How to cancel done () in a SwingWorker thread?

I am making a program which should be able to stop the whole process on the click of a button. I have used sw.cancel(true); to do so, however, the SwingWorker method protected void done() is still operating. How can I on a push of a button cancel the

How to use SwingWorker?

Friends, i am developing a java application. Thats for performance monitoring. on that i am getting values in one class and drawing a graph in another class. i want to use swingworker to perform those two class alternatively. ResultSet rs; Connection

Real-time graphical interface update from SwingWorker

Ok, this is a follow-up question to my question from yesterday, "Error handling in SwingWorker." In consideration of the fact that it might be ok to call SwingUtilities#invokeAndWait() inside of SwingWorker#doInBackground(), I want to push it a

System.setOut with PipedOutputStream

I have develop a small console using JTextArea. I read some tutorials and know something. But still I have a problem. This is my code. public class Console extends JFrame { public Console() throws IOException { setSize(492, 325); setLayout(new Border

JProgressBar is invisible but the progress is updated correctly

I execute the task in this class and the Dialog pops up as a white box. The print statement IS printing out the progress values I'm expecting, but nothing shows up on the Dialog until after the operation is complete. I can see the progress bar flash

Use Swingworker to permanently update a graphical interface

In my code, the user presses a button, and then I want this to invoke a SwingWorker background thread, where I basically loop through a list, cross reference it with other data, and then update the GUI with a JLabel for every pass through my loop. Th

SwingWorker does not respond

What I am trying to do ? At the click of the Start JButton, the SwingWorker will execute. Inside the doInBackground() method, I am passing each index of arrNames, to the publish() method, so that it can be displayed inside the JTextArea. What happene

java swingworker thread to update the main mistletoe

hi id like to know whats the best way to add text to a jtextarea from a swingworkerthread, ive created another class which a jbutton calls by Threadsclass().execute(); and the thread runs in parallel fine with this code public class Threadsclass exte

SwingWorker exceptions are lost even when using wrapper classes

I've been struggling with the usability problem of SwingWorker eating any exceptions thrown in the background task, for example, described on this SO thread. That thread gives a nice description of the problem, but doesn't discuss recovering the orig

How can I add a simple delay in a Java Swing application?

I'd like to know how to add a time delay inside a Swing app in Java, I used Thread.sleep(time), and also I used SwingWorker but it doesn't work. Here's part of my code: switch (state) { case 'A': if (charAux == 'A') { state = 'B'; //Here's where I'd

Threading with Java Swing

I have a swing worker which configures a serial port connection. This process takes an indeterminable time to complete, sometimes 1 minute sometimes a lot more. My problem arises when users click a button that needs configuration data whilst the work

The JTable.removeColumn () method raises an exception

To hide a column from only the view of JTable, i am using the removeColumn() method. But it throws the exception Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 7 >= 7 at java.util.Vector.elementAt(

updating two JProgressBars

So, I got this working with ONE JProgressBar. How do I update two individual progress bars? I'm executing a download in the doInBackground() worker thread/swingworker method. I want to update two bars, the first is a total, the second is a section of

JTextArea does not display text

In my function for displaying text in textarea,i have written following lines of code but it is not displaying any text jTextArea1.setText( Packet +"\n" +jTextArea1.getText()); I am using swingworker for performing background task,here is my cod

java - execute each SwingWorker class one after the other

I have multiple classes extending the SwingWorker. What I wish to accomplish is to execute each class one after another (without executing the next class in the previous class' done method). For example, lets say I have: ClassSwingW1 csw1 = new Class

Added a timer function to a swingworker

I am going to have to implement some functionality to my application soon that timesout a swing worker based on a user dictated length. I was wondering if i could extend the swingworker class and add my own time out countdown inside, for example i co

Why is SwingWorker # setProgress limited to [0, 100]?

SwingWorker#setProgress throws an IllegalArgumentException if the argument isn't from 0 to 100. I thought the main purpose of the setProgress method was to update a JProgressBar (as it was in this tutorial). If that's the case, why limit the SwingWor

Use a timer to start a SwingWorker?

The task I need to perform involves requesting some data from an external server, performing some (fairly lengthy) processing on the data, and then updating the GUI with the results of the processing. Because the server might be unresponsive, the tas

SwingWorkers has stopped working

I'm having a very strange problem. I was working on an application using Swing, and of course I'm using SwingWorkers. They were working porperly until last night. I just ran the programm, but the workers stopped working from one run to the next. (I a

How to make a Jlabel addText from a class method repeatedly?

I tried swingwoker , but it will update one time only ... package smartOfficeJava; import java.awt.event.KeyEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import java.awt.event.A

How can I wait for the SwingWorker doInBackground () method?

Say I have the following code: import java.lang.InterruptedException; import javax.swing.SwingWorker; public class Test { private JDialog window; public Test { // instantiate window } private class Task extends SwingWorker<Void, Void> { public Void