Delete items in the list with multiple error arguments

I'm trying to remove a lot of stuff from a text file to rewrite it. The text file has several hundred items each consisting of 6 lines of. I got my code working to a point where puts all lines in an array, identifies the only 2 important in every ite

Remove a substring of string elements from a list

list = [ 'u'adc', 'u'toto', 'u'tomato', ...] What I want is to end up with a list of the kind: list2 = [ 'adc', 'toto', 'tomato'... ] Can you please tell me how to do that without using regex? I'm trying: for item in list: list.extend(str(item).repla

Python: Why .strip () does not work on an entire file?

So I have a large text file (a book), but I'm trying to strip the entire text file of punctuations,special chars, and white space so I can form a dictionary of all the words. For some reason when I use the .strip() method it does practically nothing.

Python for the loop - line counting as you go

I am trying to strip a line of code so that only the comment at the end is saved. Because # signs can be included within "" marks, to do this I am trying to cycle through the line catching pairs of " marks so that it ignores any # marks wit

Remove all blanks in a column of a pandas database

I have a pandas DF that has many string elements that contains words like this: 'Frost ' Which has many leading white spaces in front of it. When I compare this string to: 'Frost' I realized that the comparison was False due to the leading spaces. Al

Strip the first (first level) tag in Beautifulsoup

I create a soup: from bs4 import BeautifulSoup soup = BeautifulSoup("<div><p>My paragraph <a>My link</a></p></div>","html.parser") I want to strip the first top-level tag to reveal its contents, rega

Create a dictionary from a given text file (python)

I need to create a dictionary from a file that I was given. The file, named student_data.txt reads: Joy - 100 Rita - 90 John - 80 Sheena - 100 Smith - 100 Karl - 90 Andrew - 100 Klara - 100 Sarah - 90 Amy - 80 Sandy - 100 I want to create a dictionar

how do you divide the elements of a list list in python?

So I have a text file that looks like this: abcd efghij klm and I need to convert it into a two-dimensional list. And it should look like this: [['a', 'b', 'c', 'd'], ['e', 'f', 'g', 'h', 'i', 'j'], ['k', 'l', 'm']] so far I have managed to get this

create a vertical band in HTML or CSS

I am absolutely beginner in HTML and CSS. What I would like to do is to create a strip in the left hand side of a webpage, similar to this: The strip has a number of clickable icons, and when one slides down the page, the s

retrieve the next line using python next () and strip ()

I'm having trouble using next() and strip() to retrieve the line following the one I'm reading. The test data looks something like this: @abcde:111/2 ABCDEFGHIj +abcde:111/2 bla11 @abcde:115/2 JDIJSKNDIJ +abcde:115/2 bla13 @abcde:113/2 djijwkoken +ab

Remove specific symbols from the DLL

I have created a Win32-DLL using MSVC 2010 that contains unwanted exported C++ symbols. I'm using a module definition file (.def) and __stdcall convention for specific functions that I want to export. However, due to the fact that I am also using Boo

Destroy the space between html tags

I have a string that contains some html tags as follows: "<p> This is a test </p>" I want to strip all the extra spaces between the tags. I have tried the following: In [1]: import re In [2]: val = "<p> This is a test <

Deleting all symbols from the EXE file with Visual Studio

I'm linking an executable file with several static libraries (projects in my solution), and want to remove all internal function names from the final .exe file. Which settings do I have to use for that, and do I have to do that in the library or exec

Deleting tuple spaces

I have this list: [('', '', '654', 'Tom', '- Jerry', '', '', ''), ('', '', '', '', '', '756', 'X-Man -', 'Batman'), ('453', 'Hulk - Superman', '', '', '', '', '', '')] How do I remove the unneeded (mostly outer) characters so that it remains somethin

own line of punctuation and divided into python words

learning python currently and having a bit of a problem. I'm trying to take a line from another subprogram and convert it into separate words that have been stripped of their punctuation besides a few. the output of this program is supposed to be the

Strip in Python

I have a question regarding strip() in Python. I am trying to strip a semi-colon from a string, I know how to do this when the semi-colon is at the end of the string, but how would I do it if it is not the last element, but say the second to last ele

How to make Python like a string in Ruby?

In Python, I can strip white-spaces, new lines or random characters from strings like >>> '/asdf/asdf'.strip('/') 'asdf/asdf' # Removes / from start >>> '/asdf/asdf'.strip('/f') 'asdf/asd' # Removes / from start and f from end >>&g

Strip Youtube Link from the URL

I own a website which allows users to download Youtube videos. I need php scripts which detects if a youtube url is present, like: takes users to my normal website but if they type, how do I

How to remove spaces from model attributes?

What's the simplest way to make sure models trim leading and trailing white space from string values. One inconvenient way seems to be a before_save filter -- although for something as common as removing white space from strings, maybe there's some c

Divide a changing string with perl

I have a bunch of strings in perl that all look like this: 10 NE HARRISBURG 4 E HASWELL 2 SE OAKLEY 6 SE REDBIRD PROVO 6 W EADS 21 N HARRISON What I am needing to do is remove the numbers and the letters from before the city names. The problem I am h

Ruby ribbons of defined characters

In Python, we can use the .strip() method of a string to remove leading or trailing occurrences of chosen characters: >>> print " (Removes (only) leading & trailing brackets & ws ) ".strip(" ()") 'Removes (only) leadin

Deleting texts in a variable: javascript

Consider variable like var url=''; or var url=''; In these variables, i want to get only the domain part i.e, stripping out other texts. Is this po