SVN corrupted repo

I have a repository which I can add files to, but when I try to commit or checkout the repository (to any version) I get the error 'Could not convert '�⛰ENDREP' into a number' I have no idea what is going on, I don't really want to loose the history

Build and deploy a strategy for a Java project using Git

So I am creating a personal Java project with two other friends and we are using git for source control. And we want to just be able to commit changes to the repo which will be on a remote server(sort of staging environment) and then I want to be abl

SVN ignoring a previously committed subfolder

After trying all sort of combinations I can't find a way to ignore my previously commited media files. Here is my structure and what I did : folders : /www /app /media /skin /.... I what to ignore the media folder and all it's subfolders. I 've set t

SVN error at Eclipse folder cash does not exist

Im installed svn server in Centos 6.6 via ssh Then i imported some file svn import /var/www file:///var/svn/myfiles -m "initial import" I can see my repository on the URL but when i tried to check out the project via svn on eclipse i got the err

svn2git can not successfully import tags

I have an SVN-repository which I would like to convert into a git-repository. I'm using svn2git to achieve this. Unfortunately it seems like the tool is having problems getting the tags right. My SVN-repository looks like this: .../branches .../tags

Alternative to path-based access control in Subversion

Is there any alternative to path based access control in Subversion? I'm dealing with a repository that contains files that are subject to ITAR. Several teams will have access to the repository, but some of them are not allowed to even see ITAR sensi

Workflow of continuous integration & amp; SVN

OK this may be a long one. I'm trying to standardize and professionalize the setup we have at my workplace for doing live updates to our software. currently, everything is manual; so we have an opportunity to start from scratch. i have installed jenk

Structure of SVN project files

I am new to svn. I have installed SVN on Linux CentOS 6.3 machine. I have created few projects under SVN and the location is /var/www/svn/<MyRepos> .. Now that we have to create few repos under one folder, so it should look like: /var/www/svn/Common

Git merging branch in Master

If you have a branch which you forked off of master and then developed your feature in it...when it comes to merging back into master, I've heard 2 different approaches: First merge master into the feature branch, and then merge the branch back into

svn diff does not display modified external files

I add some changes to my local repo and run svn diff, but diff output is empty. But svn status marked my files as modified. This is files is external items, how can I use diff command with this?Here is a quote from the manual: Besides the svn checkou

avr fails to configure when building subversion

I am trying to build subversion 1.7.4 on my ReadyNas Duo, it's a Sparc box running Debian with a couple of disks in it I use as my NAS. When i do a ./configure --prefix /c/local/packages from my subversion-1.7.4 directory I get configure: error: No X

How to update an external property while performing a svn merge

I have a private branch that is quite out dated from the trunk. When I do SVN merge from trunk, it seems that it is not updating the revision values of external dependent repositories with new values from the trunk. I am using SVN 1.6.16. Is there a

How to install SVN on Eclipse Indigo

I want to install svn repository. Is there any differences between Subclipse and Subversion? I searched everywhere about Subversion but I couldn't find something about Subversion, all I got is Subclipse. Could you give me some instruction how to do i

Tool for incremental static code analysis?

Are there any, free, tools which allow incremental static analysis of code (for SVN and preferably Git)? Currently we are using Sonar (2.12 I think?) but the problem is the time it needs to analyse all the code in our project which is 40-60minutes. A

Small or large validation messages?

I friend of mine and I had a discussion a few days back about the size of a commit message when using version control systems. I had the idea of committing often and small when he on the other hand used larger commit message but instead committed not

How to move my SVN project to another server

I have some threads which talk about doing a svndadmin and a svnload, I don't have admin privileges hence I would want to just copy the existing project devoid of the .svn directories and just do a svn add on the target repository. I am not that keen

History of functions with Mercurial

I'd like to be able to get the complete history of a function or a particular text block inside my code. I know i can have the diffs of all my commits on a particular file, but I only want to follow the life of a particular small block of text inside

Eclipse / Subversive: How to commit always on Eclipse exit?

I wonder if (and how) it is possible to always automatically commit a repository once Eclipse is closed? I didn't find any option in the Eclipse "Team" preferences.Don't ever do that. Committing should be done when code compiles unit tests pass

I need the same duplicate file in my svn repository

I have a simple inheritance hierarchy of py scripts say Cat and CoolCat and FurryCat. This files must (according to the voices in my head) be put under two different folders in SVN, where the Cat module has to be both in FurryCat's dir and the same f

SVN locks a directory

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I didn't find the right answer still.. How do you lock a svn directory from command line? I need to lock a branch from checkins Edit: All of these answers I've found require the person to access the svn server. Thats not

Team Synchronizing Perspective for Intellij?

In eclipse there is a "Team Synchronizing Perspective" that basically does a directory diff to the cvs repository. It is very handy. For various reasons I am looking to move to intellij. Is there an equivalent in intellij with either cvs or svn?

help with the subversion hook script (svn)

How to create a subversion server hook script that prevents people from committing changes if they don't own the lock on the file first? Svn server is on windows. Thanks. P.S. Additional info in this question Subversion (svn + tortoiseSvn) commit not

svn: Can not Parse lock / hashfile entries

Whenever I am trying to lock or unlock any file in the project it gives me error : svn : Can not Parse lock / entries hashfile Now I am not able to take lock on file. Some clues : 1. We have just migrated our svn repositories from one url to other ur

using CruiseControl.Net and SVN

I am trying to use to check a svn repositry for an update and then exports the updated project. I am new to cruisecontrol and not sure how to do this. Any help would be great.Sorry if this does not help...but take a look a Scott Cow