Type deduction with template, method pointer, and strings

I have encounter serious template type deduction problem when I use method pointer in argument of a template function. Let's take the following code: template <class ClassT, typename Arg1T> inline void testTemplateFct(ClassT * clazz, void (ClassT::*

Default template arguments for syntax of function templates

Are there any differences between template <typename ForwardIter, typename Comp = std::less<typename std::iterator_traits<ForwardIter>::value_type>> void select_sort(ForwardIter first, ForwardIter last, Comp comp = Comp()) { for (; first

WordPress woocommerce plugin theme layout change

I am developing a woocommerce related theme and issue I am facing is that when ever I go to shop page or any page it changes my layout. It removes my .container class and convert that class to #container id and so my 1170px layout is not showing up a

Angular2 Using ngIf without additional element

Can I use ngIf without an extra container element? <tr *ngFor="..."> <div *ngIf="..."> ... </div> <div *ngIf="!..."> ... </div> .. </tr> It doesn't work with the table when I add divs.ng-co

The model copy constructor gives errors

I try to create a copy constructor to a list. The list has all variables as private members. Is there something special about a constructor in a template that does so this doesn't work? I get these errors: 1> consoleapplication1\consoleapplication1\c

ifstream or ofstream types called by model function

I posted complete source code, I apologize to not have did it before. myclass.h: #ifndef MYCLASS_H #define MYCLASS_H #include <cstring> #include <iostream> #include <fstream> class MyClass { public: /* * @Brief Constructor */ MyClass();

Creating a copy of a template in backbonejs

I have the following Backbone View, which works fine the first time I load the view, I want to be able to render the template and increase the count by 1 each time i click on add. At the moment, clicking on add is just re-rendering the template with

Call of the static method of

I've recently encountered code that looks like this template <typename T> void Foo() { T::Bar(); } I'm confused, how does that compile? There's no constraint on T like in C# generics. I realize templates are not like generics in that the former are

Struggling with the implementation of a list of types

For educational purposes I want to write my own c++11 based typelist. The bare list looks like this: template <typename ... Ts> struct type_list; template <typename T, typename ... Ts> struct type_list<T, Ts ...> { typedef T Head; typede

returns NULL from a C ++ template

I have to create a template function that searches an element in a map variable. If the element exists, the function must return it. Otherwise i must return NULL. template <class K, class E> E dictionary<K,E>::research(K key){ //map<K,E>

Constructor std :: vector - why int and not int *?

I know that the following code can build a stl vector from an array: // the iterator constructor can also be used to construct from arrays: int myints[] = {16,2,77,29}; std::vector<int> fifth (myints, myints + sizeof(myints) / sizeof(int) ); (source

Show query string values ​​in django templates

I wanted to print some success messages from get method back to the index page(home.html) i.e template page with the help of query string. I have redirected to the index page using return HttpResponseRedirect("/mysite/q="+successfailure) Now i w

C ++ compilation type check

Was wondering if it's possible to have a template function that can branch depending on whether the type is derived from a particular class. Here's roughly what I'm thinking: class IEditable {}; class EditableThing : public IEditable {}; class NonEdi

modeled function does not accept primitive types?

this code does not compile but i don't why, also the typeid() function can take int as input parameter so the problem must be related to the template mechanism but i don't get the rationale behind this fail. #include <iostream> #include <typeinfo

Model function giving a compilation error

Possible Duplicate: std::map::const_iterator template compilation error The idea is to create a function which takes the container type as a Template parameter. Since maps have to summed up differently compared to other sequential containers I overlo

Inheritance in c ++ with model class error

I´m new to c++. i´m getting an error "Symbol 'List' could not be resolved" I´m working on eclipse i can´t figure out what is the problem... List.h here is the declaration of the father class which is a generic class, which Vector will inherit #i

.render is not a function, working with templates in jquery

I have mine templates in masterPage and then I have one webpart with userControl.ascx and I pretend to inform diferent fields of templates throught this userControl. This is mine templates in masterPage.master: <script id="GroupDiscussionsTemplate

How do I specialize this model member function?

I have this setup: class DontUse; template<class T,class U = DontUse, class V = SomeStandardType> class Foo { public: void bar(U &uh); }; When U is set to DontUse, I want bar to be an empty function. In all other cases, I want bar to have some i

Create a std list :: template structures (C ++)

I have a struct defined as follows: template <typename T> struct data { int num; T *ptr; }; I want to create a std::list of various data structs using different types like: struct data<My_Favorite_Type> a; struct data<My_Second_Favorite_Typ

Javascript Template Rendering

I was looking into the different template parsers that are available for javascript and i am trying to create something of my own to use on the server (node.js) and client side. I want to write javascript with no limitations inside my template, like

create objects from a model class with a different type

I was not really sure how to formulate my question, but here is the puzzle I am trying to resolve: if (config.a) myObject = new Object<DummyInterface>(); else myObject = new Object<RealInterface>(); so the task is to create a object with a dum

How to generate String & ldquo; elegantly & rdquo; in Java?

I want to generate a string such as sql command: "INSERT INTO xxx VALUES(XXX, XXX, XXX)" currently I use StringBuilder and some String constant like "INSERT INTO" to concatenate input String parameters for the table name and inserted v