java accesses the class name of the static method

Is it possible to compute name of class which was used to access static method? To better understand question: class S { public static String method() { return "S";// TODO compute class name here } } class S1 extends S { } class S2 extends S { }

How to limit access to static variables in C ++?

I have a C-function called "count" that looks like this: void count(){ static int c = 0; printf("Counter=%i", c); c++; } Futhermore I have a vector of Cpp-objects and each object calls the "count" function. Since the counter

singletons faster than static classes in Java?

I need to heavily optimize a piece of java code to the point that I'm wondering if I should use local variables in methods, singletons with private variables or "static classes with all static variables. NOTE: I never read these variables, I initiali

C # static field, instance constructor

I've come across a C# behavior that I would like to understand. Consider a class like this: public class SomeSingleton { public static SomeSingleton Default = new SomeSingleton(); private static int field = 0; private SomeSingleton() { field = 1; } p

What is the utility of declaring a static variable in function?

What is the pratical utility of declaring a static variable in function? I understood the lifetime of a static variable declared within a function, but I can not figure a practical example where it might be useful (or necessary) to declare a static v

Counting objects using Static

I'm having trouble making this work. I have to keep the Driver1 exactly the same. What do I need to do with my StaticCounter class? public class Driver1 { public static void main(String[] args) { for (int i=0; i<10; i++) { System.out.println("Coun

how to use the vector of objects in different files

how can i access a static vector variable in main file which is declared in header file and populated in source file.Actual code is little bit big so below is an example what i have tried. class.h class a{ private: int x; public: friend void createVe

Can the nested static class variable be retrieved?

In Java, having a nested static class Human, I'm wondering if after cleanup of the map variable can make it available for garbage collected. At the moment just before doSomeCode() I called System.gc() and added Thread.sleep(60000) to wait for garbage

Replace a DLL with the Static Library

Staring point: I have some C++ code that links to a third party static library which links to ws2_32.lib. Goal: I am investigating ways to port this C++ code to an embedded platform that is essentially a Win32 platform, except it does not allow any d

Call the static function via the class name as a string in C #

My Problem I have a Problem which i can not solve my self. I dont want to use so much code, because i have multiple Classes which extend another class (in my case its called "Data"). I have a log file, where each Data Group is beginning with a s

Using the static void method for output in WriteLine

If the title isn't accurate enough, please feel free to change it to something more well named. So i have a public static void: public static void outputDictionaryContents(Dictionary<string, int> list) { foreach (KeyValuePair<string, int> pair

Java naming convention for static mutator methods

For static methods in Java, the parameter cannot have the same name as a global static variable. Is there a convention for naming the parameter? ...just a curiosity. private static volatile int metBetYetPetLetJet = 8675309; public static void setMetB

How to make a static table in the javascript class?

A class is made in javascript. i create its objects in differnt other scripts. But i need its one data member(array) to be static? every time i create a new object of that class then it should not lost that arrays data..i need old array data...Just c

Some questions about static constructors, methods, and fields

I have some questions about behaviour of static members: 1) Is there a difference when initializing static fields and static constructors? As of my knowledge static fields are initialized with program execution. Does members of static constructors be

Objective C static compared to dynamic constructors

Is it best to have static constructors where you alloc the instance in the constructor and you return the instance as auto release, e.g. [String stringWithFormat...] or is it best to have dynamic constructors where you ask the user to alloc first so

Recover only the static fields declared in the Java class

I have the following class: public class Test { public static int a = 0; public int b = 1; } Is it possible to use reflection to get a list of the static fields only? I'm aware I can get an array of all the fields with Test.class.getDeclaredFields().

std :: assigning the card read-only

I have a static std::map<std::string, CreateGUIFunc> in a class that basically holds strings identifying gui types, and CreateGUIFunc is a reference to a factory function. In my constructor I have if ( m_factoryRef.size() == 0 ) { m_factoryRef["

Static and extern variables in plain C

Is there a difference between declaring a static variable outside of a function and declaring a static variable inside a function? Also, what's the difference between declaring a variable as static and just declaring an extern variable?The difference

Java static method parameters

Why does the following code return 100 100 1 1 1 and not 100 1 1 1 1 ? public class Hotel { private int roomNr; public Hotel(int roomNr) { this.roomNr = roomNr; } public int getRoomNr() { return this.roomNr; } static Hotel doStuff(Hotel hotel) { hote

ASP.Net Persistent Objects

I'm building an ASP.Net website. I have a "cart" class which stores the items in the users cart. I don't want to re query the database every time the page reloads to populate the cart items stored in this object. Is the best way to store/persist

php static function

I have a question regarding static function in php. let's assume that I have a class class test { public function sayHi() { echo 'hi'; } } if I do test::sayHi(); it works without a problem. class test { public static function sayHi() { echo 'hi'; } }