaneous threads

In VIDEO_URL, there are thousands of videos to be downloaded. I want to use threads to do the job, but limit to at most ten threads at a time. How could I rewrite the following code to get it? VIDEO_URL.each do | video | @workers << Thread.new{dl_vi

Non-blocking mode to add a work item to the table or list

Edit: I now have finished my queue (overcoming the problem described below, and more). For those interested it can be found here. I'd be happy to hear any remarks:). Please note the queue isn't just a work item queue, but rather a template container

how to run two processes one after the other in python

I am trying to run two commands, one after the another. My code looks like: baking.bake() print "baking completed" My goal is to run baking.bake() (which takes around 1 min to complete) and immediately afterwards want to print "baking start

completion of task

I have a loop that creates multiple tasks as shown below. How do I update the screen (add a new line to a textbox with some data) as each task completes? How do I detect when all tasks are complete? C# Code for (int i = 0; i < int.Parse(radTextBoxFlo

The multithreaded transaction stops with the entity frame

I have a problem with multithreaded transaction and entity framework. I have a thread, which operates in transaction and I would like to have a few more worker threads working within same transaction. The following code illustrates situation (there i

Unable to stop ExecutorService in java

I have a problem with ExecutorService. I have a button in GUI that calls Runnable class that contains ExecutorService. I tried everything to stop ExecutorService (or main thread) but I didn't find a way to end it. Here is my code. Please post your an

Accessing WebBrowsers from Threadpool

I'm trying to access information on a web browser from another thread. When trying to access the browser.DocumentTitle, I get this error: The name DocumentTitle does not exist in the current context I can successfully navigate to webpages inside the

Regarding thread creation or thread pool for 100 tasks

I am creating a monitor application that can monitor 100-150 devices...Now to design a monitor application, I have two approaches:- Create a thread for each of the device to monitor and each thread will ping (Using ICMP) to device to know whether the

Booster ASIO IO_SERVICE Implementation?

I was writing an asynchronous logging framework, where I had multiple threads dumping data. I started playing around Boost asio because it offered some easy ways to enforce serialization and ordering. Since I am a beginner, I started my design with a

ThreadPool and sending emails

We are currently sending emails to users asynchronoulsy using the ThreadPool. Essentially, we have logic that comes down to this: for (int i=0 < i < numUsers; i++) { //Pre email processing unrelated to sending email string subject = GetSubject(); st

Alternative to Thread.Sleep in C #?

I have a code which when run, it executes series of lines in sequence. I would like to add a pause in between. Currently, I have it like this //do work Thread.Sleep(10800000); //do work This however freezes the software, and I think it's because slee

Tomcat Thread Monitoring Mbeans Description

In thread related Mbeans of Tomcat I see under Catalina.ThreadPool. there are different attributes viz. maxThreads, currentThreadCount, currentThreadsBusy etc. So, where can I get the description of these Mbean attributes, what each of these attribut

Understand InvalidAsynchronousStateException Occurrences

When does InvalidAsynchronousStateException get thrown? I have the following piece of code: control.InvokeRequired ? control.Invoke(expression) : expression(); In some random cases I get InvalidAsynchronousStateException and my application hangs, aft

NotSupportedException on WaitHandle.WaitAll

I am trying to execute the following code. The code tries to parallely download and save images. I pass a list of images to be downloaded. I wrote this in C# 3.0 and compiled it using .NET Framework 4 (VS.NET express edition). The WaitAll operation i

Which ThreadPool in Java should I use?

There are a huge amount of tasks. Each task is belong to a single group. The requirement is each group of tasks should executed serially just like executed in a single thread and the throughput should be maximized in a multi-core (or multi-cpu) envir

Call Thread.Abort on ThreadPool Thread

My co-worker is using a third-party .NET library for which we don't have the source code. We're using a ThreadPool to have a lot of threads call into this library, and occasionally one of the threads will just hang forever while the rest of them merr

Son in the WCF service

there is a piece of code: class WCFConsoleHostApp : IBank { private static int _instanceCounter; public WCFConsoleHostApp () { Interlocked.Increment(ref _instanceCounter); Console.WriteLine(string.Format("{0:T} Instance nr " + _instanceCounter +

Multithreaded Queue Manager

I need to manage CPU-heavy multitaskable jobs in an interactive application. Just as background, my specific application is an engineering design interface. As a user tweaks different parameters and options to a model, multiple simulations are run in