This pointer in Java

This question already has an answer here: When should I use "this" in a class? 16 answers I am new to java and android and want to understand how this works? public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private class MyThread implements

OR scope and operator in Javascript

I walked on something weird while doing some JS code today. I wanted to execute an object's method if the property existed, and some other function if it didn't. Feeling a little bit fancy, I wrote something like: var obj = { method: function(){ cons

Using this when calling methods from another

I have an object with several methods that looks like this one: var obj = { method1: function(){ $.get('/echo/json/', this.method2) }, method2: function(){ var $this = this; $.getJSON('/echo/json/', function(){ $this.method3() }) }, method3: function

Access internal text using $ (this) with jQuery

I have a button and I want to log the inner text using the jQuery when that button is clicked. I know how to use the id to get the text of the buttton ($("#testID").text()), but that's not an option for me. I would like to use the $(this) keywor

Java using this word is optional or not?

This question already has an answer here: Java - when to use 'this' keyword [duplicate] 12 answers Is using the keyword this optional in Java? Or do I have to use it? And when it is not optional? In the following code it does not affect my applicatio

This parents 'parents' parents

I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it... I have the follow code: <div id="one"> <div id="two"> <div id="three"> <img class="close" id="close" src="../img/close.png&quo

Multi Select the value each loop using $ (this)

I have 2 multiselect fields. I want run each loop when user select value from which ever is selected. I am trying the following code this is giving me error. $('[name=filterPartLang], [name=partViewLang_Edit]').change(function(){ partLang = []; $($(t

JavaScript - Owner of & ldquo; this & rdquo;

I followed a tutorial for creating a JavaScript stopwatch and am trying to expand it to work with multiple stopwatches (multiple instances of a class). The problem I have is when I am trying to display the current value while the clock is ticking I n

JavaScript 'this' keyword

var PlaylistView = Backbone.View.extend({ el: '#expanded-container', initialize: function() { = chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage(); this.$('.list-group').empty(); var realThis = this; _.each(, function (song) { // app

Overload and this pointer

The question is more like theoretical. Preface. Visitor pattern: class Visitor { public: virtual void VisitElementA(const ElementA& obj) = 0; virtual void VisitElementB(const ElementB& obj) = 0; }; class Element { public: virtual void Accept(Visit

Java transferring variables of a super class to the subclass

In java i have a class A which extends class B I want to assign all of the contents from class B to class A thing is i want to do it from inside class A now this seems reasonable easy to do just transfer all of the variables. This is the hard part. I

Javascript 'this' as parameter

I'm trying to copy the value from "FROM" fields into "TO" fields. My first attempt was this: function updateToField(toField,fromField) { toField.value = fromField.value} } function verifyFromToFields() { var inputs = getElementsByTagNa

using call and apply for properties?

Let's say I have a variable like this: var a = || this.parent.anotherProperty; It's possible to set the context (by context i mean 'this', maybe the 'scope' is a better word...) for a like when using .call() or .apply() for functions? E

jQuery adds a class only to this nested element on hover

I'm using this jQuery to add a class to a span when the mouse is over the li tag. It's for a navigation menu, this code is adding the blackfont class to all menu spans. How can I use this() to to have the blackfont class applied only to the li which

jQuery this.href String Comparison does not work

I have a simple jQuery script that I'm trying to build upon but I can't get the href string comparison to return true: <a class="test" href="/Services/Cloud-Hosting">Click Me</a>‚Äč My script is as follows: $('.test').click(f

Does 'this' refer to the element that called this function?

In the snippet below I use $(this) to refer to the element in which the function is being called from. I know it is not correct because I printed out the values and it gave me 'undefined'. How do I refer to the input element? $(function() { $( ".date

Java - unsuitable access to the field - this

I am working on a java project on Eclipse on win 7. Now, I was working on the same project before on a different eclipse version on Linux. So while working on the Linux system all was fine. All of the sudden when I transferred the project to the win

How to declare the pointer this sent as a parameter

I want to const declare the this pointer received as an argument. static void Class::func(const OtherClass *otherClass) { // use otherClass pointer to read, but not write to it. } It is being called like this: void OtherClass::func() { Class::func(th

* this in relation to this in C ++

I understand what this does, but what is the difference between *this and this? Yes, I have Googled and read over *this in my text book, but I just don't get it...this is a pointer, and *this is a dereferenced pointer. If you had a function that retu

access the hidden "this" pointer

I have a GUI architecture wherein elements fire events like so: guiManager->fireEvent(BUTTON_CLICKED, this); Every single event fired passes 'this' as the caller of the event. There is never a time I dont want to pass 'this', and further, no pointer