How to ignore HTML tags in the innerHTML attribute?

I'm making a messenger and my messages don't ignore HTML tags because I simply past a text from input in innerHTML of message. My code: function Message(sender) { ... this["text"] = ""; ... this.addText = function (text) { this["t

Adding PHP to an HTML tag

Can I use PHP code (for dynamic content) in HTML a tag? I've a code like this: <ul> <li> <a href="#" class="offset" title="The sun escaping the horizon"> <img src="img/2.jpg" alt="" cl

Php echo in php inside the input tag

How can i add this value="'echo $_SESSION['module'];'" to apear value in session <?php if ($_SESSION['role'] == "normalUser"){ echo '<div class="form-group"> <input required type="text" name="indeks

Python submit tags with requests

So, i need to set tags for the video that i upload, but i can't get it to work. This is the tags form: <input id="video_keywords" class="ui-autocomplete-input" type="text" onchange="checkTags()" onkeyup="che

How to display only tags used by a user

I am writing a Rails 4.2 app with models user, notecard, tag and tagging (for the m-2-m relationship). A tag can have multiple notecards and a notecard can have multiple tags. A card belongs to a user and a tag DOESN'T belong to a user. How can I sco

documents with tags in mongodb

I have a collection1 of documents with tags in MongoDB. The tags are an embedded array of strings: { name: 'someObj', tags: ['tag1', 'tag2', ...] } I want to know the count of each tag in the collection. Therefore I have another collection2 with tag

Tags entered on bootstrap do not want to be disabled

I use bootstrap, tags input. The tags input works nicely but the thing is, I want to disabled it, make it grey like a classic input but I can't find an easy way to do this. Do you have a solution ? I declare my input tag like this : <textarea id="

PHP - Cut the string and close the html tags

So in a webpage i'm working on a user inputs a description that is html formatted and its added to the database which is working, the problem arises when I pull in the description and shorten it to 150 characters and add the "..." its messing up

Custom iOS tag for UIButton

Since I have many buttons that call the same target method I need to store additional information to every UIButton. Integer tag is not enough for me as I need to save at least two integers values. I have many buttons with the same target: [button ad

Unique identifier of NFC tags

I'm developing a system including NFC tags and Android phone , using unique ID of NFC tags . But don't know what is the differences between 4 types NFC tag . I've found this : "NFC-compatible tags can be of the following technologies/standards and ea

Restrict some non-admins tags in Wordpress

I run a multiple author website. I want to restrict a few tags from being selected by my authors. The only options that I found so far was techniques to replace the free tag text field with a list (similar to the category list). This is not a solutio

Java ID3 lib audio tags lib

I'm looking for a good libraries to edit .mp3 tags ID3v(22,23,24) (like author, title, track and this kind of stuff), write in java or clojure, any ideas ? There is some standard "de facto" in this field... I have just look at this question: htt

View the list of spring models as simple fields

It is possible to bind a List of String (List) and display them in a jsp in a combo box like this: <form:select path="countryId"> <form:option value="" label="Please Select"></form:option> <form:options i

How do you force the explicit closing of tags with Linq XML?

This is the same question as: Explicit Element Closing Tags with System.Xml.Linq Namespace but I use Net 4.0 and the answers do not work anymore. The problem is I save tags with no values really, and my output XML looks like this: <field/> But what

Why not commit to a tag

I'm looking for arguments to convince an customer that he should never commit changes to a tag once it is created. Common sense appears to be no valid argument so I need something more substantial.Tags exist as copies of the sourcecode at a fixed poi

Find a tag

I know approximately what the tag I'm looking for is. I know maybe a substring. Is there a fuzzyfinder-like plugin that lets me search through tags? For whatever reason, fuzzyfinder's tag mode hangs on me whenever I type :FufTag<CR>.No need for a pl

RegEx PHP gets text between multiple span tags

I don't speak English very well. So, if i'll make some mistake please sorry. On the site i have a div box with some information about game: <span class="noteline">Developer:</span> <span class="subline">Gameloft</s

ASP.NET MVC how to display html tags in html?

I display some text in the view: .... <%: model.Content %> .... my model.Content contains html tags, and I want to display them not as text, but as html. How to do it? Thanks. <%= model.Content %> Be careful with this because it could open you

POST vs post, get vs get

I realize that both will work, but is one more correct than the other? <form method="POST" /> vs. <form method="post" /> Why use one or the other?W3C has tended towards lowercase for attribute names and values for a while.

UIView vs vs tag a local UIView var

Scenario 1: For a UIViewController, is it better to (1) create an ivar for a UIView that I access again in 1 or 2 functions outside of loadView? Or, (2) should I just tag it in loadView and then use - (UIView *)viewWithTag:(NSInteger)tag to access it

Is it possible to create your own HTML element?

Is there a way to create your own HTML element? I want to make a specially designed check box. I imagine such a thing would be done in JavaScript. Something akin to document.createHTMLElement but the ability to design your own element (and tag).Yes,

CVS: Retrieves the state of a branch on a given date

I have a big project with branches. All development is concentrated in the branch. I want to get the state of this branch at some time ago, but can't cvs up -r branch_name -D 2010-05-01 gives me (in cvs status Makefile) the sticky tag, but the newest

How to read ID3 Tag in an MP3 using Python?

Does anyone has an experience of reading and writing ID3 tags in an MP3 file or a WMA file? There are some libraries but I would like to do it from the scratch. :-)Dive into Python uses MP3 ID3 tags as an example.

MP3 cover label in C #

I need to tag MP3 files with a Cover Art in C#... Is there any easy way to do this? I found UltraID3Lib as an exampel and it is great for regular ID3 tagging but I cant handle the cover art. If someone know an easy way to do this would it be great :)