How to control the flow of applications in NodeJS

I'm writing my first application in nodeJS. I'm writing a telegram bot, and i was wondering how to control the flow of the application given it asynchronous nature. I come from a php background where everything was simple, procedural, one after the o

make api calls in sync in nodejs

My code is something like this: for(let query of array1){ request.get(query, function(err, res, body){ var array2 = body for (let query2 of array2){ request.get(query, function(err, res, body){ var variable1 = body updateDB(query, query2 , variable1)

What should I use to preload data using Volley on Android?

I have some data stored in a database. In this case the users of an application. I want to retrieve all their information and put on a layout of my application so I need that the data will be retrieved at onCreate function of my layout class to displ

wait for the answer Alamofire Swift

I need to wait for response.response?.allHeaderFields data before executing function. I've searched the net and didn't quite get how to add "completion handler" to alamofire request. Or if there are any other ways to make the function wait. @IBA

How to make synchronous 'http requests' in Node js

I'm trying to execute 3 'http requests'. The problem is, because of the nature of asynchronous mode, it doesn't execute in order. All requests are to internal apis. Here's the sample code :- setInterval(function () { // First request request({}, func

Javascript.Run Multi promises synchronously

I want to request a website for 40 times. I want this to be synchronously, like 10 requests 4 times. This is My code for 1 request - 40 times: 'use strict'; var request = require('request'); var co = require('co'); function callUrl(url) { return new

Synchronous parallel process in C # / C ++

I have an array x[] containing data. Also there is an array of "system states" c[]. The process: for(i = 1; i < N; i++) { a = f1(x[i] + c[i-1]); b = f2(x[i] + c[i-1]); c[i] = a + b; } Is there any efficient way to find the values of f1 and f2

php is synchronized or asynchronized?

<?php $list_years = getYears(); require_once 'view.php'; ?> Here, getYears() is in another file. It's having fetching query. I'm using $list_years in view.php here, it is synchronized or asynchronized?This piece of code is procedural, so getYears()

Asynchronous vs synchronous in javascript functions. (Node.js)

I am currently going through the tutorial on Javascript. This is a sample code from one of the solutions. module.exports = function (dir, filterStr, callback) { fs.readdir(dir, function (err, list) { if (err) return callback(err) list =

Benefit of Synchronous vs Asynchronous in TCP Socket Connection

I'm currently learning C# coming from a java background. To get my feet wet I decided to make a simple SMTP mail application. And I learned very quickly that C# offers support for both Synchronous and Asynchronous sockets. From what I can see, there

Asynchronous function in a while loop

I have a question about how to perform an asynchronous task in a while-loop until some condition is met. This is more of a theoretical question but I can see how this could be an issue in some scenarios. I'll try demonstrate the problem at an example

Synchronous AFNetworking calls

I am currently using AFNetworking in one of my iPhone app. It's really a handy library to make asynchronous calls. However, I ran into situations in my application where I need to get the data from the server to move forward. So I figured this way of

Move from synchronous to asynchronous state of mind

I'm busy with a windows phone application that of course uses silverlight. This means that calling any webservices has to be done asynchronously, and since this is all good and well in regards to best practice in preventing your entire app in hanging

How to transform synchronous style code into asynchronous code?

I have some synchronous code that looks like this: function bulk_upload(files, callback) { for (file in files) { sync_upload(file); // blocks till file uploads } print('Done uploading files'); callback(); } I now have to use an asynchronous API async

Put the synchronous wrapper on asynchronous methods

I'm integrating with a PIN device with an api containing asynchronous methods. For example one of them is called GetStatus and it raises a DeviceStateChangedEvent with the state passed into it as a parameter. I'd like to have an interface that is not

The MS Access form opens before the end of the table request

In my access database I have TABLE1 which is a linked table to a SQL 2005 server table. I have a query QUERY1 which selects a subset of TABLE1, manipulates / formats some of its data, and places that data into temporary table TMP_TABLE1 (ie. SELECT *

JQuery problem with (a) synchronous method calls

I have an strange behavior, which looks lika an problem with (a)synchronous method calls?!? I'm not sure! An function receives data using getJSON, post process those data, add them to an table, which is sortable by the table-sorter plugin (http://tab

How to wait for an asynchronous method to be completed?

I have a toolkit that I need to work with (to interface with a remote service). This toolkit queries the remote service and asks for results. It does this asynchronously, which in most cases is good, but not for creating concise methods. I want to ma

request COMET javascript onunload

I've recently taken over a project that uses COMET to perform some collaborative work and handle a simple chat room. The guys who originally wrote this thing made up some classes on top of STOMP and Oribited to handle all the actual chatting and mess

Ruby / Rails Synchronous Task Manager

hi i'm going to set up a rails-website where, after some initial user input, some heavy calculations are done (via c-extension to ruby, will use multithreading). as these calculations are going to consume almost all cpu-time (memory too), there shoul

SYNCHRONOUS Web Services AND Modal Dialogues!

the question is.... The application maybe in Silverligth. It's possible to implement SYNChonous WebService call? I try to realize any application RIA, with Grids, Edits and using WebServices in SL, but I do not understand how to make it's possible wi

synchronous ajax call via jquery returning the string

I am making a jQuery synchronous call to ajax -- with the return type set to "json" -- however the return data is coming back as a string. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is there away to convert the string to an object? var ajax_response