Telerik RadButton with the Awesome icon align left

I'm trying to set a RadButton from telerik with a awesome font Icon, but I'm not figuring out how to position the Icon the same way as the Telerik Icon My code: <div class="buttons-set"> <telerik:RadButton runat="server" Text=

the focus is bad when you try to click inside a RadComboBox

So i have a RadCombobBox which is heavilly edited to have a list of options where 1 of the options can be an input field. There are different types of input fields you can chose from but i'm having a problem with the integer input field. There's also

How to get Telerik RadHtmlChart in PowerPoint presentation

I am using VB Net and telerik controls to build a web application. I have a screen with a few ColumnChart RadHtmlCharts on, and I need to get them into a PowerPoint Presentation in the Code Behind file. My current approach is taking an existing .PPTX

Xaml - Liaison in FallBackValue

How can i make two bindings on a column in grid, in the way that if first binding is empty or null, second binding will be used. I have tried to do that with FallbackValue property but you can't make binding inside it only static values. Here some co

How to disable the Expander extension based on a property

I am having an issue with telerik expander IsExpanded bit Scenario - I want if the bound property is False, user should not be able to expand the expander and if the expander was Expanded it should close it self. Implementation - I made a simple styl

Dynamic ID to check in Knockout foreach

i am working on telerik application. in which i am using knockout.js to bind data in table.Code for foreach : <tbody id="tbodySpeakerEvaluation" data-bind="foreach: SpeakerEvaluation"> Code to give dynamic value to checkbox is as

RadAsyncUpload Maximum file size

I have been asked to write an application that basically moves files from a source (USB, CD) to a centralized location. Initially this application will be for internal use only but in the future may be needed by remote users. The files I need to move

How to close the parent window of his child?

I have the following case: I have a gridview on my page : page1.aspx I open another page(page2.aspx) through that gridview in a rad window then after that,through some button on page2.aspx i open the last page (page3.aspx) in a rad window also. all t

How do I know from the client side if a postback has occurred?

I am developing a Greasemonkey script and this script changes some elements in a table. However, when we click a button in the table an asynchronous postback happens and the table is refreshed. So, my elements are also refreshed. How do I know a post

RadGridView Data Link

I'm working with the telrik RadGridView for my wpf application. I want to bind the grid to a table I have in a SQL database. I thought it would be pretty straightforward, but I'm not having much luck with it. I'm getting the SQL data and storing it i

KendoUI or DevExpress for inexpirienced with Javascript?

I come from a Powerbuilder background and our company made a shift to .NET. We discuss about what platform to use. .NET, Web, C#, Entity Framework for the moment but we need a "client" component solution...something a bit RAD (if there is such i

Access data source fields from the report code behind

I want to programmatically access the Fields collection in the ObjectDataSource object of my Telerik report. I did notice in the design portion of the Telerik report you can access the fields collection in the Value by using the Edit Expression windo

ASP.NET publication does not work

First time I am writing some ASP.NET code and stumbled upon a weird bug. When I click the button to post, it does so, but without any params. Code: <%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Site.Master" AutoEventWi

hide and show RadComboBox

I am trying to hide and Show RadcomboBox. But it doesn't seem to be working. $.ajax({ url: applicationPath + "/test/Test.svc/GetResultById", type: "POST", dataType: "json", data: '{"sId":' + sender.get_value() + '}'

Problem with Telerik input controls

I have a shared user control. This UC is in one page and everything works fine. In the second page, the RadTextBox client-API get_value() method reports "", when it has a legitimate value. There is very little javascript on that page, and it's n

Update a user control from another user control via AJAX

Maybe I'm having a brain fart or something because it seems like this should be pretty simple but how do you update a User Control from another User Control via Ajax? I have an ASPX page with two user controls and when I trigger a server-side event o

Is there a way to use OnMouseOver to select a radgrid line?

I am currently highlighting a row in a radgrid using OnMouseOver. I would like to know if it is possible to use OnMouseOver to select the row rather than highlight it. Alternatively, I would like the highlighted row to remain highlighted if the radgr

RadGrid Online Edition with Hierarchical DropDownLists

Has anybody seen a demo or forum post that might help me out with this issue? What I'm looking to do is to have a RadGrid with in-line editing. I have three columns, "Category", "Question", and "Answer", which I'd like to use

Filtering in Telerik RadGrid does not work

I am developing a page with telerik RadGrid and the filtering feature is not working. I enable the filtering at grid an table level but it just execute the rebind action without filtering. To fill the table I am using the NeedDataSource mode. What I