ffmpeg turns off when the stream is silent

I am running ffmpeg in a Linux environment, where I merge the audio stream from an Icecast-stream and a static image in order to be able to stream that to Youtube. At times, the Icecast stream get's very silent, sometimes for almost a minute. That is

Migrate smooth streaming video files to Azure Media Service

My company streams videos using IIS Media Services to Silverlight players, the streams are delivered as adaptive bitrates (Microsoft Smooth Streaming). Due to support for Silverlight plugin being dropped by all major browsers, we are planning to migr

Accept requests while streaming in Symfony2

I have a problem for my website. I try to put a video streaming on my website. This part works good. I used this topic to make my code: Symfony2 video streaming. I use an external video file and not a local file, but it works. But until the video isn

OrcNewInputformat as input format for hadoop streaming

I am using hadoop streaming and i want to give input format as a OrcNewFormat.. I am executing command:- hadoop jar hadoop-streaming.jar -libjars /usr/hdp/ -input /user/orcfiles -output /streamf -mapper 'cat' -inputfor

Dynamic streaming of a video on a website

I'd like to publish a video on my website. I use javascript and SWFObject to allow to watch it directly on the website. The format of the video is mp4 and it's quite a big file - let's say about 300MB. Thus, it takes a while until it loads in the pla

Django: Passing the model value to the view

I HAD this situation: Clicking on a html submit button, I call views.stream_response which "activates" views.stream_response_generator which "activates" stream.py and return a StreamingHttpResponse and I see a progressive number every

Starting streaming from an integrated system

I'm using a fairly limited embedded system so I can't use any of the libraries and I'm on my own building HTTP requests. I'm able to handle the stats pretty well with polling but I'm trying to turn on Rest Streaming The Nest site directs you to the F

How to handle streaming errors with AVPlayer

I use AVPlayer to stream tracks.I'm trying to handle all errors like network unavailable or stream unaivalable But I find any handler for this kind of error. I've already added a KVO for on the avplayer's status. [self.player addObserver:self forKeyP

iOS Streaming mp3

I've been searching for a good tutorial for playing and streaming audio finally I found this which seems to offer an offline audio playing. in the YMCAudioPlayer class I've commented loading a resource and provided NSURL* generated by a direct link i

How does this video load so quickly?

In a pretty impressive display of web design, the video link here begins playing immediately, with audio. How does it accomplish this?They download the first few seconds of video on the first page, before you actually click "watch the video". Th

What is the difference between HLS and MPEG-DASH?

It seems both protocol does the same thing but is there a advantage of one over the other?You should ask yourself what is important to you (encoding, encryption methods, standardization, etc.) Jason Schneid wrote an excellent comparison: http://www.i

streaming video from the database

I have a table containing videos as blob data. Im trying to stream it into browser using video tag in a webpage by writing the bytestream from blob into http response and giving the tat as a value for source in tag. My code is as follows: while ( rs2

ShoutCAST Streaming with JPlayer does not work (no error)

I've got a ShoutCAST stream and decided to give JPlayer a try. I've researched as much as I can on my on, but still can not seem to get it to work and I am not getting any error messages. My code is as follows: <script type="text/javascript"&

Copy NetworkStream on MemoryStream takes infitity ∞ days

I've following code: _clientRequestStream = _tcpClient.GetStream(); var memoryStream = new MemoryStream(); _clientRequestStream.CopyTo(memoryStream); CopyTo takes long long long time to copy a Stream into another Stream. It seems application stops th

Best real-time solution device (iPhone) vs server side

i'd like to stream raw datas from server to iPhone in real-time mode. is there any good solution for this? My app should be able to graphically present measurements pushed from the server in real-time. thanksSince you say "measurements", it soun

Streaming video to web browser

I would like to display a live video stream in a web browser. (Compatibility with IE, Firefox, and Chrome would be awesome, if possible.) Someone else will be taking care of streaming the video, but I have to be able to receive and display it. I will

Filtering the Stream object in node.js

It seems to me that an elegant way to process certain kinds of data in Node.js would be to chain processing objects, like UNIX pipes. For example, grep: function Grep(pattern) { ... } util.inherits(Grep, stream.Stream); Grep.prototype.???? = ???????

Fast data transfer server (image) client using Boost Asio

I'm relatively new to network programming and have some questions on best practices for continuous fast data (image) transfer between a client and a server using Boost Asio. Important point, we cannot apply compression that lowers image quality. We u

Using openssl encryption for Apple's live HTTP streaming

This is my code of my shell script when static.key contains my random key. hexKey=$(cat static.key | hexdump -e '16/1 "%02x"') echo $hexKey hexIV="0" echo $hexIV openssl aes-128-cbc -e -in logo-1.ts -out logo-enc-1.ts -p -nosalt -K ${h

AVPlayer vs. AVAudioPlayer

The documentation for AVPlayer states the following: [The] player works equally well with local and remote media files However, the documentation for AVAudioPlayer states the following: Apple recommends that you use this class for audio playback unle

XMLStreamReader and a real flow

Update There is no ready XML parser in Java community which can do NIO and XML parsing. This is the closest I found, and it's incomplete: http://wiki.fasterxml.com/AaltoHome I have the following code: InputStream input = ...; XMLInputFactory xmlInput

Native JDK code for copying files

Is there a native JDK code to copy files(buffers, streams, or whatever)?If by "native" you mean "part of the Java standard API" (rather than platform-dependant code, which is usually called "native" in the Java world) and by