Event.target. Select the parent instead of the child

I would like to know if there is any chance of selecting only the parent div instead its child. An easy example would be this: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body onclick="myFunction(event)"> <div style="border: solid black 2p

IOS extensions with multiple targets

In iOS 8, when we create a new extension, we have to decide which target it is attached to. The extension will have the same bundle ID's prefix as the target. Is there any way to change the target afterward? If my project contains 2 (or more) targets

Target _blank in all links

I've just made an html page with target _self But now I have too many links and I want to change all link targets to _blank and it's hard for me to do. Is there is any javascript which apply on all just to write 1 time ?? Because my code is too long

Using the target to recognize a cell location

I run into this issue a fair amount and am curious if someone can tell me why or how I can write this a little cleaner. Below is my code and it does work. If Target.Row = rTime.Offset(0, 1).Row Then If Target.Column = rTime.Offset(0, 1).Column Then c

Target Android 4.1 works on previous versions?

I have a question that may seem stupid, but I have exclarecer this ... I have an app for android that due to the use of apis had to put targeting Android 4.1. My doubt is whether the app will work on android devices with the system below 4.1? in my m

Links that are not referenced

I want to create a list of links opening the targets in new tabs from my private page and I don't want the referring URL to be passed on. I tried the following method, but it didn't solve the problem: <script> function op(url){ window.open(url.repla

where to specify the iOS version supported by my app

This question already has an answer here: How to specify iOS hardware support? 1 answer I'm about to submit my app to appstore, and I wonder where I specify the minimum version the my app could in.In your target summary, there is a dropdown for selec

Targeting clicked div with jquery

I have this block of code where when I hover (click for purposes of this example though but ultimately hover) on a particular box I want to target that div with universal jQuery code. I want the image inside the div to hide and a new div to appear an

Use Eclipse 3.7 to develop a plug-in based on Eclipse RCP 3.5

is it possible to use Eclipse 3.7 IDE for developing for the 3.5 platform? Or must I use Eclipse 3.5 IDE? When I try to switch from Eclipse 3.5 IDE to 3.7 I get errors on projects, which were ok before: Archive for required library: 'C:/.../.metadata

jQuery AJAX - target for content

How can I target dynamically loaded content with jQuery? I've read about it a lot an found the .live() function is an easy way to add an event to loaded content, but I'm not sure how to target objects within the loaded content. I've got a container o

Try to target a specific DIV with jQuery

Simple problem with what seems to be an incredibly difficult solution. I have a DIV wrapper with a z-index that is lower than a DIV that is inside the wrapper. (basically a background with a DIV on top of it) When I run the console.log() on the wrapp

menu button target android honeycomb

I am trying to get my app to be backward compatible so i need to show the menu button since we used the menu button in our app on previous versions. So I was reading and it says that if your target is 11 (3.0) than you don't get the menu button but i

How do I know where a javascript event is initiated?

I have a JS script which created a new Node and inserts it to the HTML page. I am handling DOM mutation events and can capture DOMNodeInserted event. Inside that function I want to find out the source (i.e. in which part of the HTML has the script fu

IPhone ID button pressed

I have a view with several buttons that all have the same target and action. At the moment the action is @selector(doSomething). I need to be able to determine which button is pressed but I'm not sure of the best way to do this. The method doSomethin

Target a different window C #

Hey, I have been searching on google and I cant seem to find anything about targeting different windows in c#, I am using Visual studio 2010. I'm not sure how to do this but I'm pritty sure it can be done, does anyone know where I can read up about i

Force Makefile to execute the script before creating targets

I am using Makefiles. However, there is a command (zsh script) I want executed before any targets is executed. How do I do this? Thanks!There are several techniques to have code executed before targets are built. Which one you should choose depends a

Target membership is grayed out (disabled)

I'm trying to create a new unit test build target for my iphone app. The problem I'm running into is that my source code "group"'s Target Membership options are grayed out. I did delete the original "Classes" folder, and created new &q

jQuery escapes IFrame

So I've found some stuff online but none of it uses jQuery and most of it is old and not suited for what I'm doing. I have a main page and then a div overlay. Something like www.bacolicious.com, but with a little x bar and links :D I had some old cod

XCode different resources for different targets

I am developing an iPhone app and there will be a Full as well as a Lite version of that app. In order get both bundles from the same source code and xcode project I added another target to the xcode project. Now, I want to have the Lite target copy