How to intercept outgoing TCP messages in a node?

How can I write a simple stream which intercepts messages? For example, say I want to log (or eventually transform) a message being sent over the wire by a user's socket.write(...) call. Following is a minimal program which attempts to do this: const

set up an http server using java

I am trying to set up an http server using java. I am currently using the Vert.x package. This is my first experience with http server so i am kind of lost and don't really know how to proceed, hence i am seeking guidance. I have scrambled a a piece

How to detect PHP pfsockopen being closed by the remote server?

I'm trying to make asynchronous HTTP POST requests from PHP server to an Nginx server. I read this very informative blog post about the issue, decided to use the technique with pfsockopen function, and imported the code doing this written by the blog

Basic tcp / ip server in swift

I've been trying to write a simple TCP/IP server in swift but I couldn't come up with a solution. I've already tried searching on both here and the rest of the web but I couldn't find something that works for the latest swift version which I am worki

TCP / IP in C does not work

I am having trouble getting my TCP/IP connection between my client and server working. Here is the server code - int main() { int servSock; /* Socket descriptor for server */ int clntSock; /* Socket descriptor for client */ unsigned short echoServPor

Send a file with Java Sockets, lose data

I'm trying to send a file from a client to a server with Sockets in Java. It works fine when I am testing on the same machine, but when I test across different machines, I lose large chunks of data, resulting in a corrupted file. If I try to send a v

TCP write error but not really

I have been testing a program which has simple communication between two machines over a 1Gbps line. While running TCP communications over the line I occasionally receive write errors on the client side (due to a timeout) when the network is totally

Regarding the data read from the TCP connection

I am making a client socket connection with a hardware device. I am sending a command to this connection to be process by hardware. Now as a acknowledgment or as a reply, the hardware sends a response. The application sends a command to the connectio

Implementing a non-blocking TCP server

I am trying to implement a TCP server which will not hang (potentially) forever during a recv or sendall operation. I thought it would be enough to specify a timeout for the active socket, but this seems not to be the case: see here So, how could I e

how to do a hard / aborted shutdown on a TCP connection?

when a tcp client establishes a tcp connection with my TCP server, after it sends several packets, I want to make a hard/abortive close on this TCP connection, how to do it in linux C? the hard/abortive close here means the tcp server will send a RST

Prevent getpeername () from returning

I have a Server (A) and a client (B), written in C, running on the same Linux machine. The server binds a port to INADDR_ANY, and the client binds another port to INADDR_ANY. When another client (C), which is running on another Linux machine, connect


Possible Duplicate: What is the practical / hard limit on socket connections per server When I hit about 480 TCP connections, it doesn't accept + connections. Where it is the max of TCP connections? Windows 2008..It depends on the Windows 2008 editio

C # Network Stream getString Method

I'm writing a library to simplify my network programming in future projects. I'm wanting it to be robust and efficient because this will be in nearly all of my projects in the future. (BTW both the server and the client will be using my library so I'

bidirectional tcp socket problems in C

I'm trying to implement a TCP client in C which needs to work as follows: Ability to open a connection to a given server Ability to send arbitrary data to the server through the established connection, and Ability to receive arbitrary data from the s

Receiving TCP data from WiFi scales

I am essentially trying to take an existing WiFi scale and develop a program to process received data. The scales I am looking at have existing software and ideally at the end of this project I will have replaced their software with my own. I have de

Threading model and scaling for TCP server with epoll

I've read the C10K doc as well as many related papers on scaling up a socket server. All roads point to the following: Avoid the classic mistake of "thread per connection". Prefer epoll over select. Likewise, legacy async io mechanism in unix ma

Java - Unsigned bytes sent over a TCP connection

Since Java bytes are signed values and I'm trying to establish a TCP socket connection with a C# program that is expecting the bytes to be unsigned. I am not able to change the code on the C# portion. How can I go about sending these bytes in the cor

.net Sockets Basic Discussion

I have never played with .net sockets. I did a couple of things with winsock back in the day. The time has however come to make use of some comms so I am brushing up on .net sockets. Basically, it seems as tho most examples / implementations use the

How does an asynchronous socket server work?

I should state that I'm not asking about specific implementation details (yet), but just a general overview of what's going on. I understand the basic concept behind a socket, and need clarification on the process as a whole. My (probably very wrong)

Adding Web Reference on the Client When Using Net.TCP

I am trying to using Net.TCP in my WCF Service, which is self hosted, when i try to add this service reference through web reference to my client, i am not able access the classes and methods of that service, can any have any idea to achieve this...

When I send a package on tcp, it is divided into two packets

I am developing an application in C#, using the server-client model, where the server sends a byte array with a bitmap to the client, the client loads it into the screen, sends an "OK" to the server, and the server sends another image, and so on

Exploit risk & ldquo; back & rdquo; in outbound tcp connections

I am building a server application that will maintain connections to other applications by initiating TCP connections out through a firewall that is only open for outbound traffic to the relevant IP's ports that the application will connect to. What

What is the cost of WSAStartup and WSACleanup?

I have a c++ win32 program that uses sockets to download some data from a server. Before using sockets on Windows, WSAStartup must be called. MSDN says: "There must be a call to WSACleanup for each successful call to WSAStartup. Only the final WSACle