How to set the multiline column in the kendo grid ui

I need to set a column of a kendo ui grid to multiline. Right now the specific column has to much data in it, so its shortened by ... Is there a possibility to make that column multiline?You can set multi-line column in kendo ui grid by using followi

How to search for data from a Telerik RadGrid?

I'am new in C# and Telerik. I have a radgrid with a MasterTableView with some columns. I am using stored procedures to insert, update and delete data. What I want is to search RadGrid data through my table. How can I do this? <h6>Filtros</h6>

Kendo IU Grid with Hidden Column and Aggregate

If I create a hidden column, in this case BirthDateMonth and create it from the dataset, if I also add a group aggregate on another field then it will break with JS error "sum not defined". var grid = $("#grid").kendoGrid({ dataSource:

How to export an image from RadGrid to a csv file

I have a radgrid which has an image column. When I am exporting in excel format the image is showing in excel file,but when I am exporting it to csv file it is only showing the image url instead of the image.Is there anyway to embed the image in csv

Trouble downloading features in radgrid

I have a tricky question and hope I can explain it well. Here is my question: I have a radgrid FormTemplate for Adding/Editing rows in which I have used RadAsyncUpload control for uploading files. The file is being uploaded successfully on insert and

Telerik Grid gets the value of downdownlist

I have a Telerik Grid with the following code: <telerik:GridDropDownColumn DataSourceID="UserSrc" ListTextField="FName" ListValueField="FName" UniqueName="FName" SortExpression="FName" HeaderText="

Load the state of the Telerik MVC grid

I'm having some issues Saving/Loading the State of a Telerik MVC Grid control. I'm finding many examples using Kendo grids, however we do not have access or the resources to change our system to Kendo from the original Telerik MVC Grids. I'm able to

Navigate to GridGroupHeaderItem from GridDataItem

How do i access a GridGroupHeaderItem from a GridDataItem, as in here is my code: foreach (GridDataItem dataItem in _gridFilterQuestionAnswer.MasterTableView.GetItems(GridItemType.Item)) { // Code to access the GridGroupHeaderItem } We can not access

How to customize the design of the Edititem model in RadGrid?

I have a RadGrid, when ever i click on edit to edit a row in grid. It shows the below design at edit time. But i want it in only two rows as following: Row 1: Order Date, Required Date, Company Row 2: The rest can we make it in two rows? I'm looking

Remove RadGridView WPF C # Grouping Grid

This is a sample gridview from the Telerik Demos, but I was wondering how you can removed these gridlines that appear after you group items.Here is the Gridviewgroupstyle code im working through <Style x:Key="GridViewGroupRowStyle1" TargetTyp

Telerik MVC Grid Ajax with manual link

I have a Telerik MVC Grid using ajax to get data and I want to control when it will be loaded. Here is the code in my view: @(Html.Telerik().Grid<ViewModels.Reports.UserActionLoggingDetailViewModel>() .Name("UserActionLoggingFollowedGrid")

Choosing filtering options in a Telerik MVC3 grid using Razor

I am playing about with the Telerik MVC3 extensions and in particular the Grid, which can be seen here I am using custom paging and interested in the options around filtering. It is easy enough to allow filtering per column with the following: .Colum

Create a telerik MVC grid in codebehind?

I've been trying to figure out how to create a telerik MVC grid in codebehind? The telerik docs have a way of doing it with RadGrid but not their MVC Grid control.. What I'm basically trying to do is create a grid based on some conditions, like I may

Remove Telerik MVC Grid Operation

i would like to ask how i can intercept the ajax delete functionality of a grid using ajax binding? specifically, up to the point wherein, after i click on delete, as the confirm prompt pops up, i would like to do something based on the user's choice

Multiline cell in the Telerik grid (MVC3)

Using Telerik MVC3 grid, C#, .Net 2010; I have a grid in my razor view: @(Html.Telerik().Grid<ProductListItem>() .Name("Grid") .Columns(columns => { columns.Bound(o => o.Current.Name).Sortable(true).Filterable(false).Width(150); colu

JavaScript code to refresh the page and / or the telerik grid

I need some kind of code which will refresh the page every 5min and if not the page then just the Telerik grid displayed on it since that's all that's rly needed. Only other thing would be if it was after 5min of no activity on the page if possible b

CS1525: Invalid expression term ')'

I'm working with Telerik Grid and I want to have a column using the Template to acces to other accion. The code I have in the Grid is : columnas.Template(o => { %> <%=Html.ActionLink("Texto","Prueba","Peticion", new