Visual Studio Team Explorer - View Git Commands

New versions of Visual Studio Team Explorer has built in support for Git. I want to know if there is an option to view the Git commands executed while using the Team explorer for Git actions like Commit and Push. Also would be better to have an optio

Checking the non-indexed code on tfs

I was working on a project in visual studio 2015 Forgot to checkin the code We installed a new tfs site Now when I open the code from my hard drive I get the message that the tfs server cannot be found. My issue is, when I use manage connections to c

tfs unable to browse projects

I'm using Visual Studio Team Services (was TFS Online) server {MyProject} I'm able to connect to the server, map the project, even receive a review request, but I can't see my team projects under DefaultCollection. Currently when I'

TFS common workspace for all team members

I want to create a common work space for all the team members. As I have a constraint to keep a single working folder only on a sever. I have created a work space and marked it as Public. I want this work space to be accessible for rest of the team m

Import data from Jira to TFS 2015

I'm planning a move from Jira to Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 and I can't find a good method of migrating the data between the two systems. Are there any good methods out there ?My company recently moved from Jira to TFS. I ended up writing my o

Build C # 6.0 on TFS 2012

How can I build a Visual Studio 2015 solution using C# 6.0 Features at a TFS 2012 without installing Visual Studio 2015 on a build agent (using Microsoft Build Tools 2015 RC) I Already installed MSBuild Tools but I still get exceptions. How can I Tel

How to configure TFS burn chart for the points of the story

Out of the box TFS only has an hour burn-down chart. We need a burn-down based on story-points. It should use the "effort" field on PBI/Story to burn down once a story is completed.You can create your own report based on TFS data (warehouse or c

Using the automated construction of tfs

How can i get and set the output folder of each project being built by the xaml template. Is there an object i can get that will tell me the solution name or path being currently built and set the folder according to the solution name?The default bui

TFS2012 - Unable to download files larger than 5 MB

I am running a TFS 2012 installation on a virtual machine (inside Windows Azure). Everything works fine, except that files bigger than 5MB cannot be checked in. On the client side it says: "The request was aborted: The request was canceled.". On

How to get the name of all projects in a TFS collection?

On how to get the collections from TFS refer here Please refer here for more details. This is one of the best resources on TFS stuff.The collection guid is passed in and the list returns the name of all projects in that particular collection. public

TFS build definition freezes when connecting remote machines

When connecting to a remote TFS 2010 installation via my Visual Studio 2010, Process tab of Build Definition freezes. Everything seems to be disabled. Is there any work-around? UPDATE 1: By freezing I mean: I can navigate to all tabs: General, Trigge

Dependency Management with TFS 2010

What is the best way to manage dependencies with TFS 2010 ? EDIT: I would like to know if there is a system such as Maven or NuGet which allows to easily manage dependencies of .dll (externals or created by our team) inside TFS 2010. However we face

How to unlock someone else's file in Team Foundation Server

We have a project that is stored within our TFS server and some files were Checked-Out by me from another computer and another user (both of which are not used anymore). Is there a way to force the unlocking of the file (no changes were made to it so

Rename folders in TFS

I have a folder in Team Foundation Server with several sub-folders: candidates beta1 beta2 rc1 ga I'd like to move three of them under a new folder: candidates defunct beta1 beta2 rc1 ga Each folder contains tens of thousands of files of various size

Question about shelving / shelling in TFS

when you shelve / unshelve items in TFS, is it private? That is, can other people see what i've shelved and even unshelve that? If it is public, is it possible to make it private?Shelve sets are public. As far as I can find you can not make them priv

TFS workspaces

I want to delete a workspace from another user different than mine How can I do this? If I use Visual Studio 2008 integration, I can only manage my own workspaces, but I cant see other users workspaces. I guess that one option should be connecting to