Updating the GUI with SwingWorker

I posted a question yesterday about preventing the UI from freezing when using a scheduledexecutorservice here What should I do in order to prevent the UI from freezing(scheduledexecutorservice) and most people suggested using SwingWorker instead of

Java (Builder) Output Management Process

In my program I have a SwingWorker starting a background process. The background process's error stream is redirected to stdout, and the stdout stream is written out (line by line) to a JTextArea. I thought I was consuming the stdout stream with this

Start another thread after the end of SwingWorker in Java

I know there many questions on SO but non of them has good enough answer and before asking here I googled a lot specially SO but nothing could make it clear. I just simply wants to start my other thread when my SwingWorker finish its work. I want to

The method slows the paintComponent ()

I have a small problem. In carrying out the method paintComponent() during the animation I have to constantly update the variable bgImage. But it takes a lot of time, so that the animation slows down. A block of code with the problem: public class Pr

Am I using the synchronized block correctly?

I have a SwingWorker which makes calls to the twitter API and gets some results back, everytime a result is received I first update the member variable _latestValidResult, then I take a list of tweets from the result and add it to my list and then I

SwingWorker.cancel (true); does not work in java

This is a part of my java code, in this I am trying to terminate the thread before its completion using SwingWorker.cancel(true); method but this is not working, so please help. import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JProgressBar; import javax

How to keep focus on JTextField. SwingWorker

I need to keep focus on JTextField. Application uses Swing library. I need set focus on that field from time to time in order to avoid user mistakes that would change focus to other comonents. I suppose I need to use SwingWorker. Set focus is an oper

I can not stop the SwingWorker java process

I was running a tcp server in java which is done using SwingWorker class. First time it will start successful but when i stop and start the process it won't work. i couldn't find what is the bug please help me to fix this import javax.swing.*; import

Java SwingWorker Competitive Problem

I have a java program that does file manipulation and I have a GUI class that has a JTextArea that has console output redirected to it. I am trying to get the SwingWorker in a different class to publish to that JTextArea but I can't seem to get it to

Difficulty using threads with Swing

package combatframe; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import static java.lang.Math.PI; import javax.swing.border.*; public class CombatFrame extends JFrame { String[] Ships = {"Battleship", "Cruiser", "Frigate"}

Why does SwingWorker stop unexpectedly?

I wanted to try out some ideas using SwingWorker since I haven't used it too much. Instead, I ran into an issue and I can't figure out what's wrong. Here's a short SSCCE that demonstrates this problem (I know people here like SSCCEs): import javax.sw

Call processing a file works locally but fails on the site

I've been bashing my head in on this problem for a few days now. I've done my full share of Googling, and I'm hoping I can find someone here that is more experienced than I (not hard to find haha) that can decipher my problem. Scenario: I developed a

Java SwingWorker locks the GUI

I have the following code... runNow.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0) { final Search s = (Search) node.getUserObject(); // Swing worker SwingWorker<Void, Void> worker = new SwingWorker<Void, Vo

Java: pivot worker thread synchronization

In my application, I have one text field and a button. After focus lost from text field first swing worker (lets assume it as sw1) is called. Which opens a pop-up to populate value to put in text field. Second swing worker (lets assume it as sw2) is

Swing Worker Thread: internal class vs pass parameter

I know SO is for specific questions but I need an advise on what is the correct practice in Java for working with swing worker thread. My application generates large HTML text in response to a calculation process which is is displayed in a jTextPane.

Force JDialog to become visible before processing data?

I have created a JDialog in NetBeans and a custom constructor as follows: public AnimatedProgress(java.awt.Frame parent, boolean modal, JTable table) { super(parent, modal); initComponents(); setLocationRelativeTo(parent); progressLabel.setText("Coll

How to stop a SwingWorker?

How can I stop the SwingWorker doing his work? I know there's the cancel() method for that, but the most I could do is to anonymously create a new SwingWorker that is doing the job. Here is the code for reference: public void mostrarResultado(final R

Updating the GUI Swing Waiting for a Thread to End

I have a swing application with a Thread class running to do a specific Job. I need in a certain moment to stop the running thread. so i put a boolean inside the thread and when i set it to true the thread will be stopped. The problem is that the thr

Wait until SwingWorker completes

I want to wait for my SwingWorker to finish working, and then I want to execute another SwingWorker. In this case Encrypteer3 is a class that extends the SwingWorker. My code: input = txtTekst.getText(); key = txtKey.getText(); System.out.println("th

Stop / cancel SwingWorker thread?

I'm trying to find out how to stop a SwingWorker thread from running when I press a button. I have been looking around and I'm having some trouble working out how to do this. At the moment this is what I have: new MySwingWorkerClass(args).execute();

SwingWorker: when we call exactly the done method?

Javadoc of the done() method of SwingWorker: Executed on the Event Dispatch Thread after the doInBackground method is finished. I've clues that it is not true in the case of canceled worker. Done is called in each case (normal termination or cancella

How can this SwingWorker code be verified?

Consider this code: public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { setEnabled(false); new SwingWorker<File, Void>() { private String location = url.getText(); @Override protected File doInBackground() throws Exception { File file = new File("out.

Java InputReader. Detect whether the file read is binary?

I had posted a question in regards to this code. I found that JTextArea does not support the binary type data that is loaded. So my new question is how can I go about detecting the 'bad' file and canceling the file I/O and telling the user that they

Swing Application Issue

I'm developing Swing application, and everything works fine usually. But I have an GUI issue. When I run the application, and for example minimize some other window, my application is still working, but the central part of JFrame is invisible or hidd