Unbuffered / real-time Java read process output

I want to read the stdout of a process right as it is generated. The process will send information for a progress indicator, so it doesn't make sense that I get the information all at once, which I do and which is the problem. I tried to use Scanner

Send the output of the `split` utility to stdout

From this question, I found the split utilty, which takes a file and splits it into evenly sized chunks. By default, it outputs these chunks to new files, but I'd like to get it to output them to stdout, separated by a newline (or an arbitrary delimi

How to write verbatim and warnings to STDERR?

I have a script that returns data through the stdout stream (simply by doing Write-Output at the end of the script). Sadly, I have many Write-Verbose and Write-Warning along the code, and I want them to write data to the stderr stream, in order to no

Read stdout of the subprocess until nothing is left

I would like to run several commands in the same shell. After some research I found that I could keep a shell open using the return process from Popen. I can then write and read to stdin and stdout. I tried implementing it as such: process = Popen(['

How to write stdout to classify with colors?

A lot of times (not always) the stdout is displayed in colors. Normally I keep every output log in a different file too. Naturally in the file, the colors are not displayed anymore. I'd like to know if there's a way (in linux) to write the output to

Redirect the echo output in the shell script to the log file

I have a shell script with lots of echo in it. I would like to redirect the output to a logfile. I know there is the command call cmd > logfile.txt, or to do it in the file echo 'xy' > logfile.txt, but is it possible to simply set the filename in th

process.stdout.readline () hangs. How to use it correctly?

I want to repeatedly send requests to process standard input and receive responses from standard output without calling subprocess multiple times. I can achieve a one-time request-response iteration using p.communicate however not to call the subproc

Closing a file with stdout being written

Suppose I am writing stdout to a file, like this: sys.stdout = open("file.txt", "w") # print stuff here Doing this doesn't work: sys.stdout.close() How can I close a file after writing stdout to it?I took your question to mean: "H

How to use \ r to print on the same line?

This question already has an answer here: Python - Remove and Replace Printed items [duplicate] 3 answers I have made a downloader: #!/usr/bin/env python #-*- coding:utf-8 -*- from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import, unicode_

fwrite does not print anything on stdout

When I run this small code and enter 3 integers on the console, it doesn't print out as it should due to the fwrite statement. It prints only after I keep hitting enter for some time. Help? P.S: Learning faster ways than scanf and printf. #include<st

Using the standard io flow: stdin and stdout in a matlab exe

Question I want it to 'listen' to the standard input stream in a running (compiled) Matlab executable. This is how I believe it is done in c or a similar language: #include stdio.h fgets(line, 256, stdin) Or more elaborately, it it can be used as suc

Standard input / output in the C # process

My application App is using other my application SubApp. When App needs SubApp it is creating process with SubApp, putting data to SubApp stdin and reading from SubApp stdout. The problem is that SubApp is using some library which sometimes writes to

How to send stdout of a process via HTTP

I have an endpoint setup in my MVC app that kicks off a external process (powershell script). I'd like to be able to redirect the output to the browser "live" as it is created. Are there any examples of how to do this? Thanks!Reading the process

Capture the output of the external process

Don't close it as duplicate, since I have a subtle but significant change from the similiar questions: Is it possible to capture output of an external process (i.e. stdout) in java, when I didn't create the process, and all I know is the process name

Why does stdout printing not occur when using fprintf?

I have this code: #include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> int main() { while(1) { fprintf(stdout,"hello-out"); fprintf(stderr,"hello-err"); sleep(1); } return 0; } The output is hello-err hello-err hello-err hello-err hello-

to launch an exe / process with stdin stdout and stderr?

With C++ how do i launch an exe/process with stdin stdout and stderr? I know how to do this in .NET and i remember using popen in the past but popen seems to allow stdin OR stdout not both and not all 3. I need this for windows but a linux solution i

Can I redirect stdout to python in some sort of string buffer?

I'm using python's ftplib to write a small FTP client, but some of the functions in the package don't return string output, but print to stdout. I want to redirect stdout to an object which I'll be able to read the output from. I know stdout can be r