Terminology - single code generation directives

Is there a such thing as a preprocessor whose statements, once processed, disappear completely and get replaced by the target language syntax permanently? I want to research it on the web but I don't know what term to search for. If I search for "cod

What do functional programmers mean by & ldquo; moral & quot;

I've noticed the word "moral" keeps coming up in functional programming contexts. A couple examples: Fast and Loose Reasoning is Morally Correct Purescript Aff documentation: This is moral equivalent of ErrorT (ContT Unit (Eff e)) a. I'm unfamil

What is an option in a tag called in XML?

Take this piece of XML: <foo bar='biz'></foo> What is the bar value called? This seems like it should be obvious, but I realized that even with the amount of XML and HTML I have used I do not know what such values are formally reffered to as.

API terminology

When discussing API's would you use the phase 'push & pull' or 'send & receive'? Both make sense to me but what is 'industry standard'?Some thoughts: push & pull are closer concepts to connect & accept, not send & receive. A "push

What is the difference between HTML tags and elements?

I notice that most people use the words HTML tags and HTML elements interchangeably. But what is the difference between them? The way I see it is that tags are in the source code and elements are processed tags (by the browser) in the DOM. Am I wrong

What is the container in the spring frame?

I was going through this article http://www.vaannila.com/spring/spring-ioc-1.html and here the term container is used. The diagram below shows container. What is container in this article? Is it a piece of code or the bean config file? Can Spring IOC

Why are COM DLLs called "servers"?

Why are COM DLLs referred to as 'servers'? I realise that COM clients will be utilising the COM DLL by creating objects and calling functions etc. But a 'server' is meant to be an actual process running in the OS. Why then is the term 'server' applie

Green threads vs. green threads

Guys i want to understand the advantages provided by these type of threads. On what environment Green Threads is better than Non Green ? Some say green threads are better for multi core processor. Any Expected behaviour problems.The Wikipedia article

Difference between asymmetric and symmetric encryption methods?

OK I'm confused as how these two encryption methods work. I know that symmetric is conventional, and uses a shared private key between two users. Basically, I want to know The principles of how they work Their purpose Their relative performance of as

What is the decomposition of the object?

I was trying to understand what object decomposition means and read a lot of stuff on internet but every resource talks in terms of lots of keywords that i couldn't understand. So these resources expect you to know a few terms. I need something that

what is the extent (in FS)?

I was playing with Linux's new FS, BTRFS and was doing some research about it. BTRFS like Ext4 implements extents as allocation unit for data and metadata. So my understanding is (correct me if I'm worng) that extent is a variable space size of conti

What is an event loop or an execution loop?

In iPhone development, I have come across these terms named event loop, run loop . Can some one explain explain what they are?Like many other GUI systems, the code you write for an iPhone application runs into a loop that is provided by the system. W

C # variable initializations vs assignment

In a book I found following (translation): Initialization means assigning the value of the variable at the declaration time. int X=5 is called an initialization command. EDIT: It just says that term initialization is used only when you assign value a

System document describing what the system does

We have a bunch of requirements documents and class diagrams, but are missing the document that brings it all together. What is the correct term for a document that gives an overview of what a system does? Or what is the best way to present an overal

What does SCM mean?

In the software world, it seems that SCM is an unfortunately overloaded acronym. It can mean:- Source Code Management Software Configuration Management Which one of these is the dominant term? Do they mean the same thing? To me Source Code Management

What is 'Language Performance'?

I'm reading a presentation in which different programming languages are being compared. And one of characteristics which is measured is 'Language Performance'. What does it mean?I would define language performance as meaning the performance of the be

What are algorithms and data structures in simple terms?

I currently work with PHP and Ruby on Rails as a web developer. My question is why would I need to know algorithms and data structures? Do I need to learn C, C++ or Java first? What are the practical benefits of knowing algorithms and data structures

What is 'Facet' in JavaEE?

I wonder not only what is Facet but also what is Facet 'in physical level' (as I understand it's not a separate jar, but what?)? I also wonder how can it affect my application after deploying. I'll explain on real example: I had 2 facets (which were

Terminology: DML & ldquo; it changes things & rdquo;

I understand that DML technically encompasses SQL verbs which merely query but do not modify persistent data. (See, e.g., wikipedia or oracle or orafaq) However, I often wish to refer to "all and only those SQL verbs which modify stored/persistent da

How to ask a professional user for cardinality information?

When collecting requirements from business users, I run into a point where I need to understand the cardinality between two concepts in the business user's domain. This is usually something I want to know early in the process, since it affects databa

API versus web service

What is the difference between a webservice and an API? Is the difference more than the protocol used to transfer data? thanks.An API (Application Programming Interface) is the means by which third parties can write code that interfaces with other co

Shared library terminology

What is the difference between "shared library text" and "shared library data"? Also, what does it mean for shared library data to be "pre-relocated"? This question is in reference to a couple of AIX-specific features involvi