How to open git cloned project in sublime 2?

I have git cloned a project using git clone "url" and now I wish to look the files inside it. How am I supposed to open that project i sublime2 using mac terminal?git clone will just download the contents of the git repo locally. To open it, jus

How to add a formatted block comment in Sublime

All: I am pretty new to sublime( I am using ST2), I wonder if there is a plugin or shortcut that allow me to select text and add a formatted block comment like: /** * This is the comment. * */ I only know add multiLine comment with CTRL+/, but for ab

Use SublimeText to delete all log entries except IP addresses

I have a log file in Sublime Text, with entries that look like the following: - - [11/Apr/2016:21:55:43 +0200] "GET URL HTTP/1.1" 200 1537 How can I remove everything except the IPs? The file is too large for me to do it manually. T

Sublime Text 2 Default HTML markup?

Sorry for asking such basic question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. How can I get ST2 to write the basic html markup structure in new files?You can use the Emmet package. Installation The simplest method of installing Emmet (and any ot

Sublime text 2 - AutoFileName

Is it possible to configure the AutoFileName plugin for Sublime Text 2 to recognize TypeScript reference path attributes and allow auto-completion for other .ts files in my project? For example, if I had a file structure like: scripts models MyModel.

How to choose the highlight language in sublime text 2

I want to know how to choose highlight language in Sublime text 2. For Example, when I am typing some text, and I want to use C++ language highlight, then I want to change to Java language highlight. Can this be done? Please advise! Thanks very much.

Sublime Text 2 - No packages available for installation

So many Sublime Text 2 users get error (or) no action when they want to install any sublime text 2 package @via Package Control. When I'm clicked on Package Control: Install Package from Ctrl+Shift+P. I got this below error: There are no packages ava

Sublime text: Multiple selection in a selection

I want to do multiple select and edit within a specified selection in Sublime Text 2. The following screenshot illustrates the situation: When I select "element" and press Alt + F3 (in Windows) I can simultaneously edit all instances of element.

Error while parsing parameters

Here is the exact error I get as I open the program: Error trying to parse settings: Expected value in ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/Default/Preferences.sublime-settings:1:13677You can remove the comments and use a service lik

How can I sort the sidebar alphabetically in sublime (ST2)?

I see no option to sort the sidebar in Sublime, how can I do it? I'd like to sort if alpbabetically.There is a Sublime plugin for that, called SortTabs. It works both with Sublime Text 2 and 3. You can install it using Sublime Package Manger and then

Highlighting custom syntax in Sublime Text 2

I want to use Sublime Text as log viewer. That's why I need to create tmlanguage file for highlighting of word "ERROR" (and some others). Is there any spec of tmlanguage xml, or can you give me basic example of syntax-highlighting file for subli

Sublime Text 2 encoding error with python3 build

When running my python3 script from Sublime Text 2, the following error occures: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 0-2: ordinal not in range(128) Furthermore, when running the same script from the terminal, the pro

Defining the scope of custom snippets of Sublime Text 2

While trying to write my own snippets for Sublime Text 2, I ran into the following two problems: Finding scope keys. I figured out that I can look through my packages one by one and find references to a declared "scope" property. For example in

Get Vim to open new blocks like Sublime Text 2

In sublime text 2 when you: BLOCK { <Return> It generates (where the pipe is the cursor): BLOCK { | } How can I get Vim to behave this way? I have autoindent on, and smartindent off because with smartindent it does this on return: BLOCK { |} To be m

How to program DirectX without Visual Studio

so this is pretty much what I wanna do... I recently start using sublime text 2 as my new number 1 editor. I also want to start programming directX and I was wondering if there is way to use sublime text2 instead of Visual Studio. I was thinking of s

Good step-by-step tutorial on setting up sass in sublime text 2

Is there a good tutorial on setting up SASS for Sublime Text 2 on Windows? I've been looking and I have not come up with anything.You could use the Sass build plugin (available here), and if you want to do it yourself, you can just read how the plugi

Adding an alias for Sublime Text to zshrc

Just have a quick question on how to add an alias for SublimeText to my ZSH. I've been to their site where they tell you how to do it within bash, but I don't understand how to do it within ZSH. It has been killing me, I just want to open text files

Sublime tmLanguage file and sublime-settings file

I have two questions about the Sublime Text Editor 2. My 1st question is, I have several different .tmLanguage files ( ex: Console.tmLanguage) or .tmbundle (Ex: Handlebars.tmbundle) saved in the Packages/User folder. But it won't detect by the Sublim

Sublime Text 2 and R

I am trying to use Sublime Text 2 as an interface to the statistics software R [update/edit: Solved!]. On Windows, I have tried the following: Installed R Tools. Turned out to be for Macintosh 64 only. Tried to program custom build file. Failed: no o

How can I run Python code from Sublime Text 2?

I want to set up a complete Python IDE in Sublime Text 2. I want to know how to run the Python code from within the editor. Is it done using build system? How do I do it ?Tools -> Build System -> (choose) Python then: To Run: Tools -> Build -or-