Java: How to test a SwingWorker

After googling this a while, I'm still not able to find an answer on this that I like. I have a SwingWorker performing a "long" task, talking to a db and returning a result. I want to write a unit test for this, with a mock object for my db. I h

& ldquo; Please wait & rdquo; message with delay

I have a long task and I show "please wait" message during its execution. I use SwingWorker for it. But sometimes long task is not long, so I want to show message with 1 second delay, but I don't know how to do it. SwingWorker<Void, Void>

Fix design to avoid black screen issues in JFrame

In my application I have a main frame window GUI, that launches a task in an executor service. The submitted task generates output and stores in a file on Disk. As soon as the o/p is generated GUI (observer) is informed of the o/p generated. Here the

Trying to stop the swing worker

I have a custom JDialog that pops up when my SwingWorker thread fires up. The dialog just has a JProgressbar and a Button (cancel button). I am trying to figure out how to cancel my SwingWorker, but am having no luck. I think I am on the right path t

Swing time-consuming and time-consuming task

I´m developing a Swing application. I need to run some tasks in background that, as a result, need to display messages on the TrayIcon. Those tasks must execute repeatedly, after some fixed delay, so i research and found Swing Timers as a good option

Gameboy emulation - SwingWorker stuck on Unsafe.park

I am making an emulator for the Gameboy system, and I am using Swing as my GUI. My implementation uses a SwingWorker to run the CPU emulation in a background thread. Through SwingWorker.doInBackground method I publish an array containing the framebuf

Create swing components at runtime

i created the application and it behaves pretty much as expected. the gui keeps responsive as long as the database query is running. when creating the custom panels with SwingUtilities.invokeLater() the gui freezes for a very short amount of time. wh

Implementing SwingWorker

Thought of making a small textEditor. It will contain two textareas, one for entering the text and one for error display. As for my understanding, SwingWorker works in background so there will be no delay in the UI updation. For checking, i wrote the

SwingWorker: start of illegal type

it is a piece of code that caused my problem : SwingWorker <Vector,void> sw=new SwingWorker <Vector,void>(){ @Override protected Vector doInBackground() throws Exception { TvaJpaController tjc =new TvaJpaController(emf); Vector l_tva=null; try

Why is SwingWorker # setProgress limited to [0, 100]?

SwingWorker#setProgress throws an IllegalArgumentException if the argument isn't from 0 to 100. I thought the main purpose of the setProgress method was to update a JProgressBar (as it was in this tutorial). If that's the case, why limit the SwingWor

How to trigger a dialog box with a SwingWorker (external class)

I've been trying to familiarize myself with the use of SwingWorkers in Java. Is it possible to trigger a dialogue box to display from the GUI within a SwingWorker's process method?within a SwingWorker's process method If you mean: a) inside doInBackg

Java Swing Threading with JProgressBar Update

First off I've been working with Java's Concurrency package quite a bit lately but I have found an issue that I am stuck on. I want to have and Application and the Application can have a SplashScreen with a status bar and the loading of other data. S

SwingWorkers has stopped working

I'm having a very strange problem. I was working on an application using Swing, and of course I'm using SwingWorkers. They were working porperly until last night. I just ran the programm, but the workers stopped working from one run to the next. (I a

Using Java source code in my own project

I wrote a program in Java 6.0, but it turns out that some of our client only have 5.0. The issues is that lot of features that 6.0 has was not in 5.0 yet. For example: JTable Sorting, Filtering feature SwingWorker class My Question is : is it legal t

Why SwingWorker? Why not just thread or Runnable?

What are the advantages of using SwingWorker instead of Thread or Runnable?Thread and Runnable were part of Java 1.0; they're as good as they were back then. The new concurrency classes distill all that's been learned about multi-threading since then

Question of Swing / SwingWorker Beginner

I am trying to implement a GUI in java but I am beginner in swing. I want to make something clear. I read that in order to keep the GUI responsive I should use the SwingWorker class to do the task in a separate thread. Ok so far. No I have a model wi

What is the purpose of SwingWorker?

For what I can read, it is used to dispatch a new thread in a swing app to perform some "background" work, but what's the benefit from using this rather than a "normal" thread? Is not the same using a new Thread and when it finish invo