Angular 2 - Observable Update Returned Value

How can you update the returned value so it will show when it completes? It is being called from the html like this: // the item.username is from a higher loop which works. <div *ngFor="let eqItem of getTest(item.username)"> getTest(userna

Can iOS subscription IAP be used in multiple applications?

I have an existing paid app (App A) that is essentially an island of data on the device it is installed on. I am working on a similar app (App B) that will be backed by an azure mobile service and provide data sync etc. App B will be a subscription b

How to cancel a PayPal subscription without a PayPal account?

My current project allows users to subscribe to a membership without registering for a paypal account. The users' username and password is created and managed by my own application, not PayPal. Can anyone tell me how to create an hTMl form that would

Meteor: Single document subscription

Whenever I encounter code snippets on the web, I see something like Meteor.subscribe('posts', 'bob-smith'); The client can then display all posts of "bob-smith". The subscription returns several documents. What I need, in contrast, is a single-d

Index in the axis description

I wanted to know if it is possible to use subscript in axis description. I have the following code XYItemRenderer lineYY = new StandardXYItemRenderer(); lineYY.setSeriesPaint(0, Color.BLUE); lineYY.setSeriesVisibleInLegend(0,false); final NumberAxis

The required fields in the form do not work

I am trying to make a subscription form with only input as email-id. First, I made using html and php wherein it stored the email-id and also it was checking for required parameters like '@' and '.' etc. Like email-id ="d" showed error But once

Change credit card information (Stripe)

I finally figured out how to implement Stripes Monthly Billing using this tutorial. So far, A User can Create & Delete their Subscription with Stripe. But how can a User change his Credit Card In

Are self-renewing subscriptions limited only to newsstands?

I'm trying to find an official doc, where will be proof of restricting auto renewable subscriptions in In App Purchase only to Newsstand apps. Is it true or I can offer premium membership in my app as a monthly auto renewing subscription? In most art

Restoring expired auto-renewable subscriptions

Following Apple guides, auto-renewable subscriptions are restorable -> device can send restoreCompletedTransactions to Apple servers and Apple will response with list of all completed transactions. My question is, does Apple send all completed transa

C ++ subscription operator overload

I'm working on brushing up on my C++ during some project downtime and have created a a Linked List project to do so. In this project I would like to return the current value at a set index. I've already got a method to do this, but want to work it ou

Make the entire application as a subscription

I have read about subscription but all of them is about in app items. Are there apis or methods to make the full app as a subscription? I have also tried in Google console making a new app but there is only FREE and PAID option. I want my app to be s

In-app purchase & hellip; Can I do this?

I'm building an app that will provide users with an evolving directory of companies in their local area (location-based) that manufacture green/sustainable products. I want companies to be able to add themselves to the app by purchasing a subscriptio

Get the Google+ account subscription with jQuery

Is possible to get the total number of Google+ subscriptions in same way was done on Without php? Thanks update: i tried with this piece of code but isn't working function getplusone(url){

UserID and data-driven subscriptions

I am trying to create a data driven subscription for a report that uses @UserID to filter the results (for security purposes). The solution I've seen referenced as the answer to several similar questions is a broken link. We'd like to have a version

subscription management

I am looking for best practice concerning user subscription handling. The user can subscribe through paypal (handled with paypal IPN) to obtain a status that give them some priviledge on the website. However the subscriptions are for one year. What a

Logic of subscription management

For a system where a user can be a member or admin, users with the member role must either pay for it with a recurring subscription, or be given a complimentary access. My current approach: Users have a user database table. A subscription table inclu

Custom domain with Joomla

Is there any nice component for Joomla 1.0.x allowing to serve custom domains? What I am trying to archieve is to sell subscription to my service and to offer custom branding including custom urls like and even example.myser