How to run Django tests on a copy of my production database?

I've written a series of tests for my Django app, and would like to run them on a copy of my production database. As far as I can tell, the best way to do this is using fixture loading like so: Run dumpdata -o app.dump Move the resulting ap

How does test automation work with regression tests?

I am a little confused on the concept of test automation (using Selenium etc) when doing regression testing. If the system that is being tested is constantly under change, how does it affect the test cases? and is automation the best way to go in thi

Random sampling with hypothesis

In Hypothesis, there is an corresponding sampled_from() strategy to random.choice(): In [1]: from hypothesis import find, strategies as st In [2]: find(st.sampled_from(('ST', 'LT', 'TG', 'CT')), lambda x: True) Out[2]: 'ST' But, is there a way to hav

The mocha test does not work The assertion of Chai using Meteor

For my project, I am trying to set up Mocha to run Chai tests, but am having an issue where the tests are simply not running at all. The browser reports that no tests are passing, failing, or running. Here is the code for the tests: import {assert} f

random scalacheck case class data generator

I'm trying to generate random data with Scalacheck. I have a hierarchy of case classes with many properties. The only way I've found so far to populate the case classes is like this : case class Data(a: String, b: String, c: String) val genLigneDecom

rails test e-mail validation error due to password testing?

Following the newest version of Michael Hartl's rails guide I have the following test file in my test/models/user_test.rb require 'test_helper' class UserTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase def setup # prevously. #@user = "Example Name&q

How to run the unit test automatically in VS2013

This question already has an answer here: Using Post-Build Event To Execute Unit Tests With MS Test in .NET 2.0+ 3 answers i use VS2013. I have a "normal project" and a testproject with some testcases to the "normal project". I can run

error when intercepting a request

I am using Burp suite's proxy feature. I have changed firefox settings as: options > network > settings But when i run http://localhost:8080/project_name in the browser in order to intercept the request,it gives following error: Burp proxy error: in

Need advice on integration testing for a server application

i need some advice to properly set up integration testing for a C server application i wrote. The main problem is that the client library is in a project of its own, so which is the best approach ? Should i put the client library as a git submodule (

PHP Unit-Test a function

Im trying to test this function, ive been trying difference ways but not succeeding. Do anyone have a ide how i can test this in other way or maybe tell me whats wrong with my testing class(my testing class is at the end of this page). function check

RSpec should_receive not reach the method in class

New to ruby/rspec and trying to test that a method raises an exception. I may be going about this entirely incorrectly. #require 'rspec' describe "TestClass" do it "should raise exception when my method is called" do test = te

Means of testing the data access layer unit

I have be trying to look for an effective way in unit testing my data access layer in C#. I'm primary a Java developer and have only used C# for about 6 months, in the past i've used a library called DBUnit to test against a known state database. I h

Problems with my cucumber test scenario

I have some problems with my cucumber testing scenario, where unfortunately I have an error: When I follow "More about Star Wars" # features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:56 no link with title, id or text 'More about Star Wars' found (Capybara::

& ldquo; Cutting & rdquo; a function for unit tests

I have various methods that I would like to unit test using Visual Studio's built in unit testing capability for C#. Things have been going pretty smoothly, but I've run into a scenario where I want to "stub out" a dependency on a particular fun

Make friend connections for test users

Using the Roles dashboard, I can create Facebook test user accounts but when trying to make them friends with each other via ticking appropriate accounts and then the 'make friends' button seems to do absolutely nothing. I have then tried to make the

How to: Remove a Facebook Test User

I was wondering if anyone happened to know how to delete a facebook test user. I've been perusing through this site for quite awhile now and haven't been able to uncover anything related besides a single unanswered post regarding deleting a facebook

Is it possible to transmit parameter values ​​in Moq?

I need to mock HttpResponseBase.ApplyAppPathModifier in such a way that the parameter ApplyAppPathModifier is called with is automatically returned by the mock. I have the following code: var httpResponseBase = new Mock<HttpResponseBase>(); httpResp

Performance test of the VB.NET application

Currently I'm writing a VB.NET app and it's getting big, resulting in its become very slow. Is there any application (or plug in) that can test the performance in seconds? I mean, when I click a button and it displays a product, I want to know exactl

Integration test of an ASP.NET MVC application

I need some advice about efficient way of writing integration tests for our current ASP.NET MVC application. Our architecture consists of: A Service Layer below Controllers Service Layer uses Repositories and Message Queue (sometimes) to send message

How to check if my implementation of the AVL tree is correct?

guys. I think I've created an AVL tree implementation, but as AVL Tree is quite a complex structure, I need to test it. So the question is - how can I test it? Have you got any ideas? Up to this moment I have the following tests: basic sanity check -

What kind of circular dependencies does Oracle allow?

I am creating test cases and I need to cover circular dependencies. So far I have been able to create two tables such that Table A has a FK to B and B has a FK to A. What other circular dependencies exist / are allowed between objects? I tried to cre