Java: How to check if the status of the printer

I'm looking for a method to check some Status from my Printer. I'd like to know These Status: If Printer is on / off If paper is out Maybe a way to get Default paper size? I've found this code part: Attribute[] attrs = service.getAttributes().toArray

Checking the online status of the user

I'm want tot check the user online status and have constructed a page from a number of sources I have read. I am still not able to get the desired results. Perhaps someone can look at my current code and let me know what is wrong with this part? The

Continue to receive Ruby Twitter :: Error :: Forbidden

I'm pulling tweets from a text file and tweeting them in timed intervals. As the first tweet is posted, everything is fine. When its time for the next tweet to post I get an error that reads: I got my four keys, but I can always renew them or get new

state of the process in PowerShell

A process in windows can be in any of the six states i.e, running, ready, blocked, suspend, new and exit. How to know the state a given process (name, ID) using powershell in windows. In UNIX this information is stored in /proc/$processid/status file

Can I get the name of the latest function called CUDA API?

I can get the returned status of the last CUDA API call with cudaGetLastError(). How about getting its name? I don't see a cudaGetLastAPICallName(), but is there some (un)documented equivalent?To the best of my knowledge, no you cannot. It is importa

How to properly activate mod_status on an apache server?

I have been searching everywhere looking for how to properly enable mod_status and nothing has worked. My server is called "". I am running the server on a windows virtual machine. I tried adding this to HTTPD config file: <

iOS - check if bluetooth is enabled without system alert

This code allows to determine current bluetooth status: CBCentralManager* testBluetooth = [[CBCentralManager alloc] initWithDelegate:nil queue: nil]; switch ([testBluetooth state]) {....} But, when [[CBCentralManager alloc] init...] happens, system p

Reading the Eclipse status line

I'm building an Eclipse RCP application and setting text in the shared status line via: IStatusLineManager statusLine = getWindowConfigurer().getActionBarConfigurer().getStatusLineManager(); statusLine.setMessage("some status text"); I'm wonderi

Status of the Magento order versus status

I'm having a fun time figuring out the difference between an order's 'state' versus it's 'status' in Magento. We have a custom flow set up to send out orders to 3rd party fulfillment and we also have some custom logic to check for potentially fraudul - print status pdf

I need to print PDF's generated in an application using crystal reports. Upon printing, a database table gets updated with the status 'printed'. How do we handle situation where let's say, the printer runs out of paper? I know this is on clie

Obtaining the "locked" account status in SQL Server

I want to unlock one account in SQL Server. Before unlocking I have to check whether that account is locked or not. I want to unlock only if the account is locked. Is there any SQL query or stored procedure to get the "Locked" status of SQL user

FileUpload ASP.Net C # status indicator

There are other similar posts, but they all want a progress bar. I don't care. I will probably end up buying Ajax Uploader, but I would like to know if there is a way to just let the user know if a file is in the process of being uploaded. I have tri

Status & ldquo; S & rdquo; in Subversion

At some point all files in my working copy got marked with "S" symbol as shown below: $ svn st M S AclController.php S InstallationController.php S CustomerController.php S RedirController.php S IndexController.php S LoginController.php S OrderC

How can you tell if a trigger is enabled in PostgreSQL?

My googling-fu is failing me. How to know if a PostgreSQL trigger is disabled or not?It's my first day with postresql, but I think you can check the trigger state via pg_trigger system table:

How can you tell if a trigger is enabled in SQL Server 2000

This shouldn't be hard to do. I'd expect Enterprise Manager to show a folder of trigger and a list and an icon... but I don't see it anywhere. My google results get me answers where I have to write code. Are you kidding me? The only way is by writing

How to get current CPU and RAM usage in Python?

What's your preferred way of getting current system status (current CPU, RAM, free disk space, etc.) in Python? Bonus points for *nix and Windows platforms. There seems to be a few possible ways of extracting that from my search: Using a library such