tfpt.exe on Visual Studio 2017

Even after installing Productivity Power Tools extension for Visual Studio 2017 I still cannot run tfpt.exe to execute the command suggested on this post: C:\Development> tfpt unshelve "ShevesetName;UserName" /migrate /source:"$/Project/

How to update a test case in TFS using power tools?

Is there any way we can update test steps in a test case in TFS using power tools (command line) ? (Looking for solution other than MTM, Grid & 3rd party tools).Nope. Microsoft provide MTM, Web, and Grid. You would be looking at third party tools. Te

How to edit a query on TFS (website) with Powershell?

I'm trying to automate some processes with Powershell. One of which, whenever we do branching, we have to manually udpate the "Current Release" query on our TFS site that searches User stories, so it has the right Release version in the search p

Get the latest version of the TFS file, using Powershell

I am trying to "Get Latest Version" of a particular folder from TFS, using Powershell. I have installed the TFS Snappin, and have been using TFS Power Tools cmdlets in PowerShell (such as Get-TfsChildItem and Select-TfsItem etc) [How do I set up

TF.exe is the equivalent of TFPT.exe scorch

I have been looking for the TF.exe command line equivalent to git reset. I found TFPT scorch, however this is for use on a build server (jenkins), and I cannot seem to get the power tools installed (in a standard manner) or working (non standard, cop

Database backup tools missing in TFS Power Tools?

I ran into a situation where i needed the powershell scripts for tfs to be installed on the tfs server (we have everything for tfs on one server). Trying to modifying the install didn't give me the option to install the powershell scripts so i decide

The source control could not start the manual merge tool, why?

I used to execute tf merge $/Alpha/Dev $/Alpha/Main /recursive from Command Prompt to merge changes from Dev branch to Main branch. On conflicts it shows up Resolve Conflicts window and we could resolve conflicts manually by choosing option Merge cha

Unshelve to another branch

I'm trying to unpack my changes to the another branch using TFS Power Tools. I'm trying to execute command tfpt unshelve /migrate "NuGet Build" "/source:$/ProjectName/Main/Source" "/target:$/ProjectName/Main/Source-NuGet" But

Merge a single change in TFS 2008

I'm looking for a way to quickly merge a single changeset from one branch to another in TFS 2008. To date, my company has backported changes to older versions of our product manually, so no merge history exists between the branches in TFS. Due to thi

tfpt migrate for TFS does nothing

I'm trying to use tfpt to migrate a shelveset from a source branch into a target branch, but it doesn't appear to do anything...not that I'd expect much more...but any chance anyone knows what's wrong? I'm following the instructions correctly I think

TFS 2010 Prohibited Reasons Verification Policy

I've been trying to use the Forbidden Patterns part of the TFS 2010 Power Tools and I'm just not understanding something - I simply cannot get anything to change as I try to use this! I'm using the version that was released recently (I believe April

Can not create a new team project with TFS 2008 power tools

I am in the process of creating a new team project by executing the tfpt createteamproject command as a background process in my .net application. However, I get the following exception from the log : 2009-10-06 17:02:10Z | Module: Internal | Team Fo

Why are all files tagged with 'merge' in TFS?

I am merging my development branch into the main branch. There is only a subset of files that I have changed in my development branch, all other files should remain unchanged. Logically, I only want to merge files which I've changed. I would not chec