How to open a new chrome label using the selenium webdriver?

Upon researching, I found out that Control + t doesn't work for the Chrome webdriver. The following are some that I've tried and did not work: String selectLinkOpeninNewTab = Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL,"t"); driver.findElement(By.tagName("body

Next button in the tabbed box

I have a tabbed box that I am trying to build a "next" button for to move through each tab. It works except for the active state on the tab buttons do not change when hitting "next". The first tab stays highlighted no matter what tab I

How to make dynamic tabs using jquery

I have this code for now aiming to create tabs: <ul class="nav nav-tabs"> <li class="active"> <a href="#custom-tab-0-8cf04a9734132302f96da8e113e80ce5" data-toggle="tab">Home</a> </li> &

constant like PHP_EOL for php tab

Please help, how can i find the constant like PHP_EOL for tabulation My code wrote file which has a lot of generated tabulations and new lines new lines wrote correctly, but i have a lot of "\t\t" see example: \t/loader \t/growl \t\t/

Is it possible to apply styles for tab titles

In my tab layout i have 3 tabs.Title of this tabs are default all in caps i want to apply styles like Bole,Italic and font size to tabs differently is it possible. I am using tab layout and view pager with NoActionBar as style.It is not possible to a

Global variables Ionic 2

I'm having some difficulties with Ionic 2 and setting up global variables. The structure of my app is as follows: Main app | |--- Page1 (Info) |--- Page2 (Map) |--- Page3 (List) | |--- ItemTabsPage | |---tab1 |---tab2 |---tab3 My intention is to show

Tablayout Fragments

I am using a tab-layout to display 3 fragmnets. In those fragments iam displaying the list view in each, by getting the data from json parsing. But the tabs are really behaving wiered when swiping the content is loaded when ever we slide to that tab

Add an image on 3 tabs

How can I add images into tab ? Currently I'm able to move the tab to bottom but have no idea on how to change the LL Tab1, LL Tab2, LL Tab3 to icon.Am I on the right path ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. xml code <?xml version="1.0"

Reload the table Ajax jquery

I am developing a table , the table reload with ajax/jquery but table doesn't empty , append the next content to table. <table class="table" id="pujas"> <thead> <tr> <th>#</th> <th>Nombre</th>

Bootstrap tabs do not work with Firebug

Here's a small jQuery test program using Bootstrap 2.0 tabs. The peculiar thing is that if you run this in Firefox, it works just as expected. Though if you turn on Firebug, the tabs stop working! Is there some event handling that I'm missing? As you

Refresh the HTML code loaded in iframe with the jQuery tab

Very new to this... My site is where I have the issue. I use jQuery to load html pages into iFrames with a tab system. Their is 2 levels of this, so a similar tab system is used in a html within the iFrame. The problem i

jQuery Validate Does Not Work on Bootstrap 3 tabbed

I have looked at this question/answer, and many more like it, but I still cant get my form validation to switch tabs or move to the tab with the error. Relevant jQuery: $(document).ready(function () { $("form[name=modify]").validate({ ignore: []

Disable the contextual action bar when changing tabs

I'm looking for a way to make it so that when the user switches tabs the contextual action bar that I have becomes invalid. I have it set up so that the tabs are linked to Fragments and each one has a different contextual action bar. I'm thinking tha

Use Selenium to press the tab, then write with Java

I want selenium to press "TAB" for me and then write something in the focused field, now I know that I can use sendKeys(Keys.TAB) But as I understand it That require a locator behind it, I want to test the tab order of my page and to do so, I wa

Make buttons that look like tabs in Android

I want this kind of look. They don't seem like tabs so I believe they are buttons. I am able to acheive the similar type with toggle button by keeping a selector in drawable. <ToggleButton android:id="@+id/toggleButton" android:layout_width=&

The gnome terminal tabs open multiple ssh connections

I have a file with a list of servers: SERVERS.TXT: From a gnome terminal script, I want open a new terminal, with a tab for each server. Here is what I tried: gnome-terminal --profile=TabProfile `while read S

How to make a tabHost in an activity that is not a TabActivity

I made a tabHost in an Activty and everytime it reaches the .addTab(Spec) it crashes. I created the tab host in the Activity like so: peopleTabHost = new TabHost(this); and then I use a method to add the tab (I can do that because I defined the peopl

Overlay tabs with JTabbedPane

Using JTabbedPane we want to implement a design that requires tabs to be overlapping (illustrated in image that can be found here: Not exactly rocket science, but I can't seem to find a solution (not even after extensive googling)

jquery tabs - load the url in the current tab?

I'm trying to figure out how to load the url each tab links to inside the tab area onclick, and have been trying to following the docs at, but am clearly not

Switch to the last active tab in VIM

In Vim, is there a way to quickly toggle between the current tab and the last active tab? Sort of the way '' toggles between the current line and the last active line. Plugins / keyboard mappings / voodoo all acceptable.Put this in your .vimrc: let g