Save the user object in session storage

I am using Angular 2 and Typescript and wanted to save the user object like a global variable so it hasn't to be retrieved multiple times. I found the session storage and now save the user object there. Do you think it is good practice to store it th

Transactions on multiple tables in Azure Table Storage

I'm creating a dashboard using Extjs 5 and azure table storage. I've done single table transactions using the table batch operations (TableBatchOperation) but now I want to do transactions across multiple tables. Is there anyway to achieve this? Ther

Table on a SharedPreference (FIFO)

I want to make a progress graph on which the player will see his latest 5 game history score. My problem here is I would want to save it on a SharedpPeference the latest 5 game's score then transfer it in Addition Array. which would be like this : in

Android application data storage

I am working on an app the required data to be saved each time the user enters in some information. The information needs to be saved and then accessed again when the users returns to the app. My question is what is the best way to store this informa

The best and cheapest way to store user data

I have an app out in the market and planning to maintain basic user data somewhere on backend. My app is free so I am NOT getting any money from users. My question is what is the best way to store this data(data has name, email, phonenumber etc.) One

How to get my Android device Internal download folder path

This question already has an answer here: how to access downloads folder in android? 4 answers It is possible to get the Android device Internal Download Folder path?if a device has an SD card, you use: Environment.getExternalStorageState() if you do

Clear Android application data programmatically

Manually I can do Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> (choose my app) -> Clear data How do I do this programmatically? I need to delete all data, including those in shared preferences (, and variables).Everything in your applica

Rowkey Composed in Azure Table Storage

I want to move some of my Azure SQL tables to Table storage. As far as I understand, I can save everything in the same table, seperating it using PartitionKey and keeping it unique within each partition using Rowkey. Now, I have a table with a compou

How to read and write JSON offline on the local machine?

Problem I need a way to store and collect JSON data in an entirely offline(!) web application, hosted on a local (shared) machine. Several people will access the app but it will never actually be online. I'd like the app to: Read and write JSON data

Android internal storage when updating apps

I use the internal storage ( to store some necessary application files, that the user creates. I suppose that these files are stored forever right? They are removed only w

Rejected App for iCloud Backup Marking

My app has a few in-app purchases that downloads video content to the /Documents folder. I recently submitted an update to the app and was rejected because I did not flag the video files to not be backed up to iCloud. I succesfully implemented the fl

What is the best way to store user uploaded files on a website?

I'm trying to create a website in which I need to store a few user uploaded files (like some profile images, some xml files etc). So what is the best way to store those files? Currently, I'm creating a new directory on the server for every new user r

Six-digit random identifiers for web application content

I am trying to implement the accepted answer from this question for ID generation and using XML files for storage of my content and for the content IDs table. The idea is each content item would be stored (serialized) as my-content-item-slug-374871.x

String not storing in a structure correctly

typedef struct class { char* CLASS_ID; char* CLASS_NAME; } What would cause those two strings to lose their values over the course of 30-40 unrelated lines of code? (Assigned to a pointer returned from a function called getString()).Perhaps getString

C # searchable data storage methods

In a desktop application, I need to store a 'database' of patient names with simple information, which can later be searched through. I'd expect on average around 1,000 patients total. Each patient will have to be linked to test results as well, alth

What to consider before storing negative dates in MySQL?

I'm working on a project now that will require me to enable users to store negative-dates in the database. These dates have the potential to span many thousands of years BC, and as late as 'Today.' I've worked on many projects that stored dates, but

Cluster size in the .NET Compact Framework

I'm trying to programatically determine the cluster size of a storage card, using C# / .NET Compact Framework, on Widows Mobile. For desktop Windows there's the GetDiskFreeSpace() function, but it doesn't exist in coredll.dll/Windows Mobile. Is there

Distributed storage of BLOBs for .NET?

I am looking for a reasonably well tested library+server to store a persistent distributed hash table. I am hesistant to use SQL-based solutions as the data is highly document oriented, consisting of millions of ~64KB blobs with only a single index (

Stop storage access?

I am trying to construct a way to keep certain hard drive partitions/usb drives from being accessed for security reasons (protecting intellectual property). I was thinking that when windows attempts to access the "locked down drive/usb" the atte