Adding tables when running in Telerik Reporting

I've been reading Telerik's documentation and I'm not sure if this is possible: I'm being asked to add tables to a report at run time, without doing so programmatically. A query is run that fetches hierarchical data, and the report owner would like t

Telerik Kendo MVC 5 Master Detail Grids

Below I have code that display all employees in Kendo Grid. Now In this example let's say I want to display an employee's family member's name and age in a detail grid below each employee row. How can I do this? I tried looking on Telerik website, bu

Kendo MVC UI DropDownList Lens for Filtering

I am using MVC Razor and Telerik Kendo MVC. I have a dropdownlst that I would like to automatically set focus on so that the user can immediately begin typing and filtering for the desired value. The ddl is: @(Html.Kendo().DropDownList() .Name("ddlLo

How to configure Telerik ReportViewer in MVC?

I have a MVC project that I'm trying to add a Telerik report to. I was able to set up a report and design it, but when I created a report viewer I get an error. I've tried adding references to Telerik dll's, adding dll's to the bin, adding various op

Load the state of the Telerik MVC grid

I'm having some issues Saving/Loading the State of a Telerik MVC Grid control. I'm finding many examples using Kendo grids, however we do not have access or the resources to change our system to Kendo from the original Telerik MVC Grids. I'm able to

Telerik MVC Multiple Controls only makes one or the other

MVC 3 Telerik 2012.1.214 Hello, I have been at this for some time and it is really beating me up. I have been through countless changes and tried many different articles, documents, and suggestions. My problem is simple. I want to have two Telerik co

Telerik modal mvc Unable to get property 'scripts'

Using Telerik controls version 2012.1.214.340 with mvc 3. I want to open a modal window to an external page and thought it would be straight forward....but either it is not...or more likely I am not googling / reading the correct documentation. I don

Export to a CSV file centrally in Asp.Net MVC

I am doing Export to csv functionality in my MVC project. Currently if i write code on each page it works properly. but i want to avoid duplication of code doing export functionality centrally. Here is my controller code public ActionResult Export(st

Floating horizontal scroll bar for the html table

I have an html table that is very tall. The web page has to be scrolled vertically to reach the scroll bar at the bottom of the table. It would be nice if I could float the horizontal scroll bar for the table at the bottom of the browser window while

Choosing filtering options in a Telerik MVC3 grid using Razor

I am playing about with the Telerik MVC3 extensions and in particular the Grid, which can be seen here I am using custom paging and interested in the options around filtering. It is easy enough to allow filtering per column with the following: .Colum

Remove Telerik MVC Grid Operation

i would like to ask how i can intercept the ajax delete functionality of a grid using ajax binding? specifically, up to the point wherein, after i click on delete, as the confirm prompt pops up, i would like to do something based on the user's choice

Telerik MVC Grid: How to use DropDownList in a column?

I have a Telerik MVC grid, in an MVC 3 application with Razor, which is being Ajax-bound. I am now trying to add a drop list column to it, so that users can use it in edit mode, but can't figure out how. The grid displays a list of Products, and I wa

Multiline cell in the Telerik grid (MVC3)

Using Telerik MVC3 grid, C#, .Net 2010; I have a grid in my razor view: @(Html.Telerik().Grid<ProductListItem>() .Name("Grid") .Columns(columns => { columns.Bound(o => o.Current.Name).Sortable(true).Filterable(false).Width(150); colu

Return JSON from a JsonResult Method in the MVC Controller

I am trying to populate a ComboBox (Telerik RAD COmboBox) in a test ASP.NET MVC3 app. I have defined the ComboBox on my ASPX page and in the controller I have defined the action call that returns a JsonResult. The problem I am having is that the Web

Detect 0 rows in a Telerik ASP.NET MVC grid

What is considered the best practice for determining whether there are any rows bound? Currently, I'm using the client-side OnDataBound event, and code similar to the following: gridDataBound: function (event) { var rows = $('tbody tr:has(td)', this)

Search for people with the Telerik MVC grid when using a sproc

The documentation only shows how to bind to an IEnumerable (which uses linq to page and sort) ... but I need to go against a sproc because expressing the query I'm working on with linq is proving to be a bit slow. Can anyone provide any guidelines or