How to use the text of a TextBox as a filename?

I am a beginner when it comes to c#. Can anyone help me? I want the variable Username to be used as the filename like .txt. I have this code: String Username = Nametxt.Text; StreamWriter stream = new StreamWriter(@"*Username*.txt"); I want the v

Output text in a text box in a webClient.DownloadFile loop

I wasn't sure how to phrase my question. I'm trying to download 500 csv files in a foreach loop and I'm having errors with something I'm downloading. So I put a .text output before and after each webClient.DownloadFile call. Problem is it doesn't see

PHP how to do the value of the result display in the text box

I have 4 radio buttons +, -, *, / and I am planning to do if I select + it will add the result of the two textbox and display it to the 3rd texbox and so if I select - sign it will minus the two texbox and display it to the 3rd textbox and so on. Any

Pass quotes from a text box to an external URL

I have a simple app that has a text box that I pass to a URL for searching. So let's say I want to send this: search "*ball" So, my search will look for everything with ball after the *. The problem is, it strips the quotes when I send it

JQuery allowing a text box with a button event request

I have a tiny issue if anybody can help... I am trying to implement a form, so when the page loads the textbox is disabled. If the user wishes to amend information they first have to press a button which will enable the text box. <input id="text&q

Multiple text box in a WPF C # window

Iam creating this project which uses on screen keyboard. The problem is I have several textboxes in my window. The question is, when I selected the textbox and start using the on screen keyboard, the text should be displayed on the textbox that I sel

update the text box

I have problem with updating data. Sample: protected void GridView1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { GridViewRow row = GridView1.SelectedRow; string id = row.Cells[1].Text; Response.Redirect("edit.aspx?id="+id); } after this co

Auto height of the text box for multiple text boxes

Background: I'm making a facebook wall-alike page, which will have many posts and you should be able to comment every post. And these textboxes, where you post type your comment in, should resize as in Facebook. I have this code so far. It works but

Sorting input text in multiple div using javascript / jquery?

There are three fields(first name, Last name & age) displayed in text boxes. Each field is displayed in separate div's. There are 4 records. On clicking a sort button above each field the div records should be sorted based on the data type of the fie

Effective way to display more than 10K records

I have a need to display over 10K records in a rich text box. when all loaded I ran out of memory. How can I load those records in 50+ records and also able to scroll . ThanksDon't. Even if you implemented something like Infinite Scrolling for the Ri

The text box does not stretch to fill the view area

I want the font size of my labels and textboxes in my LOB form to grow and shrink with window resize or resolution change. To achieve this I've placed my labels and textboxes within viewboxes. The labels and custom radio buttons behave as I expect, b

WPF Binding DataTable column to a text box

I'm getting started with WPF and finding it difficult to get even the most simple binding working. Here's some givens... I have an object that queries an existing database and returns a "datatable" object, the data comes back (and for test purpo

Defining thread problems in text boxes

I'm pretty new at C# so forgive me if this is a bit of a silly question. Anyway I'm writing a little chat application that so far seems to be going well, I've run into a problem that I seem to have fixed but I'm hoping to work out why I need to do it

Detect the contents of a text box in real time?

I have a textbox and I need a script to detect when a user types a link using space as a delimiter. I know how to detect links with regex, but I don't know how to effectively check for links (think of Facebook's status updates; type a link, hit space

Select the contents of the text box when it receives the focus

I have found a similar question to mine in Making a WinForms TextBox behave like your browser's address bar Now i am trying to modify or make it some more different by making it general. I want to apply same action to all the textboxes in form withou

WPF: TextBox AutoComplete, & hellip;

This other SO question asks about an autocomplete textbox in WPF. Several people have built these, and one of the answers given there suggests this codeproject article. But I've not found any WPF Autocomplete Textbox that compares with the WinForms a

How to add text boxes dynamically in Javascript?

By default I have 5 textboxes. When a user clicks on a button, one textbox should be added. How could I do this?If you replace the innerHTML, the previously entered values will be cleared, to avoid that, you can append the input elements programmatic

A textbox / richtextbox that has syntax highlighting? [C #]

Where can I find a control for WinForms that will highlight source code pasted into it? I would like one that has syntax highlighting support for many different languages but if it only works with C# I would be fine with that also.Scintilla.NET is pr

DataBind to a text box in WPF

I'm completely new to databinding in WPF, and I'm trying to bind an object property to a textbox. My object is public class TestObj { private m_Limit; public string Limit { get { return m_Limit; } set { m_Limit = value; } } My XAML looks like <Window