Framework ("wrapped" static lib) with two executables

Is there a way to create a framework with two executables inside, one for device and one for simulator, instead of making one fat lib?You should pack your project as fat framework (different from fat library), this way will make sure the app must str

Call the IOS Library at Xamarin

I have NeoSpeech library (text to speech) for IOS having .a , .h & database files. This library is working fine in ios . Now i have to consume this library in Xamarin project. I am trying to consume using static library but it is not possible to call

Linking the static library with JNI

Java versions prior Java 8 requires native code to be in a shared library, but I've read that with Java 8 it's possible to use static linked libraries with JNI. I have searched for examples but couldn't find any. How can I statically link a JNI libra

Static Library: Hide private members of the header file

I wish to compile part of my code as a static library to include in other project. Of course I'll have to distribute the compiled library and an header file containing the class declaration and the public members, but I don't know if it's possible to

LNK2019 error and fatal error LNK1120: 2 unresolved external

I know my question and its answer exist anywhere on site but, I have more than it. I have zip library and use it in another C++ project. Zip library: czip.h #ifndef _CZIP_H_ #define _CZIP_H_ #include <fcntl.h> #include <io.h> #include <stdl

Can not Create Portable Fortran Executable in Cygwin

I'm attempting to compile a relatively simple Fortran executable so that it can be passed around to other Windows users that don't have Cygwin (or something of the sort) installed, however, I'm unable to get the executable to operate as a standalone.

IOS static library does not bind XCODE 5 iOS 7

I´m using XCode 5.0.1 on OSX 10.9 and I ´m linking libc++ (LLVM C++ standart library) and Valid architectures armv7; armv7s and both. 1º I have created a project that use OpenCV2.framework + foo using Cmake, create a XCode project using foo.a . My ex

Add a static library to podspec

My podspec requires a static library (OpenSSL). For convenience, I'm shipping the library with the pod. The static library contains: Binaries: MyPod/openssl/bin/libcrypto.a and MyPod/openssl/bin/libsll.a Headers: MyPod/openssl/include/openssl/*.h Its

How to avoid including the same code when using C ++ libraries?

EDIT: I know about include guards, but include files are not the issue here. I'm talking about actual compiled and already linked code that gets baked into the static library. I'm creating a general-purpose utility library for myself in C++. One of t

Unused c ++ input link file g ++ make file

I am unable to figure out what is causing this error that I keep getting upon making my project: i686-apple-darwin11-llvm-g++-4.2: -lncurses: linker input file unused because linking not done And my make file looks like this: CC = g++ LIB_FLAGS = -l

Static Qt 4.8.1 Built on Ubuntu 12.04

I am attempting to build an almost static application because of portability concerns. I hope to be able to run the executable on several 64 bit linux distributions. I have been successful at statically linking Qt and building with statically linked

How to link a static library to a static library in Eclipse CDT

I have 3 projects A, B and C. A is universal and used by B and eventually C. B is a bit more special and up to now only used by C. Now as I want A and B to be reused as much as possible I thought of both being static libraries. So I link A and B to s

Monotouch: Adding a resource, gcc error

Using this project: I am adding the AdMob .a to my MonoTouch app. I'm not sure that these compile errors mean, though I guess the bindings in the MonoTouch dll are not correct?: Compile Flags: -v

Is it possible to dynamically link lib as a DLL?

This is interview question. Is it possible to link lib dynamically like a DLL ? For example, for DLL, we use LoadLibrary and call exported functions. Is it possible to use lib file in same manner?No. .lib library are statically linked, and that is th

Content of a static library

I have a static library, say mystaticlib.a. I want to see its contents, such as the number of object files inside it. How can I do this on gcc?On gcc, use ar -t. -t option of the gnu archiver (ar) writes a table of contents of archive to the standard

to embed .so into another .so without dependency?

i have a c program that relies on a second library whose compilation i can control. i want to be able to compile my program into a shared object library without it linking to the second library. in other words i want a single monolithic shared object

Extraction of function names from the static library

I have a static library static_library.a How to list functions and methods realized there. or at least how to look is there concrete function 'FUNCTION_NAME' realized?Write nm static_library.a This gives you complete list of symbols in the library.

Interface Builder can not see classes in a static library

I have refactored some UIView sub-classes into a static library. However, when using Interface Builder to create view components for a project that uses the static library I find that it is unaware of the library classes. What do I need to do to make

Convert a static library to a shared library?

I have a third-party library which consists mainly of a large number of static (.a) library files. I can compile this into a single .a library file, but I really need it to be a single .so shared library file. Is there any way to convert a static .a